Three female friends on a road trip drive together in an open jeep while on a road trip.

35 Captions For Throwback Road Trip Pictures With Your Ride Or Dies


There's nothing better than driving down the highway to embark on a road trip with your besties. It's all about the spontaneity and capturing your favorite memories in pictures. Sometimes, you look back at your camera roll and realize some of the best shots from your last road trip slipped through the cracks and never got posted. Luckily, there are some Instagram captions for throwback road trip pictures so you can relive the best times with your crew.

Let’s be honest: Every snap you take when you’re on the open road is bound to be a gem. There’s also probably a great story behind every shot. Whether it’s a photo of you and your friends at a roadside diner drinking milkshakes or at a gas station dancing around as you stretch out your legs, there’s a throwback caption that’ll pair so well on your feed, like, “An oldie but a goodie from the road." You might have even stopped to take a picture of the sunset from a beautiful lookout along the Pacific Coast Highway and can caption it with, "Just say the word and we'll go back."

Every forgotten pic needs to be shared to the 'gram, so just use any of these 35 road trip throwback captions, and post them ASAP. Just like any road trip, it's not always about the destination, but the adventures along the way, so now's your chance to share the memories.

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1. "We didn't know where we were going, but that was the best part."

2. "If I could recreate this moment right now, I would."

3. "These photos tell a story."

4. "Can you guess what song we were singing?"

5. "It didn't matter where I was going, it was who was in the car."

6. "I would take this road again."

7. "Then: Are we there yet? Now: Are we going back?"

8. "This was the last time I was allowed to be DJ in the car."

9. "I still dream of that diner."

10. "Road trip food is the best food."

11. "My car is wondering when we're doing this again."

12. "An oldie but a goodie from the road."

13. "Looking through the rearview mirror right now."

14. "Just say the word and we'll go back."

15. "We definitely overpacked the car for this trip, but it was worth it."

16. "Road trip tip: Always say yes to the roadside attractions."

17. "No road is too long with good company."

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18. "The open road is the best road."

19. "I have a whole story in my camera roll."

20. "Oops, I'm missing the road again."

21. "Will I ever stop posting pictures from this road trip? All signs point to no."

22. "Me, looking at this: Where did those sunglasses go?"

23. "Get in loser, we're going on a trip to Memory Lane."

24. "Let's cruise back to this date."

25. "This was such a road trip vibe."

26. "With us, it was always windows down, music up."

27. "This is when the GPS and I really became besties."

28. "There are so many places we could go, but my mind keeps going back to here."

29. "I still remember listening to that mix CD on this trip."

30. "The best kinds of trips are the ones with their own soundtracks."

31. "My car still has sand in it from this trip."

32. "We gained a lot of miles on this trip."

33. "I just a-door this memory."

34. "This was a wheely nice trip."

35. "My ride or dies."