Three friends enjoy the beach and pose for a picture while sitting in the sand on spring break.

35 Captions For Throwback Spring Break Pics & Feeling Nostalgic AF

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Winter’s winding down, and you’re dreaming of beach days, poolside lounging, and fresh fruit smoothies. As a matter of fact, spring break can't get here soon enough. One way to make the time fly is by posting some of your favorite TBT snaps along with Instagram captions for throwback spring break pictures.

There are likely so many fire swimsuit selfies and bestie group beach pics you never got around to posting the first time around. A #TBT post is the perfect excuse to finally share those Insta-worthy moments. It also may be that your spring break plans are put on hiatus for the time being due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It's still recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that you stay home and avoid travel to protect yourself from potentially spreading and/or contracting COVID-19, but that just means you need to plan an amazing spring break staycation with your roomies.

Mix up some smoothies and talk about memories you made last spring break. Then, post some oldies but goodies on the ‘gram with any of these 35 throwback spring break captions. You’ll all have lots of stories to share while you reminisce. So, the next time you scroll past a sippin' selfie drinking out of coconut with your BFF, post it with a spring break caption, because your friends definitely need to sea that content.

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1. "I can't wait to sea you again."

2. "The memories come back like waves."

3. "My crew never changes."

4. "My dream is to recreate this memory."

5. "I'm hoping these spring break vibes rub off on me."

6. "I need to find this swimsuit ASAP."

7. "TBH, I still have sand at the bottom of my bag from this day."

8. "The naps were my favorite part of spring break."

9. "If I could live in a hammock, I would."

10. "Where's my beach crew at?"

11. "This just proves that all drinks should be served in a coconut."

12. "Shell we do this again?"

13. "So glad to beach you."

14. "Will never forget the tan lines I got from this day."

15. "This throwback just warms my heart."

16. "OMG, I miss those sunnies."

17. "I wonder if the ocean misses me as much as I miss it."

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18. "I'd like to float back to this day, please."

19. "This is, without a doubt, my happy place."

20. "Hammock appreciation post."

21. "My favorite memories are always the lazy spring break ones."

22. "Daydreaming about this week."

23. "This has major 'MTV Spring Break' vibes."

24. "Comment if you think I should recreate this spring break lewk."

25. "If I need to escape, I just go to my camera roll."

26. "I wish I was eating this right now."

27. "This is the day I became a mermaid."

28. "Missing this little sun of a beach."

29. "I think my doctor would agree that I need more vitamin sea, so let's go back."

30. "The spring break mems are strong."

31. "This year for spring break, I'm traveling down Memory Lane."

32. "Still in this tropical state of mind."

33. "You can just hear the Jack Johnson music in this photo."

34. "When the memories hit you like this wave."

35. "This is proof that I'm cute when napping in the sand, so I should do it more often."