50 Spring Break Puns For Your Sunny Instagram Posts

It may be cold and snowy outside, but your insides want warmth so badly! Whether it's your deep desire to soak up some sunshine on the sand, or you just need that mental break and relaxation from your hectic life, spring break is lookin' mighty fine right about now. Just the thought of tropical beaches, soft sand, and turquoise water is enough to make you pack your bags this moment. When you do head out to your grand adventure, you're going to want some spring break puns for Instagram captions to make you and your followers laugh your heads off.

It's good to post a thirst trap, especially when you and your ladies look fine AF in your spring break outfits and bathing suits. But you can also post a silly pic of you sipping sangria with flamingo glasses on, or show off your amazing sand skills by posting a picture of your friend buried up to their neck. Either one will work just fine, and you'll need a great companion to add to that in the form of a pun.

There's truly a beach pun for everyone. For those of you who are 21 and up, there are some witty ones on this list as well for your tropical sip on the sand. This spring break, bless those Insta followers with some vibrant beachy waves and hilarious dad jokes with these captions.

1. "Suns out, guns out." — Unknown

2. "Spring break? Alpaca my bags!" — Unknown

3. "Sea the beauty in life." — Unknown

4. "Shake your palm palms." — Unknown

5. "Don't let the tide get you down." — Unknown

6. "Aloha beaches." — Unknown

7. "We shore are going to have a great time!" — Unknown

8. "Beach please." — Unknown

9. "I am one fine-apple." — Unknown

10. "Will you mer-make me a piña colada?" — Unknown

11. "Single and ready to flamingle." — Unknown

12. "Shell we dance?" — Unknown

13. "Resting beach face." — Unknown

14. "You used to call me on my shell phone." — Unknown

15. "Whale you be mine?" — Unknown

16. "Salt in the air, sand in my hair." — Unknown

17. "Champagne mamí." — Unknown

18. "Where my beaches at?" — Unknown

19. "Don't be crabby on spring break!" — Unknown

20. "Take time to coast (and toast)." — Unknown

21. "Time to be nauti." — Unknown

22. "Water you doing?" — Unknown

23. "You've mermaid my day." — Unknown

24. "Hope you have a (beach) ball!" — Unknown

25. "Keep palm and carry on." — Unknown

26. "Pitcher perfect." — Unknown

27. "The snacks on my flight were a little plane." — Unknown

28. "With great leg room comes great responsibility." — Unknown

29. "I'm trying to escape my hostel atmosphere." — Unknown

30. "You can't have a narrow mind and a think passport." — Unknown

31. "High tides, good vibes." — Unknown

32. "I make pour decisions." — Unknown

33. "Wish you were beer." — Unknown

34. "Step aside coffee! This is a job for alcohol!" — Unknown

35. "You had me at merlot." — Unknown

36. "Sip, sip hooray!" — Unknown

37. "Gotta spring break out those sunnies!" — Unknown

38. "Never chase anything but drinks and dreams." — Unknown

39. "Catch flights, not feelings." — Unknown

40. "In desperate need of vitamin sea." — Unknown

41. "Let's not taco bout it." — Unknown

42. "Seas the day!" — Unknown

43. "50 Shades of Grey Goose." — Unknown

44. "Brew-nicorn." — Unknown

45. "Beach you guessed it. You was right." — Unknown

46. "My friends mer-make me happy!" — Unknown

47. "It will not spring break us." — Unknown

48. "Shell we dance?" — Unknown

49. "Water you doing this spring break?" — Unknown

50. "Lil beach, you can't drink with me if you wanted to, these expensive, these is suit bottoms, these is sandy shoes." — An ode to Queen Cardi B