Your Bestie Is Dubbed "BFF" For These 9 Reasons, Because Where Would You Even Be Without Her?

When it comes to friendships, you may have hometown friends you grew up with who you're still really close to. You also might have your college roommates, in addition to your work squad that's always game for a fun plan after work. But, your best friend in the world holds an extra special place in your heart. They are your true soul sister and favorite person to be around — but what makes your friend a best friend?

The title of BFF is something really important and special that you're not willing to hand out to just anyone. It's a title that's earned over the course of time. Of course, the unique qualities people are looking for in a best friendship vary from each individual, but every BFF likely does most — if not all — of these nine things.

Once you've locked down your true best friend, you keep them close. You don't know what you would do without them, and you wonder how you got so lucky to have found them. I'm not entirely sure that I believe there's only one true love out there everyone, but I'm 100 percent sure that there are soulmates — and that's exactly what my best friend is to me.

They've Got Your Back No Matter What
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It doesn't matter if your friend is unsure of what's going on — they will always have your back. If you're venting about a toxic friendship, they will genuinely listen and be on your side. If you need support for a job interview, they will be there cheering you along through the entire process. They're there for you, no questions asked.

They Make You Laugh The Hardest
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You don't even need to be saying anything. With just one look, your best friend can make you laugh so hard that you're crying on the floor. You and your best friend may share the same sense of humor, which is why you're able to make each other smile so often.

They Love You Just As Much As You Love Them

It's not a true best friendship unless the feelings are mutual. Your BFF loves you just as much as you love them. (That's when you know it's the real deal.)

Sometimes, They Can Even Read Your Mind

Your BFF knows you like the back of their hand. Even if you tell them you're totally fine, they'll know when you're having a bad day just by looking at you. They can even finish your sentences. Your BFF has the superpower of knowing you so well that it seems like they can even read your mind at times.

You Can Talk To Them For Hours About Anything
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Some of the best hangs with my BFF are when we're not doing anything at all. I love when we're relaxing and talking, because our conversations can go on for hours. In fact, sometimes, we're amazed at how quickly the time passes when we're just sitting on the couch talking about everything. There's never a lull, and that is truly priceless.

They Can Turn Around Your Worst Day And Make It Your Best
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Even when I'm having the absolute worst day, my best friend always swoops in to make me feel better. A BFF knows exactly what to say to make you feel loved at all times. They also know things like your fave ice cream flavor and what makes you crack up, which come in handy when you need a little pick-me-up.

You Trust Them With Your Biggest Secrets
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Your BFF is the only person in the world who you trust with every secret. You don't hesitate for a second telling them who you have a crush on, because you know that secret is safely locked away. Since the trust is so real, you can always be completely honest with each other.

You Text Them Constantly
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There's not a day that goes by when you're not texting or talking to your BFF. You are in constant communication, and that's what makes your bond so tight. They are also the first person you text to hang out, and vice versa.

They'll Do Little Favors That Help You Out In Big Ways
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A BFF can surprise you, simply by doing super small things that have big meaning. For instance, your BFF knows your go-to coffee order and will pick it up for you if you're running late in the morning. They notice when you're wearing a brand new outfit, and compliment the heck out of it. They'll also have no problem dropping you off at the airport if you're in a bind. Your bestie is down to help out without looking for anything in return.