10 Things Every Millennial Can Appreciate When It Comes To Their Ride Or Die

There are plenty of potential friends out there, but a true best friend can be difficult to find. They're not just someone you casually hang out with, but more like family. You can tell the minute you've locked down your bestie, because it feels like you've finally found that missing puzzle piece you always needed. Your best friend is your confidante, travel buddy, secret keeper, and favorite comedian. You love them so much, and there are plenty of things to appreciate about your best friend as well.

Maybe it's been a while since you said, "thanks," so now is the perfect time to send that cute GIF or post a selfie of the two of you on the 'Gram to show your appreciation. Of course, it goes without saying how much you care about your BFF, but it also never hurts to show it off. Plus, adulthood can be a true struggle. So, as a fellow millennial, you can agree that your secret weapon to get through it all is your BFF. They helped you with these 10 things that they do without question.

Now that we all agree how wonderful best friends are, I think it's the perfect excuse to have a night in or out celebrating just that.

They're Always A Text Away With The Perfect GIF Response
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As a millennial, I have my phone on me at all times. That means my best friend is always just a text away. That comes in handy when I need quick advice, or have to spill some serious tea. The best part is, she's always ready with the perfect GIF response that'll put a smile on my face.

They Make You Laugh So Hard Until It Actually Hurts

One of the best perks of a best friendship are the inside jokes. Sometimes, you don't even know where they originated from, but you love them, nonetheless. Anytime they come up, they'll have you laughing so hard until you're on the floor crying.

They're Down For Going Out Or Staying In

Whether you're in the mood to go out dancing or just want to keep it chill at home, your best friend is down to do whatever. It doesn't matter what you do on a Friday night; you'll be having fun, because you two are together.

There's No Judgment When You Have Lazy Movie Marathon Hangs

You can be the truest version of yourself whenever you're around your best friend. You're so comfortable around them that you can do exactly what you'd do if you were home alone on Sunday, without any judgements. I know when I'm lazy AF in sweatpants, catching up on Netflix shows, I'll have my best friend come over and it's the best time ever.

They're Completely Honest With You Whenever You Need Genuine Advice
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Sometimes, you just need unfiltered advice, and you can always count on getting that from your BFF. There's nothing but honesty between you two. This advice may come in handy when you're trying to navigate the dating world and need help drafting a clever response to your crush.

They Listen To You Vent All Day When You Need To
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Sometimes, you just need to vent about a work project that's consuming all of your time, or the fact that your roomie never takes out the trash. That's where your best friend comes in. They definitely don't mind listening — no matter how long you're venting — and for that alone, you are eternally grateful.

They Support Everything You Do On Social Media
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In my opinion, it feels good posting a picture and receiving a good feedback from your friends. That's why you love your BFF, because they like literally everything you post, tweet, and share. They are your biggest fan.

They're Your Travel Companion For Every Adventure
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Let's be real: If you could, you'd jet-set to a new destination every month. Since the wanderlust is all too real, you need a travel companion — and that is your BFF. Even if it's just a spontaneous road trip in search of the perfect brunch, they are right there with you, ready to hit the highway.

Whenever They Text You To Hang Out, It's The Best
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When your best friend is the one to reach out to you first, it's literally the best feeling ever. You love that not only you want to hang out with them, but the feeling is mutual with a simple, "Brunch?" text.

They Support Your Career Goals
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A best friend is also an amazing cheerleader. Securing your dream job may not be the easiest, but you can count on your bestie to be right there to shower you in endless support. They push you to fight for that promotion, and aim for your dream career path. No matter how big or small, they are there cheering you on along the way.