7 Weirdest Things Your BFF Does That Make Her, Well, Your Best Friend

Life would be pretty dull without your best friend. You wouldn't wake up to nearly as many memes in your inbox on Monday morning, or video chat calls at 2 a.m. You wouldn't have somebody constantly asking you questions like, "Do you want pizza right now?" or "Should we go on an adventure this weekend?" Not to mention, your camera roll wouldn't be overflowing with adorable (and sometimes, hilariously embarrassing) snaps with her. Yes, your life would truly be so different without the weird things your best friend does that make her, well, your BFF. Can you agree?

Let's recap all the ridiculous, hilarious, and incredible memories you've had so far. There was the time when you hopped in the car and decided to spontaneously get milkshakes at midnight, just before your favorite diner closed. There was the day when you started an Instagram account dedicated to your friendship. Last but not least, there was the afternoon when you randomly decided to dye your hair the coolest shade of pink, and vlogged it all.

Looking back, those memories are some of the ones you cherish the most. You can picture yourself telling your kids one day about their "cool aunt" who has always made your life a little brighter. You can imagine showing them the Polaroids, funny videos, and notes you used to pass in class. Of course, your BFF will be there, too, remembering these seven weird things she did and will always do.

She Has The Most Hilariously Embarrassing Videos Of You And Her In Her Camera Roll

First things first: Your BFF has all sorts of hilarious and embarrassing #content of you in her camera roll. In fact, a majority of the photos and videos she has are of you (or her dog doing something super cute.)

That's because she saves all the selfies you send her, including the ones with puppy ears, sparkly headbands, and other filters. She captures the moments when you're laughing way too hard or being cringe-worthy, and posts them on social media on your birthday.

In some friendships, this may be weird. But, to you two, it's typical and expected the majority of the time. Am I right?

She Starts Randomly Quoting Your Favorite Sitcoms And Doing Impressions Of Celebrities

One of the things that bonded you and your BFF is your love for sitcoms and celebrities that are totally quotable. Together, you've made a lot of references that other people don't seem to understand. (They're really missing out, huh?)

Here's what happened: She may have dropped a Michael Scott line from The Office in the middle of a conversation, and you knew she was your soul sister. She said a line like, "I am Beyoncé always," or "Why are you the way that you are," and you laughed hysterically.

She still says those lines, and references your favorite moments in popular culture just to make you smile or laugh. And truth be told, those lines never get old — and neither will her other impressions, jokes, and puns.

She Brings Her Phone Into The Bathroom When She's Talking To You And Has To Go

If you're anything like me and my BFF, then you're always in contact. During the day, you're texting play-by-plays of what you're ordering for lunch and doing online. At night, you're recapping the awkward conversations you had in the elevator at your office, or the posts you saw on Instagram over the phone.

The best part? Nothing stands in the way of these conversations — not even the need to go to the bathroom. Your BFF simply carries her cell in with her, and doesn't even apologize for it. She knows that you would do the same and that there's no such thing as "TMI" between you two.

She Hypes Up Your Selfies On Social Media, Even Though She Saw Them First

When you're about to post a selfie on Instagram, you always send it to your BFF first. You send her a couple of options from your camera roll where the lighting or angles are just slightly different. She sends back her opinion, as well as a few edits that are always, well, #fire.

Then, after finding a cute caption, you hit the "share" button and wait for the likes and notifications to come in. Your BFF is always the first one to comment and hypes you up big time. She says things like, "Slay," and, "You're so beautiful!" It makes your day, even though you know that she got a sneak peek before everyone else.

She Helps You With Your Beauty Routines, Like Applying Your Eyeshadow

Maybe you're lucky and live with your BFF, or she's just over your apartment 24/7. Either way, she helps you with your beauty routines, and you're so grateful for it.

Other people may consider it to be a little weird that she rubs your tanning lotion perfectly onto your face, or applies your makeup every morning. You two, though, don't consider it to be a problem one bit. I mean, how would you reach your back without her? Your tan would be all uneven and splotchy, and that's not ideal. Thanks, BFF!

She Talks To You About Your Period And PMS Symptoms On The Reg

Sometimes, when you have your period or are experiencing PMS symptoms, you want nothing more than to complain. You want to explain the details of your cramps, and how much you want soft pretzels and pasta. That's where your BFF comes in.

She talks to you about all of it, and runs to the store to get you extra tampons and the snacks you love. She lends you her heating pads and listens to you rant for hours on end.

Honestly, in my personal opinion, everyone should have a BFF like that, who understands the struggles of having your period and will make us laugh during that time of the month. Cherish her, OK?

She Hangs Out At Your Apartment, Even When You're Not There

Every once in a while, you might come home and find your BFF on your couch or dancing in your kitchen. She has her phone hooked up to your bluetooth speaker and is watching her favorite shows on your Netflix account. Of course, you join in on the fun.

You might even find her napping in your bed, or filling your fridge with her favorite snacks. (She has a designated spot on the couch, and a spot in your closet, too.)

She's your BFF, so you wouldn't expect anything less. Doing weird things is just part of the package deal.