5 Simple Bucket List Ideas For Friends To Complete Before 25 That'll Make Life Even Better

Life is pretty grand. Your favorite experiences and excursions tend to take it from average to out-of-this-world. Skydiving during your semester abroad in Australia, eating fresh gelato in Florence, and moving across the country to be with your significant other were all movie-worthy milestones. But, even on the simplest days, you have a reason to love the life that you live. You have little victories, relationships, and cups of coffee that make things brighter — and only need some simple bucket list ideas for friends to complete before turning 25.

Now, turning 25 is also a milestone. You'll hear it time and time again on your birthday that you're officially a quarter-of-a-century years old. The people in your life will start asking you those big questions again like, "Where are you hoping your career path goes," and "Where do you see yourself living in five years." Don't listen to any of it — it's just noise! Instead, focus on the simple things that life has to offer in the present.

These are the moments and memories that you can, and should, make with your best friends. They're the stories that are going to get told on your wedding day, or to your kids when they ask about what this decade of your life was all about. Make sure it's colorful, adventurous, and your own in every single way — and do these five things with your friends before turning 25.

Take A Drive Down The Pacific Coast Highway
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First things first: Taking a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway should be at the top of your bucket list. It's the best adventure to take with your best friends, and much simpler to check off than you may think.

Right now, you might be thinking, "How? Doesn't it take weeks of planning out an itinerary and finding places to stay?" Well, yes. You'll want to research different spots to check out, like Big Sur. You'll want to download city guides and watch vlogs from your favorite travel influencers, too.

After those steps, though, it's a breeze! You and your best friends could rent a camper van or classic car, and hit the road with your favorite music playing on the radio. Making memories? Required.

Go To The Locations From Your Favorite Sitcom
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One of the things that bonded you and your best friends the most is your favorite television shows. Somebody may have quoted the iconic scenes from The Office, or had a picture frame hanging around their peephole like Monica and Rachel did in Friends. And well, that settled it! You decided you'd be together forever.

So, it's only right that you visit the locations you know so well from the screen, in real life. Typically, most of them are filmed in studios or around the blocks of New York City. Go to those places, and see exactly where Carrie Bradshaw first kissed Mr. Big.

Take pictures on a disposable camera as you go, and find restaurants or cute corners of the world to call your own along the way. It'll possibly be one of the most rewarding things you do before turning 25.

Spend A Night Flipping Through Your Old Yearbooks
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Most of your current best friends may have been around since day one. They were there when you tried your first cup of chocolate pudding, or when you won that game of hopscotch. They were also there for some of your most hilariously embarrassing moments, like when you went through that hardcore neon-colored cargo pants stage in high school.

But, being in each other's lives for so long has a really cool perk: You and your best friends have thousands of pictures together, dating back to the '90s and your days as kids. You have Polaroids from old birthday parties, and yearbooks with candid shots.

Pull them all out one night, and take a walk down Nostalgia Lane. Flip through the pages, and reminisce on the memories. See how much you've grown, and how some things have beautifully stayed the same.

Tell Your Crush That You Like Them (If You've Been Wanting To)
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I firmly believe one thing: Life's too short to not tell people how you feel about them. If you've been wanting to, tell your crush that you like them, or say those three special words in your relationship: "I love you." Even if the other person doesn't necessarily feel the same way, it's crucial to not live with regrets and "what ifs."

So, if you feel comfortable doing so, make it a bold point on your bucket list to face your fears. Let yourself be vulnerable, send that thoughtful text, and do it with the support of your friends.

You may find that your life gets altered in the most beautiful ways, or learn something unexpected about yourself. All in all, can you think of anything better before turning 25? Personally, this is just about as peachy as it gets.

Splurge On Someone's Birthday
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Last but not least, splurge on someone's birthday before turning 25. Plan a really big trip to someplace you've always wanted to go together, or buy matching rings from a fancy jewelry store.

Once again, life is just too short, and you have to take the time to treat yourself and do some spontaneous things. Throwing a big party for someone's birthday, or using some of the money in your savings account to travel the world will only make you richer.

You'll be rewarded with experiences, memories, and grand adventures that enrich your life in so many ways. So, gather your best friends and start checking these simple things off your bucket list, OK?