7 Things You Need To Hear On Your 25th Birthday That Can Be Life-Changing

*Cue the confetti and balloons covered in glitter.* You're turning 25, and it's time to celebrate. That's quite the milestone in life. You've learned plenty of lessons and had so many amazing adventures thus far, and are balancing your commitments like a total girl boss. Now, it's time that I tell you the things you need to hear on your 25th birthday — advice and somewhat cheesy quotes that are totally life-changing.

Let's be honest: For some people, this birthday might come with a bit of nerves. They realize they may not have accomplished everything they thought they would by this age, and start wondering if they'll ever travel to all of their bucket list destinations or launch their dream business. To those people, I would like to say this one thing: It's never too late to embrace your dreams or be exactly who you want to be.

Others reach this milestone birthday with a ton of excitement. They plan big celebrations with their best friends, put on their favorite records, and dance their way into 25. No matter which category you fall into, though, it's necessary that you hear these seven life-changing things on your 25th birthday. Ready? Let's go.

1. "You're A Quarter-Of-A-Century Years Old!"


First things first: On your 25th birthday, you need to hear the very cheesy (and probably overrated, at this point) phrase: "You're a quarter-of-a-century years old!" It'll likely be written inside cards from your best friends, or a text message from your dad. You might respond with something sarcastic or a laughing face emoji. (Very funny, people!)

What you may not realize is how life-changing hearing this phrase can be — simply because it gives you the chance to define what being 25 means to you. Personally, I believe that it means you have enough experience to create your best life, and so much time to actually live and enjoy it.

2. "Let The Little Things Go."


Whether it's your birthday or not, it's always good to be reminded of what's worth your time and energy. Right now, you may be stressing about your busy schedule or some petty argument that's on your mind. Girl, let the little things go! You'll feel so much happier once you do.

More often than not, you may worry about things that aren't even necessarily going to happen, or are out of your control, like: your roommate getting upset that you didn't throw away the pizza boxes, or your future not working out the way that you initially planned.

Change your mindset on your 25th birthday, and know that everything will happen the way that it should. Worrying will just add some weight onto your shoulders.

3. "Keep Going, You Are Getting There."


When some people turn 25, they get nervous about where they think they're "supposed to be" in life. They compare themselves to others who are traveling or posting on social media more than they are. You may catch yourself in this act, too, and saying, "Ugh! When is that going to happen for me?"

Let me tell you something: You're right where you're supposed to be. You're on your own path, and going through life at your own pace. So, keep putting one foot in front of the other, and take it to heart when someone says to you, "Keep going, you are getting there."

4. "Find Beauty In Everything And Everywhere."


As you grow up, you may find that your morning routines of making coffee and getting ready for work are set into place. That's totally OK and normal. The key is to continue to find beauty in everything, everywhere.

Look at your usual surroundings with a new lens. Admire the way that people socialize in a restaurant, or the way the sunlight comes through your apartment windows and onto your plants. There's always something to appreciate and love a little bit more, and being 25, you need that reminder more than ever before.

5. "You Are My Favorite Person."


One of the most life-changing things you can hear on your 25th birthday is: "You are my favorite person." This sweet phrase will likely come from one of your best friends, your work wife, or a family member. They'll likely follow it up with a few memories you've shared, or memes you've laughed about for hours on end. At the end of the day, that person in your life looks up to you for inspiration and humor, and loves spending time with you.

6. "Believe In Yourself."


When you hear the phrase, "Believe in yourself," on your 25th birthday, you may roll your eyes. It's cheesy — I know — but so necessary when you're hitting a major milestone in life.

You've already accomplished so much. You've made amazing memories with your best friends and figured out the basics of adulting. You haven't given yourself a round of applause for all of that, though — and need to show yourself a little love.

Take into consideration where you've been and what you still have to do. Realize that the moments when you whole-heartedly believed in yourself, you were able to touch the sky and all the stars. Then, apply those feelings to everything you do post-turning 25.

7. "What Are You Waiting For?"


Last but not least, every girl on her 25th birthday needs to hear one question: "What are you waiting for?" It sounds simple at first, but it'll ignite a lot of motivation, ambition, and inspiration inside of you.

The truth is, you may be holding back on something or someone. You're putting off turning your passion into your paycheck or saying, "I love you," for the first time. You're not exactly sure why. Let's change that, OK?

Take this opportunity to reflect on what's keeping you from living your very best life — from taking those #necessary leaps of faith, to not worrying about obstacles that you may come across. It'll be truly life-changing.