25 Things To Put On Your Radar Before 25 To Ensure You're Living Your Best Life


By the time you turn 25, about a quarter of your life is behind you. You may have experienced the college life, fallen in or out of love, and overcome some personal struggles, but your journey is far from over. As a young adult, you've learned a lot about yourself and the life you're living, but there are many things to do before 25 that you can do to ensure you're living the best life possible.

Whether you think this milestone birthday is a time for reflection or a time for a party, try to fit in a little bit of both. Before (or during or after, who am I to judge?) you hit the bar for your big day, take a moment alone to think about the life you've led thus far. Instead of dwelling on what may have gone wrong in past years, look at what you've learned about yourself and what makes you happy. Here are 25 things you'd be wise to look into before turning 25.

1. Learn How To Manage Money

You should definitely know how to keep a savings account, balance a checkbook, and write a check by the time you're in your mid-20s, but it's not totally your fault if you don't. Schools tend to not teach basic life skills like these, but your economics teacher probably showed you at least once. Finances can be super important factors in your life choices, so giving yourself more to work with will keep you from falling into a personal recession.

2. Weed Out Toxic People In Your Life

You don't need any unnecessary negativity in your life, especially from the people you choose to be around. There's no rulebook of life that says you have to stay friends with anyone either, so prioritize yourself and whoever makes you happy. Keep in touch with those who encourage you to be your best self, and distance yourself from those who do not.

3. Run a 5k


Having a goal is one of the easiest ways to get something done or motivate yourself to get active. There are 5k races of all kinds, so there's bound to be one for you out there. If you still need motivation, buy yourself some cute new running shoes and ask your squad to race with you.

4. Eat Breakfast

While skipping breakfast may be easy, it's not the healthiest option. It's a good idea to get in the habit of eating something in the morning, since you body needs energy from the moment you wake up. While coffee may wake you up, it doesn't provide the same nutrients and fuel for your body as food does, so at least have a granola bar or a piece of fruit on hand.

5. See A Movie By Yourself

There's no good reason why you can't take yourself out to do whatever you want. I still have no clue why some people find it socially unacceptable to go to a movie by yourself when you would otherwise be paying up to $20 to sit next to a friend and not talk to them for two hours. Take yourself out to dinner and a movie, and don't pay attention to what anyone else thinks.

6. Take A Trip To Somewhere New


Any sort of travel is exciting, but experiencing a new place just adds to the thrill. How you handle the unfamiliar can tell you a lot about yourself, so pay attention to the way you react in those situations. Don't be afraid to explore, because you could discover something that will absolutely change your life.

7. Learn To Make Dinner

By your 25th birthday, you should probably know how to make a few of your favorite meals. If you'd rather live off of takeout, there's no one around to stop you, but you'll need something up your sleeve in case of guests. No, mac and cheese doesn't count; these aren't your college days anymore.

8. Find A Way To Focus Your Mind And Body

You may still feel like you're 16 at heart, but with each passing year, you get further and further from that number. Regular exercise is key to feeling rejuvenated and focusing your mind throughout your life, but it can be tricky to motivate yourself to head to the gym after a long day. Try out different ways to get your heart rate up, and when you find something you like, stick with it.

9. Learn A Foreign Language

The world is a beautiful and diverse place, and there's not a language you can learn that won't come in handy one day. Educating yourself about another language will expose you to different cultures as well, so you'll be learning a lot more than some new vocabulary. Your future self will thank you, I promise.

10. Keep In Touch With Mom

Romanova Anna/Fotolia

Your parents have always wanted the best for you, no matter what. You may have had your differences but it's time to put them aside now that you can care for yourself. Family is forever, so keep in touch with yours, whether it's over a cup of coffee or on the phone every other Tuesday.

11. Learn To Say No

If you don't want to go out tonight, don't. There's no reason you should subject yourself to something you don't want, even if others would benefit. You're in charge of taking care of yourself, not other people.

12. Stop Relying On Others

You are the only one responsible for yourself now. If you were lucky, you may have gotten a transition into independence during your college years, but sometimes, that's just not the case. It's definitely a wakeup call when you realize that no one is going to watch your every move and keep you on track anymore, but when you learn to embrace it, you'll be surprised just how capable you are.

13. Make A Habit Of Having Girls' Night

Keeping up with your squad is more important than ever. Between work, relationships, and other obligations, it can seem impossible to find time to just hang out and have fun. Scheduling a regular girls' night will keep you all connected and on the same page no matter what life throws at you.

14. Ask For Help

I hate to break it to you (sorry, not sorry), but you can't do everything on your own. Life just sucks sometimes, and you will feel like the world is falling apart around you, but someone will know exactly what to do. You are smart and strong to ask for help when you need it.

15. Say How You Really Feel

Don't waste your or anyone else's time with fake feelings. If your feelings are hurt or there's something you need, just speak up. It's the only way you'll ever get what you want; no one's a mind reader.

16. Take A Vacation Alone

Being by yourself is an inevitable part of life, so you'll need to learn just how to be alone. A fun way to do this is by taking a trip by yourself, preferably to a new place. You'll make the memories of a lifetime while you learn about yourself and discover just how to do this whole "adulting" thing.

17. Forgive

You can't hold grudges forever. Well, you totally can, but it won't do you any good. You don't have to pretend like nothing happened, but you'll save yourself a lot of heartache by forgiving those who have wronged you.

18. Be Creative


Expressing yourself is a key part of your mental health, so find a way to do it productively. Allowing your mind to run free for a while can bring you to a peaceful place while you create something wonderful. Who knows, maybe you'll even have something to show off when you're done.

19. Make Your Signature Cocktail

When you have guests, you'll be able to show off your bartending skills with ease. It's sure to impress your dates, your friends, and even your parents. As a bonus, you'll get a delicious and boozy drink to sip on when you're all done.

20. Learn How To Do Basic Household Chores

Keeping a clean home makes a huge difference, even if you're used to some clutter. It can put you at peace to have a mess-free environment, and your guests will certainly be impressed. If you don't know where to start, ask Mom for some help.

21. Have Better Posture

Not only does proper posture feel a lot nicer than sitting slumped over, but it's also a lot healthier for your body. All you really have to do is remind yourself to straighten up whenever you notice you're starting to slouch. You may even relieve yourself of neck or back pain in the future by making a simple change now.

22. Do An Outdoor Activity Regularly

In today's world, people spend so much time online. The internet is a cool and helpful place for sure, but it's a lot healthier for our eyes, mind, and body to be spending time outside. Walk your dog, go jogging with a friend, or explore a new hiking spot to get yourself out in the sunshine.

23. Get Offline

Even if you can't get outside all the time, make it a priority to lessen your screen time throughout the day. This can be a challenge for anyone who works on a computer, but try to use your free time to enjoy a non-electronic activity. Reading, playing with a pet, and even napping are great alternatives to a mindless scroll through Facebook.

24. Make A Book Bucket List


Reading is a magical ability that we all have. We can escape to an entirely different world and discover things we thought we'd never understand about life simply by reading the words on a page. Make a list of books you've been interested in, and get started on them. Before you know it, your list will be longer than ever.

25. Learn To Live In The Moment

It's easy to worry about the future and relive moments of the past. What's not easy is keeping yourself present both physically and mentally. You will never experience this exact moment again, so take it in as well as you can.