30 Attainable Things To Cross Off Your Bucket List Before Turning 30

by Alexa Mellardo

Life's way too short to waste time on things you'd rather say “no” to.

It's like a train on a tight schedule: It'll pass you by within the blink of an eye.

That being said, there's no better time than the present to put all of your focus into the things you want to accomplish in this stage of your life.

Here are 30 attainable things to check off your bucket list before turning 30.

These are all within reach, if you stretch your arms out enough to grab and embrace them. Cross off as many as you'd like…

1. Take advantage of every possible Sunday to go out for a bottomless boozy brunch with the squad.


2. Travel to Europe. Take a ride on the London Eye, swoon over the breathtaking French Riviera, eat your heart out in Italy… or why not do them all?

3. Get a tattoo or a new piercing, if that's your style.

4. Plan one of your birthday weekends in Las Vegas, complete with a rooftop pool party.

5. Hit up all the wineries you've been dying to go to.

6. Devote a Saturday night to pampering yourself with a candlelit bubble bath and all the wine your heart desires.

7. Take a cooking class at a culinary institute or local restaurant.

8. Go to Coachella, and if it's not in the cards for you, throw a sick Coachella-themed party… glitter hair and all.


9. Round up the squad and rage all weekend long on a booze cruise.

10. Do yoga on the beach, or even on a rooftop, as you watch the sunrise.

11. Travel by yourself.

12. Redecorate your apartment.

13. Treat yourself to as many of your guilty pleasures as you'd like, because life's too short to not indulge a little. Yes, unicorn pancakes, I'm looking at YOU.


14. Get involved in a community service project.

15. Go crowdsurfing.

16. Learn another language.

17. Get a pet, or two.

Guille Faingold

18. Try to do something good for a stranger every day.

19. Go on a cross-country road trip. Why not check out some Bloody Mary hotspots while you're at it?


20. Address and conquer most (if not all) of your fears.

21. Show your loved ones how much you care about them on a daily basis.

22. Take on a hobby that will challenge you to step outside of your normal comfort zone.

23. Have your family over at your place for dinner as much as you can. Show 'em what you got in the kitchen.

24. Learn how to cook your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant.

Danil Nevsky

25. Get your finances in order, and learn how to budget.

26. Go to an ice bar, rock a faux fur coat and sip out of a mug made entirely of ice.

27.  Round up the squad, and spend a day reverting back to your childhood. Go rollerblading, snack on Gushers, put on Lip Smackers gloss like it's your job and giggle over a few TigerBeat quizzes.

28. Challenge yourself to date different types of guys. It'll only better prepare you for what you want in your forever person someday.

Studio Firma

29. Binge-watch that one TV show you never made the time to see.

30. Establish your dream job, and do everything it takes to land it.

Put yourself out there to make your happiness flourish on your own terms, and you'll end up looking back on your 20s with absolutely no regrets.