10 Questions You Never Have To Ask A True Best Friend, Because You Know The Answers

Word on the street is that telepathy isn't real. But, you and your best friend beg to differ. You've been speaking to each other without saying a word since almost day one. You glance across the room at her when someone tells a dad joke, and she knows that you're thinking of that time three years ago when her older brother told the same exact joke at a family party. Sometimes, you don't even have to look at her — she just understands exactly what's going through your head and why. These questions you never have to ask a true best friend like her, because you're always on the same page. You both already know the answers — it's as simple as that.

With a true best friend by your side, you don't have a worry in the world. You could have the worst day ever, and it won't matter at all by the time you go to bed. She'll send you a bunch of funny memes by then, and turn that frown upside down. Spilling your coffee all over your new shirt, or completely failing that exam in psychology will just be an afterthought.

And when it comes to your friendship, it's no different. Together, you have your relationship down to a very easy science — it's low-maintenance, but still meaningful as ever. That's why these 10 questions feel kind of irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. The answers are pretty clear every time, because you are truly best friends.

Can We Go On An Adventure?

Adventures are always better with a buddy, and you don't have to ask your best friend twice. In fact, most of the time, she's already in the car and ready to go. She has her backpack on, and a pair of sneakers in case you spontaneously decide to go hiking. (Did I mention she always has a s'mores supplies kit on hand, too?)

Together, you've taken a lot of trips and dreamed about traveling the world. You've hopped on planes time and time again, and explored magical waterfalls and white, sandy beaches. The only question here is, where to next?

Are You Hungry Right Now?

Most of the time, when you're hanging out with your best friend, you're eating. Maybe the original plan was to go to a restaurant, or you decided at the last-minute to order a pizza or satisfy that sushi craving. You've even been known to make spaghetti at midnight with her by your side.

So, asking if your bestie is hungry or wants some take-out for the thousandth time this month is just pointless. She's always down to get some grub — don't you know that by now?

Do You Remember That Time When...?

You and your best friend think exactly alike, or at least are on the same page a majority of the time. So, when you bring up old memories or inside jokes, she's already one step ahead of you. She starts laughing before you can even finish the story, and remembers every detail like it was yesterday. (Phew! You thought you were the only one, but that was silly.) Those moments are like Polaroid pictures in her mind, and they'll never fade away.

Can We Take A Picture?

Hand me the camera, and no questions asked. That's the way it is with you and your best friend. One of you plays photographer, while the other poses with their Pumpkin Spice Latte or in front of a vintage car. Then you switch, and snap a few selfies together, because #friendship.

Every once in a while, you scroll through your camera roll and realize you have more pictures of her than yourself. You capture those candid moments when she doesn't even know you're behind the lens, and she's forever grateful that you got the 'Gram.

Do You Want To Have A Sleepover?

As far as your friendship goes, you and your best friend have an open door policy. You could be hanging on her couch without her even being home, and it would be completely normal. (In fact, raid the snack cabinets while you're at it, because you basically live here, too.) When it comes to having sleepovers or lazy Sundays together, the answer is always clear. Your toothbrush is already sitting by the sink.

Can I Borrow That Sweater In Your Closet?

Shopping trips with your best friend are always an adventure. You pop into your favorite stores (which are the same, of course) and grab a pretzel at the food court, too. She fills one of those little condiment cups with mustard, and you stick with the ranch. It's OK to be different sometimes, you know?

But, once you get home, you share just about everything. That new sweater she bought a few hours ago becomes your sweater, and she borrows your band tees, just assuming it's OK. (It is.) Now if only you could teleport from closet to closet!

Can I Vent To You About Something?

Vent sessions are what bond you and your best friend the most. It's rarely ever related to your friendship, but allows you two to get real for a second and rant about the struggles of being a 20-something.

You lay on her bed and break out text messages, or an email from your professor assigning a huge project right before a major exam. Ugh! Well, that's no fun — and your bestie intently listens and nods along. Every once in a while, she chimes in with advice or tells you you're in the wrong. Let's be honest: That's part of her job, too.

Can You Back Me Up On This?

Sometimes you just need somebody to be on your side. Lucky for you, your best friend is always there. She's your partner in crime, the peanut butter to your jelly, and — truth be told — soulmate. So, asking her to have your back in a situation is a no-brainer.

She stands up for you without hesitation. When the tables are turned, you have her back, too. It's a pretty sweet deal, and one of the best parts of having a true friend in your life.

Can We Take A Rain Check?

True friends don't hold grudges, and just understand when you need to take a rain check. Sure, your bestie doesn't want you to cancel on them all the time. But, every once in a while, when you're feeling like you could use a day to yourself, she doesn't mind backing out of the original plans.

She understands that having "me" time is essential, and that life happens. As much as hanging out with her would probably help your stress, snuggling up in bed for an entire afternoon and letting yourself do absolutely nothing is pretty key, too.

Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?

Let me answer that question for your best friend: Yes, always. More often that not, your bestie has the same thoughts going through her head. That's why you can just look each other and know exactly what's going on in any given situation.

You two have conversations with your other friends, and somebody brings up going out this Saturday night. You'd rather stay in and have a bunch of snacks than spend money at an overcrowded bar. You glance over to your best friend, and she gives a slight nod in agreement. You already knew the answer to that question, too, huh?