10 Signs You're Already The Grown-Up You Always Wanted To Be, So Cue The *Gasp*

Want to hear something truly shocking? You're a grown-up. *Cue the jaw drop.* Yes, the signs are all there, and you didn't even know it until, well, now. You assumed that one day you would wake up, and just feel a little different. Maybe older, wiser, or with all the answers to the game of life. You just didn't realize that tomorrow became yesterday, and all these years went by. At the time, nothing seemed to change except the seasons or your outfits. So, it's hard to wrap your head around being an "adult." These few signs you're a grown-up will make it much easier to understand.

Don't consider it an intimidating label, but rather a claim to fame. You became everything you wanted to be, and that deserves a major pat on the back. At one point, you were scared of calling the doctor and making appointments on your own. You'd blow through stores with your credit card like there wasn't going to be a bill. Even when you had school or work the next day, you'd stay out way past midnight and then sleep until noon. As that iconic Drake line goes, you "started from the bottom now we're here."

Sure, you're still eating chicken nuggets for dinner and quoting Spongebob Squarepants on the reg. But, these quirks will keep you feeling carefree. Give yourself a round of applause, because you're a grown-up thanks to these 10 signs. (Shocking, I know.)

You Have A Coffee Routine

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, and then sip on this. You became a grown-up the second you got into a caffeine routine. Within days of trying those first few beans, you became attached to your favorite mugs and the smell of vanilla in the morning.

Now, you need that extra kick before you can do anything with your day. Sometimes you even squeeze in a second cup in the middle of the afternoon. You've found local spots and befriended a barista. Adulthood was brewing in the background this entire time.

You Do Your Own Laundry

Doing your own laundry is oddly one of the best parts of being an adult. At first, the machine are so intimidating. You're standing in front of the washer with your fabric softener, and wondering which setting is the right one. After a few loads, you get the hang of it. You learn to separate your darks and your lights, and avoid the whole "turning your clothes pink" thing. Maybe your mom bought you a drying rack for the sweaters and jeans that need to be air-dried. Phew! Another grown-up thing that's under your belt.

You've Written A Professional Email

Professional emails aren't always easy to write, which is why you're actually a grown-up. You've accidentally sent some typos, or a sentence that was unclear. But, now you understand the proper format and even some business lingo.

You created a signature that appears at the bottom of your messages, and organized your contact information. You even have a separate address for your personal stuff — bills, store coupons, and sending photos to your best friend. Yes, this all makes you an adult, and also part of the "real world."

You've Stuck To A Sleep Schedule

Growing up, you always wanted to stay up late. Your parents would say it's time for bed, and you'd stall as long as possible. You needed a snack or a story — brushing your teeth was even a process.

Now, you're sticking to a sleep routine that you've created for yourself. You make sure to turn of all your electronics a little bit early, and then hit the hay. Even on the weekends, you snooze on schedule and get up for your usual alarms. Wasting the day is just not an option!

You've Learned Different Routes To Work

Being an adult means learning the routes of the roads. Maybe you don't know the names on the signs, or the numbers of the highways. But, you've picked up on a few landmarks and know your way around town. At one point or another, you even ditched your GPS and went a different way. You started on your usual path, but then discovered a backstreet that's so much quicker. Since then, you've been creating your own directions to wherever you want to go.

You've Taken Your Car Into The Shop

Sometimes life happens, and you're forced to spend an entire week without your car. You drove through a construction zone and got a flat tire, or somebody bumped into you in a parking lot. Maybe your vehicle just desperately needed an oil change. Either way, you've ended up in an auto shop or maybe just pulled out the tools and did the work yourself. In those moments, you've actually felt like an #adult. Filling out paperwork, using a wrench, and talking about emissions tests will do that to a person.

You've Made Your Own Travel Plans

Booking flights and hotels can be stressful AF. You want to go everywhere in the world, but that requires taking time off and tapping into your savings account. It's always worth it, despite being an adult for a hot sec.

When you took family vacations growing up, your parents handled these details. You just had to worry about packing your suitcase and being in the car on time. Now, you're scoping out the best apps for traveling, and scanning your email for airline deals. Don't forget to get your passport renewed! That's part of this grown-up thing, too.

You've Complained About The Younger Generation

Kids these days, huh? You've complained about the younger generation at least once, which means you're no longer the new kid on the block. You've expressed your true feelings about the newer television shows, and how young teens today will never know how epic the '90s were. (Some things only millennials would understand, am I right?)

But the cool part of this #adult moment is that there are girls looking up to you. Set a good example, and pass down all your words of wisdom, OK?

You've Voted In An Election

Voting in an election is a surefire sign that you've grown up. Not only do you need to be a certain age to participate, but you also need to have your own opinions. You need to realize what causes you care about most, and take the time to get educated on the candidates.

It's not something that any non-adult would necessarily find interesting or important. But, you've walked into a polling station and put some thought into your ballot. You received a sticker on the way out that said, "I voted today," and wore it with pride. A huge pat on the back to you.

You've Bought A Planner

Buying a planner and even some gel pens is a sign that you've gone from a kid to a grown-up. You're putting down your commitments and tracking your calendar. It's weirdly rewarding every time you cross something off your to-do list.

Back in the day, your mom would do all of this for you. She had your soccer practices and band concerts posted up on the fridge, so you didn't forget. Now, things have changed, and you're coming up with your own color-coding system.

Being a grown-up isn't so bad — can we agree on that? It's shocking, but something you should celebrate for sure.