10 'Game Of Thrones'-Inspired Sex Moves That Will Last Through The Long Night

by Christy Piña

Winter is here, my friends. Well, technically, spring is here, but the Game of Thrones season eight premiere is only three sleeps away, so therefore, winter is here. Thronies everywhere are rewatching the previous seasons, reading fan theories, and mentally, emotionally, and physically preparing themselves for all that's to come. While you try to fit in as many episodes in before the premiere on April 14, there may be times that make you want to throw your TV across the room (ahem, "The Red Wedding") — which is when these Game of Thrones-inspired sex moves can come in handy.

These sex moves are the perfect way to take a little break from the emotional rollercoaster that is GoT seasons one through seven, while simultaneously preparing yourself for the Battle of Winterfell. Granted, GoT is far from a romantic TV show, but there are some pretty incredible sex scenes throughout the 67 episodes that we've come to love and, occasionally, hate (read: Jon Snow and Ygritte, Sam and Gilly, Missandei and Grey Worm, and Robb and Talisa). I've put together a list of 10 GoT-inspired sex moves, but remember — consent is everything. So, if you've never tried one of these moves before, make sure your sexual partner is OK with it, and I'm sure it'll be dracarys.

The Direwolf.

If you tell me you're not obsessed with the Stark children's direwolves, I'm going to need to see you outside. Grey Wind, Lady, Nymeria, Summer, Shaggydog, and Ghost always have a way of showing up when they're needed. And sometimes, in sex, all you need is a little bit of doggy style, well in this case, the direwolf. For this move, one partner is bent over, while the other one penetrates them from behind. Bonus points for any howling involved.

Winter is coming.

"Winter is coming" is hands down one of the most iconic lines in the entire show — from the mention of the White Walkers in the very first episode to the finale of season seven when the Army of the Dead gets passed the Wall. When winter comes, it's cold, and what better way to stay warm than to cuddle up with someone? Maybe it's just me, but cuddling has such a way of turning me on, so if you're trying to keep warm but you're also "in the mood," spooning sex is the way to go. Your partner can keep you in their arms and enter you from behind, and there you have it! When winter comes, you'll be ready.

The Littlefinger.

Was I the only one who was filled with joy when Arya killed Littlefinger? Anyway, this sex move is the perfect opener. If you're trying to turn your partner on and get them in the mood to have sex, use your little finger to tease them a bit. You can start by stroking parts of their body with your finger, and if they verbally consent, you can finger them.

Mount the Drogon.

Toward the end of GoT season five, we got the first glimpse of Daenerys riding Drogon, after he rescues her from the Sons of Harpy attack in Daznak’s Pit. She put her legs around Drogon, and they disappear. Similarly, with this move, you would "mount" your partner by putting your legs around them and riding them, like you would if you were cowgirling it. If you want to get extra creative, with Mount the Drogon, you could also put your legs up above your head, while your partner leans against them and penetrates you from the front.

Breaker of chains.

Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons. Try saying that three times really fast.

For this one, it's less of a sex move and more of something you can add to your sex life to spice it up. If your sexual partner has certain positions that get them to their climax almost immediately, handcuff them, and do those things to them. The more turned on they are, the more likely they are to try to break those metal handcuffs (AKA chains) to wrap their arms around you or scratch your body because they're so aroused.

The needle.

Of course, no one can forget Arya's iconic Needle, the sword that has journeyed with her throughout all of Westeros and Essos. Needle has served as her trusty companion, and similarly, missionary is a trusty sex move. Lie on your back, allow your partner to lie on top of you and do the d*mn thing.

The Longclaw.

Like the Littlefinger, the Longclaw is also more of a starter move but can be used at any point while you're having sex. If your partner is comfortable with it, you can finger them with multiple fingers, and voila: the Longclaw. You can use this as foreplay; or if you need a break from having sex, but you don't want your partner to get over their arousal, this is the perfect break for you and continued sensation for them.

King's Landing.

Ah, King's Landing. The home of the Iron Throne, where the King and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms reside. Since this is where the King comes to sit on his throne, the King's Landing involves some sitting, but on something much better than an iron throne. For this sex move, one of you is lying down on the bed, while the other sits on the person's face and gets some killer oral sex.

Bend the knee.

This is another pretty great move for those who really like oral stimulation. Throughout the show, kings and queens all across the Seven Kingdoms command people to kneel before them as a way of pledging their loyalty. The Bend The Knee is similar (minus the whole oath thing). With this sex move, one of you is standing or sitting, while the other is on their knees giving them oral sex.

The Iron Throne.

And of course, how could I forget the Iron Throne? For this sex move, you or your partner are sitting up, as if on the throne, while the other person sits on them and rides them. (Extra points if you have an actual throne or at least do it on a chair in your living room or something.) You can face your partner or you can give them your back and reverse cowgirl it.

So, whether you're a huge GoT fan who's trying to prepare yourself for what's coming, or you're just someone who wants to switch things up in their sex life, these moves could be for you. Try them out, role play a little bit, if that's what you're into, and enjoy yourself. After all, that's what consensual sex is all about. By the end of the night, you'll be feeling like a Lannister — because you totally paid your debts.