5 Pop Culture Inspired Sex Positions For 2019 To Keep You Satisfied And #Trending

After the long and turbulent 12 months that made up 2018, it's a sigh of relief for 2019 to be here. A sigh of relief perhaps, to prepare us for other kinds of sighs. Whether you're single or got married a few months into dating (like every freakin' celebrity in 2018 seemed to) these five pop culture inspired sex positions for 2019 are sure to make up for the last year, and set us up for all the good things (and good people) to come. And they're inspired by the trends and releases of 2019, so they'll keep you topical and frisky.

Of course with every year, the most important parts of sex often happen off the mattress. Talking about your needs and wants and being on the same page as your partner (or partners) is imperative for making all parties feel good and supported, physically and emotionally. Bringing up a new position or new things to try can be a sensual segue into a conversation about making the most of your sexy time, in 2019 and every other year. Using humor when talking about sex can be a way to deal with the awkwardness and ease into some harder conversations.

These pop culture inspired sex positions for 2019 are sure to spark some conversation between you and your boo, and hopefully spark some sexy too.

The Taking Off The Tiny Glasses
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

2019 is here, and normal sized sunnies are back baby. For this move, have one partner lie on the edge of a bed or chair, with the back hanging off and their head upside-down. Have the other partner engage in whatever penetration or sexy activity (that everyone has previously agreed on) as the lying down partner lifts their arms up and down, signaling taking the small glasses off.

The Captain Marvel

2019 is the year of Captain Marvel, Marvel's kick*ss superhero that happens to be a woman. Have one partner sitting up with their legs spread in a V, while the other partner sits on the first partner's lap, with their legs also in a V. Have the bottom partner penetrate the top partner, and the top parter fly like a fighter jet. Bonus points for putting on dramatic action movie music in the background.

Thank U, Next

The much anticipated, thank u, next album comes with an equally anticipated sex move. Ask your partner things they've waned to try in the past they've never done with exes (if they're comfortable opening up about past relationships), or things they've learned they were into by way of other relationships. Create a calming and sensual space to try to new things, and have a marathon session of new moves. Whatever works, keep it for next time, what doesn't work, say "thank u, next."

The Fenty Beauty
RihannaVEVO on YouTube

What can I say? Inclusivity is arousing. In 2019, Fenty beauty is coming out with concealer in 50 shades. Have all parties will say things they like about each other, and then affectionately rub each other's backs. Then they will listen to Rihanna facing each other, keeping intimate eye contact.

Dad Sneakers

This is about comfort, and doesn't look too pretty. Sit up together, facing each other, with legs draped over each other. Or have a one partner sitting in an arm chair, perhaps waiting something on TV, and the other partner comes and sits facing the partner on the chair.

Of course, old classics work too. No matter what moves you're doing, may the sex you have in 2019 make you feel good and supported. If there's something you want to try, or something you know you like, this year is a great time to talk about with your partner. With new movies, new music, and new trends on the horizon, 2019 is the time to make having the best sex for you part of your #brand.