6 Sex Moves To Try If You Love Oral Sex & Want To Make It Even More Satisfying

by Sydnee Lyons

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? I'm still not quite sure but it's probably not as many as you'd need to get your partner off during oral sex — with the right moves, of course. That's right. There are oral sex moves. If you've only ever done it one way, buckle up; things are about to get steamier.

There are a lot of reasons you should be having mind-blowing oral sex. For one, some people argue that oral sex is far more intimate than other types of sex because it requires more attention to detail and reciprocity isn't always a guarantee. Plus, studies show that performing oral sex on male partners can elevate a woman's mood, enhance affection, and induce sleep because of certain chemicals found in semen.

Either way, enough people are engaging in cunnilingus and analingus that you can even buy lingerie designed specifically for having clean and safe oral sex. Now, all that's left is to master a few ways to keep things fun. Here are five oral sex moves you need to try ASAP.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Sometimes, in order to heat things up in the bedroom, you've got to make them ice-cold. With their consent, blindfold your partner before placing an ice cube in your mouth. They'll be titillated by the rush of cold air when you exhale lightly before getting to work.

Squatter's Rights

Also called queening, this move requires one partner to lie flat on their back while the receiving partner sits on or kneels above their face. This way, the receiving partner is totally in control because they're able to adjust the proximity and intensity of their partner's touch.

Sideways Or Standing 69

Everyone knows 69 is the go-to position for oral sex that prioritizes both partners' pleasure. But it's kind of overdone by now, right? Nope. All you need is a different point of view, literally. Ditch the traditional partner-on-partner 69 position for either of these variations.

Sideways 69 is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of having one partner on their back, both partners prop themselves on their sides to face the other person. The general alignment — lips to genitals — remains the same.

Arguably, standing 69 is far more complicated but worth it? Here, one partner (the stronger of the two) stands upright while holding the other partner upside down by the waist. The suspended partner can wrap their legs around the supporting partner's shoulders for extra stability. Probably best to try this move against a wall first, just in case.

Crab-Back Cowgirl

You might have heard of the crab-back cowgirl, where the receiving partner does a back bend while sitting on the penetrating partner. Turns out, it's great for oral stimulation, too. All the receiving partner has to do is shift their body up toward the other person's mouth. If you're not a skilled gymnast or yogi and your walking crab-back isn't up to par, you can start by straddling your partner's face before leaning back and extending your arms to hold you up.

Pelvic Thrust

I know this doesn't sound sexy but it is. While lying on their back, the receiving partner pushes the bottom half of their body upward — almost in the shape of an inverted letter "V" — for greater intensity. It's a little bit of a quad workout but don't worry. The other partner is able to lend support by propping up the receiving partner's butt while going down on them. Yay, teamwork!

Tuck And Roll

If you can still put your legs behind your head, firstly, major props to you. Secondly, this oral sex move was made for you. As the receiving partner, roll over and place your legs all the way behind your head so that your feet are now planted on the ground or bed and you're essentially folded in half. Have your partner squat or kneel between your legs (like they would if they were sitting on your face) so that their face lines up with your genital region and yours with theirs. After all, aren't relationships all about give and take?

Now that you've got the moves, don't be afraid to give your partner some direction or to ask them to elaborate on what they like. Guided tours are there to make sure you don't get lost.