‘Outer Banks’ Season 2

Here’s your extensive guide to what the Pogues have been up to. Read on for exclusive cast interviews, theories, behind-the-scenes facts, and the latest Outer Banks Season 2 news. Get ready — we’re back in the G-game.


The Pogues Are Fighting For Their Lives In 'Outer Banks' Season 3's Trailer

Things are about to get messier than ever.

By Abby Monteil and Ani Bundel
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Chase Stokes And Madelyn Cline's Relationship Timeline Is Dramatic

Their IRL love story is nothing like that of their Outer Banks characters.

By Corinne Sullivan, Hannah Kerns and Genevieve Wheeler
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Chase Stokes & Madelyn Cline's Astrological Compatibility Was Stressful

This explains so much.

By Corinne Sullivan and Genevieve Wheeler

7 'Outer Banks' Life Lessons I Will Now Be Living By

These Pogues are wise AF.

By Rachel Varina

Fans Have 1 Very Specific Question While Watching 'Outer Banks'

Let's go full Pogue.

By Rachel Varina
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Chase And Madelyn's Body Language Foreshadowed Those Breakup Rumors

Sarah and John B forever?

By Joyann Jeffrey

Madelyn Cline's Dating History Is Way Different From Sarah Cameron's

Off-screen, she and Chase Stokes are actually the cutest.

By Hannah Kerns

Madison Bailey’s Zodiac Sign Makes Her A Thoughtful, Spirited Partner

And she's so compatible with her Pisces girlfriend.

By Lydia Wang
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Um, It Looks Like Chase Called Madelyn "Mads" In An Outer Banks Scene

This video is literal gold.

By Joyann Jeffrey

6 'Outer Banks' Season 3 Theories That Make My Brain Hurt

I'm gonna need more episodes ASAP.

By Umber Bhatti
Pogue Life

45 Kiara Quotes From 'Outer Banks' To Show How Tough You Are On Social Media

Be prepared for whatever Insta-worthy adventure calls.

By Rachel Chapman

Your Zodiac Sign Will Reveal Which 'Outer Banks' Character You Are

Are you a Pogue or a Kook?

By Roya Backlund

'Outer Banks' Star Julia Antonelli Is Just As Obsessed With Beyoncé As You Are

Stars — they're just like us!

By Rachel Varina
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38 'Outer Banks' Sarah Cameron Quotes That'll Have You Calling The Shots On Instagram

This way you’re always ready for your next adventure.

By Rachel Chapman
Pogue Life

13 'Outer Banks' Hot Spots You Can Visit IRL When You're Looking For Paradise On Earth

Consider this your very own treasure map.

By Rachel Chapman

Jonathan Daviss Reveals His Personal Connection To Pope's 'Outer Banks' Season 2 Story

"I was pulling from real emotions that I really felt. I was pulling from a place I'd really been in."

By Rachel Varina