Chase Stokes’ Dream “Treat Yourself” Day Involves Kelsea & Their 2 Dogs

Chase Stokes’ Dream “Treat Yourself” Day Involves Kelsea & Their 2 Dogs

The golden retriever boyfriend is committed to growing “as a partner and as a friend.”

Interview by Rachel Chapman
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If there’s one thing Chase Stokes and his Outer Banks counterpart, John B, have in common, it’s that they both love spending time in the open air. “I’ve always been outdoorsy,” he tells Elite Daily.

In recent years, Stokes moved to Charleston, South Carolina — where his hit Netflix series is filmed — full time, which gives the 31-year-old actor easy access to the beach, hiking trails, and a “really cute neighborhood” where he likes to go on walks with his and girlfriend Kelsea Ballerini’s pets.

Being a dog dad has made me even more of an outdoors person.

In fact, his beloved canine, Milo, has amped up his love for nature. “Being a dog dad has made me even more of an outdoors person,” Stokes says.

Despite his admitted allergies to pollen and pet dander — one of the main reasons for his recent partnership with Zyrtec and its Pet Pawsitivity program — a little quality time with the golden retriever and German shepherd mix is a highlight of the actor’s day, even on the OBX set: “He’s kind of grown up on the show.”

Spending time with Milo is a major part of Stokes’ wellness routine, but the actor says there are plenty of other ways he likes to unwind after a long day of filming. Below, he shares his favorite self-care products, dream “treat yourself” day, plus why he would agree with the Internet that he’s Ballerini’s golden retriever boyfriend.

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Elite Daily: You’re a busy guy. Filming, being a dog dad, supporting your girlfriend on tour... What are your tips for time management?

Chase Stokes: I am a Virgo, so I do love a plan, but when you’re working 12 to 15 hours a day, you kind of lose that time management. On the weekends, it’s important to make time for self-care.

ED: Twelve to 15 hours sounds rough. What’s your go-to way to unwind after a long day of shooting?

CS: Take an obnoxiously long shower. I know that’s probably not great, but I am covered in makeup, dirt, sweat, and sometimes blood from set. I try to take some of it off when I’m at work, but when I get home, it’s a good way to disassociate and disconnect from the world of Outer Banks and John B, back into Chase.

I usually take 20 minutes to disassociate and go on TikTok. I scroll through the algorithm, get something good to eat, and then unwind by watching a TV show. Lately it’s been Law and Order: SVU. Mariska Hargitay is a queen. That’s been my routine.

ED: What corners of TikTok are you on?

CS: It’s all over the place. My algorithm is very confusing. There’s this whole trend right now of pilots talking to air traffic control, and the banter between the two of them, telling them not to land and then they land anyway. I didn’t realize that’s how it went down, but that’s taken over my feed. It’s quality content.

ED: I’ve seen you use a Solawave red-light mask in one of your TikToks. Are you a big fan of skin care products?

CS: That’s actually not mine; that’s Kelsea's, and I love that thing. I kind of feel like Darth Vader a little bit when I put it on, but it works.

I’m also a huge advocate of pimple patches, and I’ve recently been using the Jaxon Lane pineapple enzyme face wash. It’s a powder, and I’ve been traveling a lot, so it’s been nice to use something like that.

I’m outside all the time, so sun protection is vital, especially when I’m 31 playing a teenager.

I also have to make sure I have SPF on my skin. I’m outside all the time, so sun protection is vital, especially when I’m 31 playing a teenager. Trying to keep my skin from not getting fried by the sun is my big skin care routine. I’ve used Sun Bum forever.

ED: Do you have a specific pimple patch you like to use?

CS: I just bought the star salicylic acid ones. Hilariously enough, I was going to lunch yesterday with my girlfriend, and some people recognized us in the elevator. They were like, “Oh, my God, can we get a photo?” And we were like, “Yeah, yeah, totally.” After they got out of the elevator, she looked at me and she was like, “Oh, babe, you still have the pimple patch on your cheek.”

I’m sure that’ll show up on the Internet somewhere, and it’ll be me with a little star pimple patch on my cheek. But I’m into it.

ED: If you had all the time in the world, what would your dream “treat yourself” day look like?

CS: I’d wake up, drink some water, and have some coffee. Me and Kels are big on taking the dogs on a walk as soon as we get up, so I’m taking the boys for a walk around the neighborhood. Then, a little couples massage action before spending the afternoon together, whether it be at the beach or just getting outdoors.

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Then there’d be a really good dinner. I’ve been into cooking lately, which has made TikTok fun as well — you can find some amazing recipes there. So I’d either go to one of the many great restaurants in Charleston, or sit at home and just make a home-cooked meal.

I love a good early night, so I would love to be in bed early. I’d eat, maybe enjoy a glass of wine, and then be in bed at a reasonable hour.

ED: What’s been the most effective way for you to deal with stress?

CS: I’ve gotten into deep breathing recently. There’s a place out in L.A., sort of like a wellness spa. I did a really deep breathing exercise there that was like 15 minutes long, and the amount of weight that I felt come off of my body was wild. Sometimes, we’re not taking in enough oxygen for our brains. When you really supply it with the amount of oxygen you need, it’s pretty mesmerizing how well that works.

I am really committed to continuing to grow as a man, as a son, as a partner, and as a friend.

I’m also in therapy training. I am really committed to continuing to grow as a man, as a son, as a partner, and as a friend. Learning about myself, doing those deep dives, and staying consistent in that has been something that has really helped with my stress.

I love unwinding and unraveling some of the things that I had gone through in my past life and with my childhood. That’s really helped with my stress as well.

ED: To cap things off, you’ve been described as the ultimate golden retriever boyfriend. Milo is part golden retriever, so in what ways are you two similar?

CS: It’s funny to be coined the golden retriever boyfriend. I’ve just always been myself and loved love, and then the Internet sort of decided to make me that.


So here we are, me and Milo just sharing a little genetic pool. It’s another sort of connection point when we’re going on walks: “Did you know I’m also part golden retriever, Milo?” We’re both happy-go-lucky little beings.