'Outer Banks' was renewed for Season 4 ahead of Season 3's premiere.

Chase Stokes Confirmed Outer Banks Season 4 Is Filming Now

John B is back, baby.

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The Pogues aren’t fading into the sunset yet. Netflix announced its beachy adventure series Outer Banks will return for a fourth season, and the big update arrived sooner than most fans expected. The renewal announcement came just days before Season 3’s premiere on Feb. 23, so the early vote of confidence was certainly reassuring to fans of the show. If you’re already mulling over what treasure the Pogues will be chasing down next, here are all the details to know about Outer Banks Season 4.

The Outer Banks cast and crew made the big reveal at Netflix’s Poguelandia event on Feb. 18. The interactive fan convention, tied to Season 3’s release, brought the deserted island that John B, Sarah, JJ, Pope, Kiara, and Cleo washed up on at the end of Season 2 to life. With no plans of returning home, the Pogues dubbed the island Poguelandia and set about building their new lives there.

However, Season 3 didn’t focus on Poguelandia for long. The group managed to flee the island in the first episode... only to end up embroiled in their most dangerous treasure hunt yet. The finale threw another curveball when it suddenly jumped ahead 18 months in time. With so many questions still plaguing fans, here’s everything to know about Season 4.

The Pogues Are Back


It’s safe to assume the Pogues will all be back for another adventure. That includes Chase Stokes as John B, Madelyn Cline as Sarah, Madison Bailey as Kiara, Jonathan Daviss as Pope, Rudy Pankow as JJ, and Carlacia Grant as Cleo.

However, given Season 3’s bloody ending, there are a couple major characters that won’t be returning. The show’s main villain Wade Cameron finally met his end, along with John B’s treasure-hunting father Big John. With both fathers dead, expect Season 4 to be even heavier on the daddy issues.

It’s Filming Now

Filming for the fourth season was delayed in the midst of the writers’ and actors’ strike in 2023, but once both were resolved, Chase Stokes confirmed production had resumed in a Nov. 25 Instagram post.


He also shared a plea to fans on his Instagram Stories that anyone who visits the show’s set doesn’t post photos or videos that may spoil the new season’s plot.

“We are about to embark on our journey and I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, but please for the love of God don’t post spoilers,” Stokes said. “I love the fact that everybody likes to show up and take pictures and videos, but if you feel like it’s something you probably shouldn’t post, don’t do it.”


It’ll Likely Premiere In 2024

For past seasons of Outer Banks, the premiere usually lands about a year after filming began. If that’s the case, then look out for Season 4 of Outer Banks to swim onto Netflix sometime in late 2024.

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