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These 2 Zodiac Signs Are The Most Likely To Watch You

But for very different reasons.

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Netflix’s You is all anyone can talk about at the moment, and for so many good reasons. Though the thriller centers around crime, there’s also a great deal of lust, love, and longing. I’ll be the first to admit that many of the actions Joe and Love take part in are very bad, but you can’t deny how oddly easy it is to relate to these flawed characters sometimes. Of course, the strong emotions portrayed in the series speak to some people, particularly specific zodiac signs, more than others. Virgos would likely pick apart the way Joe and Love attempt to clean up the messes they make, while Sagittarians would likely get bored of the show before it got to the good parts. The two zodiac signs most likely to watch You, however, are Libras and Scorpios — but for very different reasons.

Suspenseful shows like You are complex. On one hand, you want to see Joe get what he deserves, but on the other hand, you kind of want him to somehow get away with all of these crimes. If there’s anyone who can understand these kinds of emotions, it’s Libras and Scorpios. Despite these signs being almost exact opposites, they have one major thing in common: They both seek connection, and that’s essentially what this series is all about (in its own weird way). Here’s why these two zodiac signs have probably already blazed through You Season 3:


Here’s Why Libras Are Most Likely To Watch Netflix’s You

As a Venus ruled air sign, Libra is all about partnership, so the relationship between Joe and Love is likely one of their favorite things about this series. Despite how much these two butt heads, they still find ways to prioritize their marriage. Though the relationship is incredibly unhealthy, Libras are likely to still be invested in the outcome, secretly hoping that they find a way to work it out when all is said and done. After all, Libra is essentially the peacemaker of the zodiac. Conflict resolution is Libra’s bread and butter, so they’re always actively looking for ways to bridge the gap. If a Libra were a character in Season 3, they’d easily be the therapist that Joe and Love briefly see after Love murders Natalie.

Here’s Why Scorpios Are Most Likely To Watch Netflix’s You

It comes as no surprise that Joe’s real-life counterpart, Penn Badgley, is not only a Scorpio, but actually has a Scorpio stellium. No wonder he’s so good at playing such an intense, controlling character. As a Mars-ruled fixed sign, Scorpio is one of the most determined signs of the zodiac, so Scorpios may find themselves relating to Joe’s tendency to latch on to things that pique his interest.

Scorpios couldn’t care less about surface-level conversations, endeavors, or relationships. Because of their fixed sign nature, though, it’s easy for them to become a bit obsessed with things that intrigue them, so it’s important to exercise control when needed (something that they’re actually pretty good at). Their determination makes them incredibly passionate, so it makes total sense that they’d be eager to get to the end of this compelling series.

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