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The Luckiest Zodiac Signs In November 2022 Will Soak Up The Spotlight

Put yourself out there.

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Have you been feeling the sudden urge to do a deep dive into your favorite true crime podcast? If so, you’re probably being personally affected by Scorpio season. As a fixed water sign, Scorpio is not only all about maintaining a firm grasp on emotional expression, but it also centers around determination, and the desire to get to the bottom of things, thanks to Mars, Scorpio’s planetary ruler. Ambition tends to be at an all-time high during this season, which will allow everyone to fixate on any objective with immense ease. While tunnel vision is incredibly easy to maintain this time of year, four lucky zodiac signs will have the best month of November 2022.

Since Scorpio is a fixed sign, there’s a strong sense of unwavering resilience that comes along with this energy. Though the Scorpion tends to be primarily motivated by emotion, there’s a desire to succeed at whatever you put your mind to — and four signs are certain to have plenty on their plate this season. As the signs that share the same modality with Scorpio, they each share a similar objective: consistency. As Scorpio season highlights this innate desire, it’ll be easier to accomplish now more than ever.

Here’s what fixed signs can expect from November’s astrology:

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Taurus: Your Relationships Are Experiencing Powerful Dynamics

It’s been a pretty busy season for you, Taurus — or should I say, your relationships. As the sun continues to travel through Scorpio and your chart ruler, Venus, you’re being asked to plunge into the emotional depths of your connections this month. Though you’re someone who typically likes to center practicality and logic, the sun traveling through your sister sign is encouraging you to immerse yourself in your intimate connections with others. As a Venusian, you’re always eager to prioritize your relationships, and Scorpio season’s the perfect time to lean into the intensity that comes with allowing yourself to get close to your loved ones.

Leo: You’re Embracing Intense Relationships With Family

This month, your home and family life is being emphasized as the sun (aka your chart ruler) makes its way through your fourth house. If there’s something within your family’s history or current dynamics that you’ve been seeking to avoid, now is the time to pull back the layers. Don’t hesitate to dive deep into any emotions you’ve been burying here, Leo, even if it means withdrawing from the spotlight that’s so often placed on you. Your foundation is where everything stems from, so unpack any unexpressed emotions in this area in order to heal and move forward.

Scorpio: Your Emotions Are At An All-Time High

Buckle up, Scorpio, because your season is now in full swing. As the sun continues to travel through your first house of self, all eyes are on you, but the excess attention may not be what you’re necessarily looking for. You’re all about moving in silence, and letting your success speak for itself, but this month marks the ideal time to embrace the newfound attention. It’ll still be essential for you to maintain your need for privacy, but don’t be afraid to socialize more than usual. Put yourself out there.

Aquarius: Your Career And Public Persona Are Your Top Priorities

This season, the sun continues through your 10th house of career and public image, bringing attention and notoriety to your professional endeavors. Now is the time to showcase your work, Aquarius, which means that you’re going to have to embrace being the main character for a bit. This may be uncomfortable for you at first, but your hard work deserves to be acknowledged. Pursuing a promotion or a new career opportunity might even be in the cards. Your hard work won’t be overlooked now, so be sure to soak up whatever this newfound attention brings.