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Your 2023 Love Horoscope Is Hot For Every Zodiac Sign

Nodes of Destiny enter the axis of Mars-Venus, making it a *big* year for love.

by Valerie Mesa
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You don’t have to be a hopeless romantic to be genuinely intrigued about what the stars have in store for your 2023 love horoscope. As a matter of fact, nine times out of 10, that’s what all astro-enthusiasts are doing, so you are more than welcome to join in.

As you can probably imagine, there’s a lot to consider when looking to the stars for clarity and guidance. But when it comes to matters of romance and passion, it’s important to look at what the Lovers of the Cosmos (aka, Mars and Venus) are up to. For instance, Venus — the planet of love, pleasure and sensuality — retrogrades once every year. This year, it will backspin through Leo (between July 22 and Sept. 3, 2023), encouraging us to go inward in order to reflect on how our authentic self-expression and unique love languages have been inhibited. Remember, Leo is a fixed, fire sign — it can be equally as confident as it is prideful — so if your ego has been getting in the way of your joy in relationships, it’ll probably come to your attention this year.

Something else important to consider about our commitments in the love department is that the North Node of Destiny — a symbol of where we’re collectively headed, as well as the energy we’re being called to embrace — will enter Aries on July 17, for the first time since 2006. This means the South Node — what we are being challenged to release — will, in turn, enter Libra. Basically, the axis of Mars-Venus, the very definition of “opposites attract,” will be activated. From there, you can do the math.

Without further ado, here’s what 2023 has in store for your love life:

Aries 2023 Love Horoscope

When your planetary ruler, Mars, ends its retrograde on Jan. 12, things will start to pick up again. After getting your mojo back and putting your party dress on, love will most certainly be in the air in February. Lovely Venus will be returning to your territory on Feb. 20, making you as attractive and alluring as ever, so be sure to amp up the charm and look the part. February’s full moon in Leo will also ignite your flirty fifth house of passion and self-expression, so don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Mars will also sizzle its way into this area of your chart (Leo) on May 20, heightening your romantic desires and self-confidence in the process.

The catch? Venus will eventually retrograde in Leo on July 22. (Beware of exes coming knocking!) More importantly, take this time to reflect on the dynamic of your love life, as well as your love language. With the North Node making its debut in your sign on July 17, you may feel inspired to prioritize your personal needs, as opposed to committing to a partnership. This will go hand in hand with October’s solar eclipse in your relationship sector, and by the time Venus debuts in Libra in November, let’s just say you’ll have a whole new perspective on romantic commitments.

Taurus 2023 Love Horoscope

Get ready, because there’s a whole lot to look forward to this year. Lucky Jupiter will be making its debut in your sign in May, which pretty much means you’re the celestial favorite until further notice. However, things could start spicing up in your love life towards the end of winter: After a supercharged full moon in your fifth house of love early in March, your sensually driven ruler, Venus, will enter your sign on March 16. This is always a plus, and for more reasons than one. You’re looking good, smelling good, and feeling your best. This is empress energy.

A lunar eclipse in Scorpio will touch down on your relationship sector on May 5, wrapping up an eclipse series that started back in 2021. Meanwhile, Venus will retrograde from July 22 until Sept. 3, so try to steer away from starting anything new during this window of time. Instead, use this energy wisely, and reflect on yourself. This, of course, will make you extra particular when it comes to choosing The Right One, especially once Venus enters Virgo on Oct. 8. A lunar eclipse in your sign on Oct. 28 will bring something full-circle in your personal life, so take your time.


Gemini 2023 Love Horoscope

You kick off 2023 with a fresh outlook on love, thanks to Venus entering Aquarius and your expansive ninth house of adventure on Jan. 2. Also, your ruler, Mercury, will be ending its retrograde on Jan. 18 via your intimate eighth house of mergers, joint ventures, and sexual unions so there’ll be some blunt (even perhaps a bit taboo) conversations happening between you and a significant other. You’ll also want to be discerning when it comes to putting someone in the friend zone, especially once Venus enters Aries on Feb. 20: It will increase the likelihood of experiencing passionate rendezvous and spontaneous romance in your social life. Not to sound cliché, but this has “friends with benefits” written all over it.

However, in April, opportunities for love will be all around, whether or not you’re looking for them. On top of the fact that Venus will be debuting in your sign on April 11 — adorning your energy with beauty, harmony, and charm — there will also be a Venus-ruled full moon igniting your fifth house of love and passion on April 6. To say you’re hard to resist during this time would be a literal understatement. Then, fiery Mars will be shaking up this area of your chart at the end of August, followed by a new moon solar eclipse on Oct. 14. Whatever’s been preventing you from opening your heart will be brought to your attention at this time.

Cancer 2023 Love Horoscope

The year begins on an interesting note, as Venus concludes her journey through Capricorn, entering Aquarius and your intimate eighth house of mergers, sexual unions, and energetic exchanges on Jan. 2. Mercury will also be retrograde in Capricorn until Jan. 18, suggesting the possibility of revisiting everything from contractual agreements to pending conversations with a significant other. A new moon will also touch down on your eighth house of intimacy on Jan. 21, so new beginnings in your relationships are certainly possible. Shortly after, Mars will return to your sign for the first time in two years on March 25 — which, in turn, heightens your carnal desires and levels of assertion.

Just so you know, the peak of spring will be almost impossible to resist, considering the supercharged lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 — via your fifth house of love, passion and pleasure — followed by Venus’ shift into your sign on May 7. Not only will you exude an incredible amount of sex appeal, but you’ll also have a new sense of confidence in your love life. As for your summer, the moon will peak in Capricorn, bringing clarity, closure, and celebration to your relationships. October will also be swirling with intensity, as Mercury, Mars, and Venus sizzle through Scorpio, and your fifth house of romance.

Leo 2023 Love Horoscope

New year, new beginnings in love? Lady Venus will be sashaying into Aquarius and your relationships on Jan. 2, followed by a new moon in this area of your chart on Jan. 21. Again, there is fertility and magic being presented to you when it comes to your commitments, so be sure to harness this energy to your best ability. The same goes for Venus’ entering mystical Pisces on Jan. 26 — where it thrives. It’ll add a layer of fantasy and romance to your intimate unions. Passions will be running high on Feb. 25 when the moon peaks in your sign, so don’t hesitate to manifest in the name of love. Once spring rolls around, you will likely be drawn to flirty and lighthearted interactions, especially once Venus begins to dazzle your 11th house of social circles on April 11.

Venus will enter your sign on June 5, followed by a full moon in Sagittarius — via your fifth house of love — bringing celebration and emotional emphasis to your romantic encounters. But, the planet of love will begin to retrograde in your sign on July 22, which challenges you to look within and reflect on everything from your values to your love language. Warning: You’ll want to wait until at least mid-September to start a romantic relationship. As for the remainder of the year, don’t be surprised if someone you fancy suddenly slides into your DMs and sweeps you off your feet, as Venus entering Libra on Nov. 8 brings seduction and harmony.

Virgo 2023 Love Horoscope

If you’ve ever wondered why the winter season always seems to make you feel smitten, it’s no coincidence: The sun lights up your romantic fifth house, while glimmering through your fellow earth sign, Capricorn. (Don’t be surprised if you ring in the new year with heart eyes.) On Jan. 26, Venus will enter Pisces, bringing romance, harmony, and compassion to your relationships. And if you happen to have your heart set on someone special, there will be a new moon in this area of your chart on Feb. 20 — not to mention Saturn’s entrance into Pisces — so there are plenty of opportunities to commit to someone in the love department. This is especially true when considering Venus’ shift into fiery Aries that same day, as it will bring passion to your intimate eighth house of sexual exchanges.

In the summertime, a full moon in Capricorn on July 3 will ignite your fifth house of love, passion, and romance, followed by Mars’ shift into your sign on July 10 and the North Node entering Aries on July 17. You could feel as inspired to seal the deal with someone you hold dear to your heart. A full moon on Aug. 30 combined with your celestial ruler, Mercury, retrograde suggests the possibility of you revisiting and/or reconsidering next steps with a significant other. On Oct. 8, Venus will debut in your sign, which heightens your romantic desires and general charisma. Don’t hesitate to put your charms on display.

Libra 2023 Love Horoscope

Starting the year with someone on your mind? This wouldn’t be a surprise, especially with your celestial ruler, Venus, moving through your fellow air sign, Aquarius, and your fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure. Celebrating with groups of friends and family could connect you with someone who piques your fancy, and a sparkling new moon in Aquarius on Jan. 21 brings fertility and new beginnings to this area of your life. Speaking of, there will be a new moon solar eclipse in the relationships sector of your chart on April 20, all while Venus glimmers through Gemini and your ninth house of spontaneous adventures.

Those of you looking for commitment in love are in for a treat, and Jupiter’s entrance into sensually-driven Taurus on May 16 could also turn up the heat on intimacy. Your celestial ruler, Venus, will retrograde on July 22, so try to steer away from starting anything new, as this will be a period of reflection above all. Venus will eventually end its retrograde on Sept. 3, followed by a full moon in your relationship sector on Sept. 29. Once autumn comes around, a significant partnership could see fruition, or you might get the closure you’ve ben looking for. A new moon solar eclipse in your sign on Oct. 14 means powerful new chances await you throughout the fall season.


Scorpio 2023 Love Horoscope

Ready to seal the deal? If you’ve been thinking about foundations for your committed partnerships, Mars will be ending a retrograde on Jan. 12, and this will help ease some tension. The good thing is, Venus will be slipping into enchanting Pisces on Jan. 26, which increases the likelihood of you finding love and romance. There will also be a new moon in the love area of your chart on Feb. 20, which can be ideal for planting seeds of intention when it comes to matters of the heart. Savvy Mercury will be entering Pisces on March 2, which is always a plus for feeling telepathic with a lover.

Venus will be joining Mars in Gemini on April 11 via your eighth house of intimate unions. So if you’re not partaking in naughty text threads with your lover, then chances are you’re keeping things a secret, perhaps for the thrill of it all. Although once May rolls around, there will not only be a lunar eclipse in your sign — secrets are bound to come to light at this time — but also a new moon in Taurus which, in turn, brings new beginnings to your relationships. The best part? Lucky Jupiter will also be making its debut in Taurus on May 16, which can help bring abundance, expansion, and prosperity to your committed unions. Love is in the air, so never say never. Venus will also enter your sign on Dec. 4, so passions will be running high.

Sagittarius 2023 Love Horoscope

Your one-on-one commitments may have felt shaky, but the confusion will slowly but surely start dissipating once Mars ends its retrograde on Jan. 12. If you’re suddenly in the mood to spice things up a bit, you’re in luck, as Venus will sizzle into Aries and your flirty fifth house of love, passion, and romance on Feb. 20: This year’s new moon in Aries (March 21) will also bring forth the opportunity to plant seeds of intention in your love life. Speaking of fertility and new beginnings, there will be a powerful new moon solar eclipse in Aries on April 20, emphasizing themes surrounding your heart’s desires, inner child, and romantic self-expression.

Around the same time, Venus will also be dazzling through Gemini and your relationship sector — making you as alluring and loquacious as ever — followed by a new moon in Gemini, bringing closure and celebration to your one-on-one relationships. The North Node of Destiny will be entering Aries on July 17, adding energy and momentum to your fifth house of self-love — followed by a full moon in this area of your chart on Sept. 29. Red-hot Mars will also be entering your sign on Nov. 24, heightening your desires and carnal instincts. Basically, the second half of 2023 will be swirling with opportunities for love and romance.

Capricorn 2023 Love Horoscope

Something important about one-on-one partnerships will be brought to your attention at the beginning of the year, thanks to the full moon in Cancer on Jan. 6, which will ignite your seventh house of significant others. If you’re wholeheartedly looking your special someone, stay tuned for Venus entering Taurus on March 16, as it will dazzle your heart-centered fifth house of romance and passion. Lucky Jupiter will be making its debut in Taurus on May 16, which means you’ll be blessed with abundance, expansion, and prosperity — at least when it comes to love — followed by a new moon in the same sign on May 19.

You’re not one to go back and forth with your decisions, so be sure to harness the energy of this new moon wisely. The stars will most certainly align in the best way, considering Taurus’ ruler, Venus, will be glimmering through Cancer and your relationship sector between May 7 and June 5. And as if this weren’t enough reason to take a chance on love, the moon will renew itself in your relationship sector on July 17, so if spring doesn’t work out, there’s always summer. Some of you may be in the process of separating from an ex — especially with Venus retrograde between July and September — but the full moon in Cancer on Dec. 26 will help you bring a significant chapter to a close.

Aquarius 2023 Love Horoscope

Are you ready for your close-up, showstopper? It doesn’t matter whether you believe in the cosmos, because you’re starting 2023 off on the right foot. After all, with Venus entering your sign on Jan. 2, you’ll have a magnetic lure bestowed upon you. Whether you decide to harness this energy in the name of love, it’s available to you until Jan. 26. There will be a highly passionate full moon in Leo on Feb. 5, bringing emotional emphasis and fruition to your committed seventh house of one-on-one relationships. You’re about to come full circle — your full moon “culmination” will stem from intentions set during the new moon in Leo 2022.

There are still romantic opportunities for you in the springtime, as Venus will join Mars in Gemini on April 11, bringing momentum and flirty pow wow to your fifth house of love, but it gets better. There will be a Venus-ruled full moon on April 6, bringing clarity and celebration to your exotic ninth house of adventure and expansion — and suggesting that some of you may opt for connecting with romantic interests who are at a distance from you or perhaps from a different cultural background. The catch? Venus will retrograde through your relationship sector from July 22 to Sept. 3, so there may be some things that need to be reconsidered before you seal the deal.

Pisces 2023 Love Horoscope

Make a wish! The beginning of the year will be celestially enveloped in romance, starting with a full moon in Cancer on Jan. 6, bringing momentum to your fifth house of love, passion, and your heart’s desires. Intentions set during the new moon in Cancer could come to fruition, so think back to summer 2022 for reference. Shortly after, seductive Venus will slip into your sign — from Jan. 16 until Feb. 20 — where the planet of love will surround you with abundance and harmony, while adding her lure to your sparkling charisma.

Saturn will enter your sign on March 7, the same day the moon peaks in Virgo and your relationship sector, suggesting the likelihood of solidifying a significant partnership. Fast forward to May, when Venus enters Cancer and your romantic fifth house of desire, as you will be intuitive and receptive to matters of the heart: Your powers of attraction and seductive love language will skyrocket. However, you’ll want to wait until the new moon on July 17 to plant those seeds of intention for love and romance. And to round things out, Venus will move into Virgo and your relationship sector on Oct. 8, bringing harmony to your one-on-one relationships and contractual agreements.

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