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The Leo New Moon Is Giving 4 Zodiac Signs Big Main Character Energy

The spotlight’s all yours.

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I hope you’re ready for a major confidence boost, because Leo season’s here, and there’s nothing subtle about it. Everyone’s being reminded of their inner strength in a way that’s bold and unapologetic, especially as the sun and moon gear up for this month’s new moon. Leo energy is all about embracing who you are, and allowing your vibrant energy to take up as much space as it needs without feeling guilty about it. There’s no room for self-doubt — it’s time for you to boldly affirm who you are. Now is the time for everyone to shine, especially if you’re a fixed sign during the new moon in Leo.

Taking place in a fire sign, the July 28 new moon is bringing new beginnings to how you go about expressing yourself. Since Leo is a fixed sign, it’s a reminder that your truest sense of self doesn’t change too much, so you ultimately know who you are and how to honor that in the best way possible. Feeling confident enough to share it with others unapologetically, however, is where the challenge can arise. As the sign ruled by the sun, Leo energy is all about being acknowledged and appreciated for exactly who you are, regardless of how bothered others may be by your light, or how loud your expression tends to be. This new moon is encouraging you to step into your personal limelight, because if you don’t, then who will? Since the sun is in the sign of its domicile, it’ll be easier to understand what best aligns with your sense of self and what doesn’t.

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Which Zodiac Signs Will Be Most Affected By The July 2022 New Moon In Leo?

Taurus (April 19-May 21)

Your home and family life’s in for some powerful new beginnings, Taurus, as the sun and moon join forces in your fourth house on July 28. You find a lot of pride in your private world, and your role within your family is one of a leader. On this day, you may find that you’re embarking on a new path here, whether it be receiving acknowledgement or appreciation from a relative, or moving homes. Either way, you’ll feel inclined to step into the limelight, and accept the attention here that you deserve. How does your home life allow you to honor yourself authentically? This part of your life is where you are most inclined to embrace your light, so it must be a place that aligns with your truest sense of self.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 22)

Taking place in your first house of self on July 28, this new moon is bringing powerful new beginnings your way regarding how you step into your personal light and express yourself authentically. Since the sun is your chart ruler, you’ll feel a surge of confidence on this day, making it a perfect time to embark on a new personal project or endeavor. You’re in the driver’s seat now, Leo, and the opinions of others are in the rearview. Now is the time to make decisions solely with your happiness in mind, regardless of who doesn’t approve. You know you best, and this new moon will offer you the clarity you need in order to move forward.

Scorpio (Oct. 21-Nov. 22)

You’re gaining plenty of newfound attention and notoriety now, Scorpio, as the new moon illuminates your 10th house of career on July 28. This is the perfect day to launch the project you’ve been working on, or get the ball rolling on a future endeavor. As someone who tends to be pretty private, this new moon may feel a little uncomfortable at first, since it’s forcing you out of your shell and into the limelight, but you deserve the recognition. Your hard work deserves to be acknowledged, so on this day, be sure to allow yourself to embrace any newfound attention directed your way.

Aquarius (Jan. 19-Feb. 20)

Your relationships and partnerships are priority now, Aquarius, as the sun and moon conjoin in your seventh house of relationships. Since Leo is your sister sign, you may feel a little out of sorts now, but the opposing energy is sure to prompt you to do some self-assessing. It’s important that you feel seen and appreciated in your relationships with others, and as the new moon illuminates your seventh house on July 28, you may notice a significant shift in this area. The people in your life are more inclined to show you appreciation now, so don’t be afraid to embrace it. You’re typically not a fan of over-the-top acts of affection, but you deserve it, so allow your loved ones to show up and show out for you now.