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June’s New Moon In Cancer Is About Trusting Your Gut

Your intuition will be your bestie.

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If you’re in your feelings, don’t worry — this time, if you blame it on the cosmos, you’d be right. As the sun travels through Cancer this season, there’s been a collective shift towards prioritizing your emotional needs, however fleeting or unpredictable they might be. This energy is certain to come to a head on June 28, as the sun and moon link up at 7 degrees of Cancer, ushering in new energy in the birth charts of every individual. While this is certain to be a more emotionally charged lunation than most, the spiritual meaning of the June 2022 new moon in Cancer is about returning to what brings you comfort, security, and emotional assurance.

As a cardinal water sign, Cancer energy is all about actively pursuing what you feel you need in the moment. While this can sometimes cause you to be a bit reactive, this season is a great way to become reacquainted with your gut instinct. Instead of writing off your fluctuating moods, it’s time to honor them. What are they trying to tell you? Cancer is the sign ruled by the crab, and if there’s one thing I know about this animal, it’s that feeling safe is everything to them. In fact, if a crab feels like it’s in danger, it’s quick to pinch anything in sight in order to defend itself — which is something I, a Cancer rising, can definitely relate to. Now is a time where you may be feeling the urge to protect what comforts you, or you may begin to slowly search for new ways to cater to your emotional needs. Whatever this new moon calls you to do, it’ll be important to consider how safe you feel in your environment, or around the people you surround yourself with. This is the time to lead with your feelings, and while that may seem a bit illogical, your intuition is very seldom wrong.

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When Is The June 2022 New Moon In Cancer?

At 10:52 p.m. ET on June 28, the sun and moon will join forces in Cancer, bringing clean slates and new beginnings to everyone’s birth charts. New moons tend to be a time where we’re collectively called to plant a seed or embark on something new, and since Cancer is a cardinal sign, you’ll definitely feel eager to make some shifts. Since Cancer is a water sign, however, you may find that instead of rapidly charging forward, you’re called to cautiously assess what your next move should be (remember — crabs walk sideways), in order to ensure that the decision you’re planning on making now is a safe one. The house in your birth chart can tell you more about where you’re planning to turn over a new leaf, as well as where you’ll be inclined to trust your gut and honor your feelings.

The moon is strongly supported in the sign of Cancer, since it rules this sign, making this new moon a pretty strong one. Anytime the moon is at home in a sign, she’s far more effective when it comes to establishing emotional security and comfort, making this lunation a great one for honoring your emotions, spending time at home, or with family. Since this lunation is square Jupiter in Aries, you may find that you’re feeling more prone to excessive behavior now, so try and keep a close eye on any impulsive decision-making you’re taking part in. More often than not, less is more — and when it comes to honoring your needs, you may simply need to make small changes instead of drastic ones. Whatever decision you go with now you can be certain is led by your emotions though, so be sure to listen to what they’re telling you. Remember: you know what’s best for you more than anyone else does.