Pickleball, Anyone?
a group of friends goes rollerblading together, an activity they tried based on their zodiac signs

The Popular Activity Your Zodiac Sign Needs To Try Before Summer Ends

Don't let Venus retrograde stop you from enjoying yourself.

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Gone are the moody vibes of Cancer season. For the next few weeks, it’s all about the excitement that comes with bold and go-getting Leo. Before the back-to-school grind truly kicks in, it’s time to fit in all those fun things you want to check off your bucket list. After all, summer’s an opportunity for adventure, making new memories and letting spontaneity take the wheel. So, if you’ve been trying to think up hobbies to do with your friends before reality (aka school, post-grad work, *life*) calls, you should consider the popular activity that’s meant for your zodiac sign before the end of summer 2023.

As an astrologer, I’m notorious for letting the cosmos control all the moves I make, even when absolutely nothing calls for it. However, when it comes to sprucing up my life with new pursuits and activities, consulting the stars tends to come in very clutch. I’m a fire sign, which means I lean more toward activities that are fast-paced and competitive, while others, like earth or water signs, may look for something a little more laidback. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of activities for each of the 12 zodiac signs to try, so you don’t have to waste any time thinking about it. Get out there, and soak up the rest of your summer.

Here’s the activity your zodiac sign should try before fall begins:

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Aries: Go-Karts

Thrilling activities are your all-time fave, Aries, so go-karting this summer is an absolute must. Not only do you get to drive as fast as you want without the complaints of passengers, there’s a competitive element involved, too. It’s an activity that you can do with pretty much as many friends as you want — the more people, the more competition — and these days, there’s go-karting tracks indoors, so you don’t have to be outside in the sweltering heat (even though a fire sign like you should be used to it).

Taurus: Miniature Golf

As the Venusian fixed sign of the zodiac, you love activities that allow you to go at your own pace, which makes miniature golf the perfect date night idea for you, Taurus. Not only are you able to engage in some intimate time with whoever you’re playing with, but there isn’t too much competition involved, which means that things stay pretty chill. You’re a huge fan of a low-key hobby, and miniature golf is the perfect way to get out of the house without having to break a sweat.

Gemini: Pickleball

You’ve always been good with your hands, Gemini, which means you’re probably a pickleball natural. A combination of tennis, ping-pong and badminton is the perfect activity to keep you moving (and keep those intrusive thoughts at bay). The rules are simple, making it easy for you to learn and teach others. The unusual name is also a great conversation starter, especially since the game has absolutely nothing to do with pickles.

Cancer: Pottery Class

You love engaging in activities that make you feel safe and at ease, which is pottery class is right up your alley, Cancer. Not only is using your hands to make something incredibly therapeutic, but it’s a perfect way to distract yourself from the overwhelming feelings in your day to day life. Making something from scratch can also serve as a super thoughtful gift for a friend or a loved one, especially since you quite literally molded it with your bare hands. Nothing says “I love you” like a cup you made yourself.

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Leo: Roller-Skating

This is a perfect excuse to snag the roller-skates from the Barbie movie, Leo (and they can even double as part of your Halloween costume). Not only is rollerskating a great form of exercise, but it’s yet another reason to put on a cute outfit and go mingle. Whether you’re at a rink or skating around the neighborhood, you’re bound to feel like the main character you are as you roll around town.

Virgo: Escape Room

Escape rooms are where you thrive, Virgo. Not only is it a great bonding exercise, but it allows you to put your critical thinking skills to good use. While the nature of escape rooms can sometimes be a little stressful, you tend to work best under pressure (and you secretly love solving anything involving a puzzle or riddle). It’s the perfect way to make a good impression on a group of new friends, without seeming like a know-it-all.

Libra: Painting With A Twist

As a Venusian, you’re all about engaging in activities that allow you to be creative and social, which is why painting with a twist is a must-try. Not only is it a way to create some cute home decor, but you’re also able to socialize — something you’re effortlessly good at. Whether it’s your next date idea or a way to make new friends, you’ll definitely want to add this activity to your list.

Scorpio: Axe-Throwing

What can I say? You’re a passionate person, Scorpio, and an activity like axe-throwing is a great way to blow off steam, without the consequences. As the Mars-ruled water sign of the zodiac, you tend to keep your anger on lock, but axe-throwing is an activity that allows you to really let loose. Plus, the only person you’re really in competition with is yourself — something you’re always up for.

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Sagittarius: Laser Tag

As the adventurous sign of the zodiac, you love activities that get you moving. Laser tagging is not only very active, but it also has a competitive element that you’ll enjoy. However, it’s less about winning, and more about not getting caught — almost like an elevated hide-and-seek. If there’s anything you’re good at, it’s running and hiding.

Capricorn: Bowling

You hate to admit it, but you’ve got a competitive side, Capricorn. The good thing about bowling, though, is that the scoreboard is always accurate — so when you go bowling with your friends, you won’t have to worry about trusting them to keep score. As an earth sign, you love activities that require a bit of planning and scheming, which is why bowling should def be your next weekend outing. Not only do you get to win, but you get to sit back and watch everyone else do a terrible job. Your favorite.

Aquarius: Indoor Rock-Climbing

You enjoy activities that prompt you to do a little thinking, which is why indoor rock climbing should definitely be added to your list of summer hobbies. Not only is it a great way to get some exercise, but strategy is required in order to really get good at it. It’s also something you can either do alone, or with a friend — and as the loner of the zodiac, it’s important for you to have both of those options. Not only is it fun, but indoor rock-climbing is bound to get your mental wheels turning.

Pisces: Trampoline Park

You’re always down for a silly goofy activity, Pisces, which is why hitting up a trampoline park before the summer ends is a total must. Not only are you great at any activity that involves a heavy use of your feet, but you love hobbies that don’t have any super-strict rules. Trampoline parks are a great way to get your mind off things, too — it’s almost impossible to be in your feels when you’re launching yourself a hundred feet into the air.