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Starbucks has a new Stanley Cup in their summer 2024 collection.

Starbucks' Summer 2024 Merch Features A New FYP-Worthy Stanley Cup

Another one, thank you.

Starbucks is already in summer mode, and has you covered for poolside sipping with its new seasonal merch collection.

Along with prism cold cups and lilac tumblers, the summer 2024 Starbucks drinkware line includes an exclusive Sunset Gradient Stanley Quencher that is sure to sell out. However, it may not be as difficult to snag as the pink Stanley cup that launched around Valentine’s Day. While that viral Quencher resulted in crowds of collectors storming their local Starbucks, TikToker @whoslulugirl_2 shared what it was like camping outside her Target for the summer Stanley — and things were pretty chill.

That doesn’t mean it’ll be easy to find the Stanley and Starbucks summer 2024 cup if you wait around. The sunset-inspired colors and vibrant pink handle are sure to make this a popular cup for fans, so you’ll want to get it ASAP — especially if it matches your summertime vibes. So while you’re picking up a new Summer-Berry Starbucks Refresher, grab the new Stanley or a reusable water bottle. The latter will definitely come in handy if you’re planning beach days or going to any outdoor music festivals.

For the full lineup, here’s everything you need to know about Starbucks’ new summer collection.

Sunset Gradient Starbucks x Stanley Quencher ($55)


The highlight of Starbucks’ new collection is the 40-ounce Sunset Gradient Stanley Cup; the colors really emulate the sun setting with warm orange and yellow hues. For a bright pop of color, there is also a pink handle and matching straw.

The lid, which makes this cup portable and ready for summertime activities, is see-through with vibrant yellow accents. As cute as it is for Stanley collectors, just know that this cup is a tad more expensive than other Quenchers. The Valentine’s Day Starbucks cup was just $50, and this one is $55.

Light Blue Swirl Cold Cups and Keychain ($13-$23)


This new light blue swirl design just screams “crystal skies” from Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.” It’s very fitting for the summertime if you believe 1989 is a beach album versus a city one. And if this color is calling to you, you’re in luck — it comes in two sizes plus an adorable matching keychain.

The 16-ounce cold cup is sold exclusively at Starbucks licensed cafes in grocery stores, airports, and hospitals, so it might be a little harder to find than the 24-ounce option.

Lime Green Collapsible Water Bottle ($13)


Whether you’re going on a hike or to a music festival this summer, a water bottle is a must. You want to keep hydrated, and this 24-ounce collapsible bottle can fit into almost any bag you’re planning on bringing with you. This may even be the perfect bottle to bring to the Eras Tour, and it has a very Swift-inspired price tag of $13.

Lilac Drink Thru Tumbler ($25)


Even if it’s hot outside, you may still be a warm coffee drinker. If that’s the case, Starbucks has this 24-ounce tumbler in their summer collection. It’s a gorgeous lilac color that matches Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS tour shade and even Swift’s tennis-core skort.

Canna Lily Butterfly Hot & Cold Cup ($28)


If you like to drink both iced and warm drinks, this 24-ounce cup is for you. The insulated design is not only great for a variety of beverages, but also has a lid so you can take it on any adventure you’re planning this season.

Pastel Blue Vacuum Seal Cold Cup ($30)


Another great cup in Starbucks’ new collection for summer adventures is this vacuum-sealed, 24-ounce one. It’s designed to really keep your iced lattes chilly on hot days, and also prevent spills.

Light Green Jeweled Cold Cup ($30)


Some people collect Stanleys, but you might be more of a prism cold cup girlie. If that’s the case, you’ll want to add this light green shade to your arsenal. While the 24-ounce cup is a mint green hue, it also reflects other colors like yellow and pink in the right sunlight. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and comes with a matching prism straw.

Gray Twist-to-Sip Water Bottle ($33)


Another water bottle option in Starbucks’ collection that will match just about any ‘fit you’re planning is this 20-ounce gray one. It may not be collapsible, but has a twist-to-sip cap that’s perfect for traveling. It’ll also keep your iced water extra crisp on long days.

Reusable Dome Lid Cold Cup Set ($23)


Each Starbucks collection also has a set of cold cups that you can easily bring with you the next time you go on a coffee run, and want to earn an extra 25 Stars with your order at the same time. This set of 24-ounce cups is perfect for summertime slushies with the dome-shaped lid. This is also the most budget-friendly of the new merch items, because you get five cups for $23 — aka less than $5 a cup.