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Starbucks has a new Sky Blue Stanley Quencher in their spring 2024 merch.

Starbucks' Sky Blue Stanley Cup Is Already A Viral Target Fave

The $50 limited-edition Quencher is racking up the views by the millions on TikTok.

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Meet your new poolside sipper. After the success of the viral pink Valentine’s Day cup at Target, Starbucks has a new Sky Blue Stanley Quencher for the spring, and it’s a must-have for collectors.

“Without a cloud in sight, this sky-blue quencher provides hydration to take on all the adventures ahead,” the coffee giant wrote on the official Starbucks Stories site after the announcement of the collab on Tuesday, April 9.

The 40-ounce blue Stanley tumbler is part of Starbucks’ spring 2024 merch collection, which includes four other floral and/or pastel reusable cups. While each item is cop-worthy, the Stanley is likely to be the most popular. Ever since pics of it leaked in January, it’s racked up a whopping 48.1M (!) views on TikTok.

Anyone who’s seen TikToks of shoppers racing to shelves to grab the pink Stanley cup know just how trendy and coveted these limited-edition Quenchers can be. So whether this color is your usual vibe, or you just want to jump on the spring aesthetic for the time being, now’s the time to head to your local Target’s Sbux.

Girl Math Says Starbucks’ Sky Blue Stanley Cup Actually Saves You $$$

The new water carrier is $50, which is the same price as the pink Starbucks x Stanley cup from Target. While that may seem pricey for a reusable tumbler, you do save 10 cents whenever you bring in your personal cup to Starbucks.

You also get 25 additional Stars if you’re a Starbucks Rewards member. Fans of the all-new lavender drinks on the spring menu can save each time they order an Iced Lavender Oatmilk Chill or lavender lemonade. Over time, it really makes it worth it.

You can also use your Stanley cup to stay hydrated with water as you lounge by the pool during spring break. The Quencher is designed to keep your liquids hot, cold, or iced, depending on your preference. It also comes with a handle and fits most cup holders, so it’s made for on-the-go adventures, whether you’re running some errands or going on a road trip with your besties.


The Spring Design Will Def Sell Out Quickly — But Will It Restock?

The Sky Blue Stanley Quencher from Starbucks is available now, and some resellers are already listing the blue cup on eBay for more than $100 — and that’s before it’s even sold out.

Target previously said it has plans to release “new colors, prints, and collaborations with exciting brands” this year, which will include more Stanley cups — but the sky blue edition won’t be one of them. A spokesperson from Target tells Elite Daily that, like the V-Day hit, the cups are only available while supplies last.

Sky Blue Stanley Cup Dupes Are Also An Option

If resold items are not your Stanley cup of tea, there are other Stanleys that could still make for great poolside companions. According to the brand, it’ll have an assortment of shades that it will continue restocking throughout the year.

There is a pastel green Mist shade that has the same springtime vibes and a more vibrant Azure blue color in the 40-ounce Quencher collection. Dick’s Sporting Goods also has a slightly bolder Heather 40-ounce Stanley Quencher that is the closest dupe to the new Starbucks cup.

Of course, if nothing will satisfy you but the OG, use your afternoon coffee break to check out your Starbucks’ spring merch. While you’re there, get 50% off your drink with Starbucks’ Spring It On Scavenger Hunt. Rewards members earn a half-off coupon after getting at least five point in the virtual scavenger hunt on the Starbucks app. This coupon will get you 50% off any drink from 12-6 p.m., but expires on April 13.