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You Can Get Taylor Swift's "Fortnight" Challenge Skort For $60

Here's everything you need to know about the TTPD singer's latest tennis-core 'fits.

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Taylor Swift never goes out of style. While she’s known for color-coordinating her ‘fits to her current musical era and sporting not-so-subtle Easter eggs in her clothing, the Tortured Poets Department singer also stays on top of the latest fashion trends — that includes tennis-core.

The aesthetic has been making a huge comeback this spring, in large part due to Zendaya’s Challengers red carpet looks and Swift’s own athleisure wear. One particular item in the Grammy winner’s wardrobe has gone viral after appearing in her recent “Fortnight” challenge video.

In a series of clips from her life, you can see Swift wearing a skort — the functional skirt-shorts combo popularized in the Y2K era — on a pickleball court. The billionaire may often wear designer clothes that are worth more than the everyday person’s rent for an entire year, but what sets this piece apart is that it’s super affordable.

The mesh athletic bottoms from POPFLEX are currently only available for preorder, but no need to worry. The “I Can Do It with a Broken Heart” crooner has also worn plenty of affordable tennis-core skirts and tops in recent months that you can shop online. Below are six shoppable and budget-friendly Taylor Swift items you can order to add to your closet.

Taylor’s Lavender Haze Pirouette Skort

While Swift’s Tortured Poets album has been very black and white, her YouTube Shorts video promoting “Fortnight” was in screaming color, with lots of pale purples. Swifties online have been theorizing that this might be the color of her next era.

Whether it is an Easter egg or not, the vibrant shade is perfect for summer and looks especially good in this pirouette skort from POPFLEX that Swift wears in the video. Fans quickly bought up whatever stock the online store had as soon as they saw the singer wearing it, so it’s only available for preorder at the moment and will ship in around 14 weeks. That’s a long time to wait, but worth it to twin with your fave pop star.

This item is very girly tennis-core with a mesh ballerina-like skirt, but is also Sporty Spice with built-in shorts underneath. The best part: There are pockets.

Taylor’s Go-To Everyday Top

Swift is just like the rest of us. When she likes something, she’ll get it in every color. Case in point: The top she wears with her pirouette skort is the Be Mine Top from Rumored. Not only does she wear it while playing pickleball, but Swift can also be seen wearing the same shirt earlier in the “Fortnight” video while making cinnamon rolls in the kitchen.

Her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, must also be a fan, because in the same clip he plants an adorable kiss on Swift’s cheek.

Just like the POPFLEX skort, this top also shot to popularity after Swift wore it and is only available for preorder. It comes in three different colors: black, white, and carrara (marble).

Taylor’s Eras Tour Rehearsal Skort

Almost a week after Swift posted her first “Fortnight” challenge video, she shared another one featuring BTS clips of her rehearsing for the Eras Tour. Many Swifties first noticed clues that The Tortured Poets Department may be added to the setlist, but fashionistas also took note of the singer’s workout style.

Sarah Chapelle, who runs @taylorswiftstyled on Instagram, shared that “The Black Dog” singer was wearing yet another POPFLEX skort in one of the clips. This time, it was the twirl skort in black.

The lightweight and super soft cotton skirt with built-in shorts comes in many different shades, and is available for purchase now — so you can match Swift just in time for the return of the Eras Tour.

Taylor’s Matching Workout Sports Bra

You can also spot Swift wearing her pirouette skort in the same Eras Tour rehearsal video. This time, the tennis-core skirt was paired with a corset bra from POPFLEX.

Since the clips are in black and white, it’s unclear if she’s wearing the same lavender shade as the previous “Fortnight” video. Considering she got the same Rumored top in two different colors, she could have gotten this skort in various shades as well.

If you want to stick with the same color, the corset bra comes in digital lavender, but there are 17 shades to choose from. Right now, the lavender is sold out, but you can pick up a pink Bubblegum bra if you’re in your Lover era or a traditional black one to channel Reputation (Taylor’s Version).

Taylor’s Workout Shorts

If you’re not in the mood for spinning in your highest heels like Swift while working out, you can grab these POPFLEX shorts that she also wore during her Eras Tour rehearsals.

These super soft athletic shorts have a crisscross band to create an hourglass shape, and are great for wearing to the gym or out as you’re running errands. You could even add these under your fave summer dress or mini skirt for extra comfort.

Taylor’s Coachella Style Skirt

Swift and Kelce had an adorable date night at Coachella, where the “Down Bad” singer was dressed in a casual cool ‘fit. Not only did she support her boyfriend’s podcast with a New Heights baseball cap, but she also kept the sporty tennis-core style going with a Halara skort.

The Breezeful Pleated Buckle Skirt was similar to what Swift wore to a lot of the Kansas City Chiefs football games last season, but super budget-friendly at just $45 (currently on sale for $43).