Young woman surrounded by October 2021's retrograde planets.

7 Planets Will Be Retrograde In October, Including The Most Infamous Of All

Luckily, more than half of them will come to an end this month.

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Another month, another set of retrograde-related challenges to deal with. After all, when a planet stations retrograde, it changes the planet’s impact. Sometimes, a retrograde subdues a planet’s overall power. Other times, it causes a planet to make mistakes that causes your day-to-day life more inconvenient. However, retrogrades are a major and nonnegotiable part of the astrological experience, and believe it or not, retrogrades can be fascinating and enlightening events. Seven planets will be retrograde during October 2021, and even though that sounds like a lot, it’s not as bad as you think. Four of these retrogrades will even come to an end this month.

The main highlight of October’s retrograde lineup is — drum roll, please — Mercury retrograde, of course. Mercury is the planet of communication, cognitive function, and logic, which makes this retrograde one of the most annoying ones of all. While retrograde, there’s a much higher chance you’ll say an awkward thing, forget to save your document, drop your phone in the toilet, and make any number of scatterbrained mistakes. Beginning on Sept. 27 at 25 degrees Libra and ending on Oct. 18 at 10 degrees Libra, this retrograde could really stir the pot, especially when it comes to your relationships, your sense of style, and your ability to make a decision.

Here’s the tea on this upcoming month’s retrogrades:


7 Planets Will Be Retrograde In October 2021

Pluto (April 27 to Oct. 6)

Pluto — planet of creation and destruction — has been retrograde for the past few months. However, this planet will finally station direct on Oct. 6, bringing this retrograde to an end. While retrograde, Pluto shined a light on the power dynamics that rule your reality. As this retrograde runs its course, you may feel a renewed sense of control, inspiring you to stand up to those who attempt to dominate you and rethink the way you use your own power.

Saturn (May 23 to Oct. 10)

Saturn retrograde will also come to an end this month. For the past five months, Saturn — planet of discipline, karma, and maturity — underwent a retrograde that allowed you to ruminate on your work ethic as well as your longterm goals. Think of Saturn retrograde as a break from the intensity so you can reassess your progress. Once Saturn stations direct on Oct. 10, you might have a better idea of what you need to work on and how you can be more responsible.

Jupiter (June 20 to Oct. 18)

Sound the alarms, because Jupiter retrograde comes to an end on Oct. 18. Jupiter is the planet of joy, expansion, indulgence, wisdom, and adventure. While retrograde, Jupiters boisterous and wondrous effect tends to become more subdued. It’s an opportunity to embrace introspection as well as inner growth. However, once Jupiter retrograde is over, you may feel ready to explore the world in a fresh way and embrace new experiences.

Neptune (June 25 to Dec. 1)

There’s no planet that’s more confusing and dizzying than Neptune. After all, Neptune is the planet of dreams, illusions, and fantasies, which means this planet has a proclivity for distorting the truth and clouding your judgment. However, when Neptune is retrograde, some of these fantasies and delusions may fade away ever so slightly. Neptune retrograde has a tendency to help you see things a little more clearly than you could before.

Chiron (July 15 to Dec. 19)

Chiron is an asteroid that’s known as the “wounded healer,” which essentially means that Chiron points out your deepest wound, as well as your attempts to heal that wound. While Chiron is retrograde, you may feel an even deeper connection to your emotional needs. Insecurities may crop up, giving you an opportunity to explore these insecurities while you work on nurturing them, and perhaps, even healing them.

Uranus (Aug. 19 to Jan. 18, 2022)

In astrology, Uranus is the planet of sudden change, revolution, independence, and individuality. When Uranus is not retrograde, the shifts Uranus evokes are more expansive and external, rocking the world you live in. However, while Uranus is retrograde, it has a tendency to turn its energy inward, inspiring you to embrace a more personal and introspective form of rebellion. Uranus retrograde is a beautiful time to get to know how unique you really are.

Mercury (Sept. 27 to Oct. 18)

The real kicker this month is Mercury retrograde. This infamous retrograde has the power to create a communication catastrophe, causing wires to cross, uncomfortable exchanges, and trips through the past. As this retrograde moves through relationship-oriented Libra, you may notice that this retrograde has an even deeper impact on your social life and love life than usual. Prepare to rethink your partnerships as well as the type of partner you are.

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