Young woman surrounded by green planets during Chiron retrograde 2021.

This Particular Retrograde May Bring Some Of Your Wounds To The Surface

Meet Chiron.

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Astrology encompasses so much more than the zodiac signs. There are many different planets that represent different facets of life and their powers are unleashed as they embrace and evoke change. One lesser-known planet (or asteroid, to be more technical) that packs a serious punch is called Chiron. Once you understand what this asteroid is all about, you won’t underestimate the way Chiron retrograde 2021 will affect your zodiac sign.

Chiron represents your deepest fears and vulnerabilities. It can be thought of as a chronic pain that you spend your whole life learning how to overcome. In Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur who taught great heroes such as Achilles and Peleus. He was famed for his healing powers, but he also ironically could not heal himself. That is why Chiron is often referred to as the “wounded healer,” because he represents your deepest wound and your lifelong attempts to heal that wound.

However, there’s a catch to the inherent suffering that is associated with Chiron, because while Chiron signifies your innermost grief, this asteroid also represents some of your most special abilities — your healing abilities. After all, it’s once you’ve lived through an agonizing experience that you understand how to help others when they’re having the same experience. It’s once you understand how something feels that you can more deeply empathize with that same feeling in someone else.

When it comes to Chiron, you are both the patient and the doctor. When Chiron stations retrograde, it may bring some of your wounds to the surface.

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Chiron Retrograde 2021 (July 15 To Dec. 19)

When it comes to all the potential retrogrades of astrology, Chiron retrograde is not something to feel afraid of. It takes 50 years to move through the zodiac, which makes Chiron one of the outer planets. Unlike inner planets — such as Mercury, Venus, and Mars — the outer planets move through the zodiac at a much slower pace, creating change over a long period of time. In astrology, the outer planets — such as Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter — are retrograde nearly half of the time, and while their retrogrades may not be as keenly felt, you may notice the way they’ve changed you by the time they station direct many months down the line.

When a planet is retrograde, its influence and energy is often inverted, making its impact more subdued and introspective. However, Chiron is already a planet that’s concerned with more sensitive and subconscious topics, which means that Chiron retrograde could be a time of deep therapy and healing. Some of your repressed emotions may rise to the surface, forcing you to finally feel your sadness and become honest about what you’re really feeling. In other words, Chiron retrograde is a time to let out a good cry.

Chiron will station retrograde in Aries on July 15. Aries is the zodiac of identity, confidence, competition, and passion. During this time, you may tackle with the ways that you aren’t sticking up for yourself and defending your right to be whoever you want to be. With Chiron retrograding through this ego-centric zodiac sign, you may feel called to tackle the fears and experiences that have inhibited your ability to assert yourself and fight for yourself.

Those who were born with placements under cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) will feel this retrograde more intensely, especially if these placements range from 7 and 17 degrees. However, every single zodiac sign may notice a subtle encouragement to embrace the truth within their hearts.