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Your October Horoscope Will Keep You On Your Toes Leading Up To Halloween

The plot thickens, as three planets go direct and one retrogrades.

by Valerie Mesa
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year: fall. Though it’s known for its spooky undertones, autumn is also full of exciting events, especially when it comes to astrology. Your October 2022 horoscope is already giving you plenty to mentally prepare for, far beyond the Halloween festivities.

Two days after kicking off the new month, the messenger planet will be back to business as usual after a three-week Mercury retrograde period. What did you discover about your current health routine and/or the logistics of your day-to-day? Mercury direct always brings clarity to a situation, so don’t sleep on your intuitive downloads.

Planet of transformation Pluto will also be stationing direct this month, on Oct. 8, which is equivalent to taking your power back after a six-month-long backspin through Capricorn. This is presenting you with an opportunity to set the record straight. Maybe it’s a business opportunity, or a new job offer you’ve been waiting for. After all, Libra season specializes in contractual agreements, so be sure to do your due diligence.

On Oct. 9, there will be a full moon at 16 degrees Aries, while its celestial ruler, Mars, is in its pre-retrograde shadow phase in Gemini. My advice: Check which houses belong to Aries-Libra in your birth chart; this is where the cosmos are challenging you to create more balance, specifically when pertaining to themes of “me” versus “we.” Mercury will reenter Libra the following day, which is very fitting, considering the full moon energies at play. This could be what inspires you to rehash a conversation, or rekindle a connection.

Fast forward to Oct. 23, when both the sun and Venus make their debut in sultry Scorpio, adorning the atmosphere with a completely different vibration. Everything about this fixed water sign oozes intensity, and the same will reflect onto your relationship dynamics. There will be new moon solar eclipse at 2 degrees Scorpio, which will sit alongside Venus. This means, energies surrounding relationships and finances are bound to transform in very big ways.

To conclude this action-packed month, Jupiter retrograde will reenter Pisces on Oct. 28, followed by Mercury’s shift into Scorpio on Oct. 29. Savvy Mercury thrives when transiting through the detective-like sign of Scorpio, as will your spidey senses and knack for reading in between the lines. Go-getter Mars will begin its retrograde journey through Gemini on Oct. 30, but we’ll leave that as a cliffhanger for next month’s horoscope.

In the meantime, here’s what October has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:

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Aries October 2022 Horoscope

Your joint unions, intimate exchanges, and emotional ventures are transforming significantly, perhaps in ways you were not expecting. You are learning something about yourself in the process. Themes of give and take are also more prominent, specifically those surrounding your ability to compromise with others, whether personally or professionally. Where is there a lack of balance? Where do things feel ungrounded, and why? The full moon in your sign will feel like a full-circle moment, but your celestial ruler, Mars, will begin its retrograde journey at the end of the month, highlighting matters of communication, namely when it comes to your levels of assertion.

Taurus October 2022 Horoscope

October will shed light on the foundation of your rituals, as well as the logistics of your day-to-day lifestyle. The balance (or lack thereof) in your current reality, namely when it pertains to health, mindfulness, productivity, and practicalities will be highlighted. How is this of influence to the person you are behind the scenes? The way you rest and recharge your energy is important. Are you overworking yourself, or not working on yourself enough? This eclipse season will bring transformative new beginnings to your relationship sector, and likely reflect onto the way you show up for your significant others. Have you been neglecting yourself while in a particular connection?

Gemini October 2022 Horoscope

You’re being presented with another opportunity to communicate, organize and/or reprioritize the energies surrounding your foundation and sense of security. This could be something as simple as tending to the renovations of your living space, or perhaps strategizing on matters of relocation. Given all of the traction happening via your fifth house of children, creativity, romance, and self-expression, many of you will be getting down to business when it pertains to the aesthetics of your project, while others of you revisit conversations surrounding a romantic love interest. The new moon eclipse will bring transformative new beginnings to your health sector, as well as the logistics of your daily rituals. New job opportunity? Only if they allow you to be more creative.

Cancer October 2022 Horoscope

There’s two sides to every story, and October is proving this to you firsthand. Is there a lack of balance on the home front? If there isn’t a lack of balance, then something could feel unjust or lacking compromise. Libra season is not only presenting you with an opportunity bring harmony to your home, but also shedding light on the pros and cons of a particular situation. Many of you could also have a change of heart in regard to a romantic interest or creative venture, as this month’s new moon solar eclipse will bring powerful change to energies surrounding your love language and self-expression. You’re going to want to turn your energy inward toward the end of the month when Mars begins its retrograde journey through Gemini, and your 12th house of secrets and unconscious patterns.

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Leo October 2022 Horoscope

With Mercury going direct at the beginning of the month, themes surrounding your investments, spending habits, and sense of security will likely come up for review, especially those of you who are feeling uncertainty or instability in your personal life. Your priorities are shifting, and your ability to compromise with others is no exception. October will highlight the lack of harmony within your immediate exchanges, which encourages you to cultivate more empathy in the process. This doesn’t mean you should disregard your feelings, but it doesn’t hurt to put yourself in another’s person’s shoes every now and then. The new moon solar eclipse will shake up your emotional foundation, specifically when it pertains to financial matters and the stability of your inner world.

Virgo October 2022 Horoscope

You’re coming to your senses in October, perhaps in a way you’re not necessarily expecting. This is especially true when considering your celestial ruler, Mercury, going direct in your sign, but there’s more. Libra season brings energy and vitality to energies surrounding your comfort zone, financial investments, and sense of security, which presents you with an opportunity to create more balance in this area of life. What have you been compromising for the sake of your own security? Others of you may be looking for ways to meet a significant other halfway. However, the new moon solar eclipse will bring powerful new beginnings to your communication sector, highlighting the shadow side of your thought process, communication style, and immediate exchanges. Are you inhibiting your true self? You’re ready to expand, mentally and spiritually.

Libra October 2022 Horoscope

Your solar season never felt so good, but there’s something different about this trip around the sun. It could be a combination of the eclipse season build-up with Mercury going direct via your 12th house of unconscious patterns, given that something unconscious is being made conscious. This could be in regard to a significant other, especially since this month’s full moon will touch down on your relationship sector. Where are you overextending yourself, and not getting the same in return? October’s new moon solar eclipse will shake up your second house of finances and sense of security, bringing both significant perspective and intense transformation. Cycles of destruction and rebirth in this area of your life could also come up for review.

Scorpio October 2022 Horoscope

October is a big month for you, Scorpio. Addressing the logistics of a connection and/or collaboration could be of prominence, especially with Mercury going direct toward the beginning of the month. With so much traction shaking up your 12th house of unconscious patterns and life behind the scenes, not to mention this month’s full moon in Aries lighting up your sixth house of daily routines, you’re being called to prioritize your health and well-being. It also makes sense with the new moon solar eclipse in your sign, given that many of you are experiencing a powerful transformation, both physically and spiritually speaking. The first house (your sign) is symbolic of your identity, which presents the bigger possibility of “physical” changes. Mars retrograde, on the other hand, could bring focus to joint collaborations, as well as your shared resources. Does something need to be addressed?

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Sagittarius October 2022 Horoscope

Lean on your network for support, but more importantly, accept people for who they are. Libra season will energize your community affairs and social media metrics, but this goes far beyond the superficialities of your environment and/or status quo. Are you willing to meet others halfway? This could revolve around an injustice that has been occurring in the work place, while others of you reflect on the friendships you’ve outgrown as of late. Although, with a new moon solar eclipse lighting up your 12th house of surrender, closure, and healing, many of you could gain clarity on the trajectory of your life. Where are you off to next? Mars will retrograde at the end of the month, challenging you to address an area of conflict with a significant other and/or business partner.

Capricorn October 2022 Horoscope

You’re hogging the spotlight, and glowing effortlessly in the process. After all, with Libra season officially in session, everything from your sense of authority to your public persona is glimmering under the sun. Keep in mind, with Mercury reentering Virgo, many of you could gain insight on your sense of direction in regard to a project, or perhaps strategize on next steps when it comes to a particular career venture. This goes hand in hand with October’s new moon solar eclipse, as it will touch down on your 11th house of associations, social networks, and individual freedom. This is a significant rebirth in both your social life, and when it comes to the spirit behind your goals and dreams. Fortunately, with Mars retrograde in Gemini, you’re being presented with a second chance to reprioritize the logistics of your daily rituals, and taking things in a new direction.

Aquarius October 2022 Horoscope

October is encouraging you to reconsider your outlook on a particular situation. Whether it be personally or professionally speaking, Mercury’s shift back into Virgo is urging you to read the fine print surrounding a contractual agreement, but it doesn’t end there. There will be a full moon in Aries, bringing closure and clarity to your communication sector, just days before Mars begins its retrograde journey through your sister sign, Gemini. Are you ready to set yourself free? This could surround a romantic partnership, while others of you find the courage to remain true to your unique self expression. Given that there will be a new moon solar eclipse happening in your 10th house of leadership, you can also expect intense transformation and renewal when it comes to your traditions and authority figures. It’s your turn to take the lead.

Pisces October 2022 Horoscope

You’re being presented with a brand-new perspective in October, and it more than likely revolves around your individual freedom and general sense of security. With savvy Mercury reentering your relationship sector toward the beginning of the month, detail-oriented exchanges surrounding the logistics of of partnership could come up for review. There will also be a full moon in Aries, bringing clarity and closure to matters surrounding your finances and overall sense of security. Is there an equal amount of give and take in your current relationships? Your investments are being brought to the forefront this season, but the new moon solar eclipse will take it a step further. What makes you feel secure in a connection? How have your world views transformed as of late? Are you and a significant other truly on the same page?

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