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The October 2022 Blood Moon's Spiritual Meaning Wants You To Be Selfish

Independence is your new bestie.

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Libra season comes with a lot of amazing things: cooler weather, cuffing season, and a heightened social life, to name a few. But while your relationships with others are bound to thrive, have you considered your relationship with yourself? As a cardinal air sign, Libra can be far more concerned with being liked and accepted by others, but the upcoming full blood moon in Aries will serve as a necessary reminder that maintaining a sense of autonomy doesn’t make you difficult to get along with, it’s what sets you apart from everyone else. That’s why the spiritual meaning of the October 2022 blood moon is all about centering your individuality, even if it means you have to do it alone.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and is commonly referred to as the sign of the self. Ruled by Mars, Aries is all about the initial spark; the first flowers that bloom in spring, the striking of a match, or the excitement of a brand new idea. Aries is pioneering, and it’s not a sign that looks to others prior to making a move; it’s all about acting fast, and asking questions later. As the blood moon prepares to illuminate the skies in this sign, everyone will be called to make decisions that center around what you, yourself, want, regardless of who may (or may not) approve. You’re not selfish for putting yourself first — because if you don’t, who will? Since this full moon will be co-present with Jupiter, there’s a sense of hope and optimism being illuminated along with this lunation. What’s possible if you allow yourself to go after what you want, without anything or anyone holding you back?

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What Is A Blood Moon?

A blood moon takes place when the full moon goes exact before the sun actually sets, causing la luna to appear orange or “blood” red in color. It also just so happens to be the first full moon of the fall season, which is pretty on brand considering the leave are currently changing from green to reddish-brown. Like September’s full moon, this lunation (also referred to as a Hunter’s Moon) will take place at the same time two nights in a row — a rare “double” full moon — allowing you to catch a glimpse of it once more if you miss it the first evening.

When Is The October 2022 Full Blood Moon In Aries?

At 4:54 p.m. EST on Oct. 9, the full blood moon in Aries will take place at 16 degrees, shedding light on every sign’s desire for independence, action, and impulse. Since this is one of the final non-eclipsed lunations of 2022, there’s a sense of urgency, making this a great time to get things done. While maintaining relationships with others is still an important part of this season, your relationship with yourself and your personal goals are really being highlighted. Now isn’t the time to run your plans by other people. Instead, trust yourself enough to know that you know what’s best for you far more than anyone else does. Be sure to consider what house in your birth chart Aries governs over to fully understand what you’re being called to actively pursue and push forward.