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If There’s 1 Thing You Should Do During May’s New Moon, It’s Ask Questions

New moon, new me.

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New moons tend to bring a refreshing energy. During this lunar phase, the moon has no light of its own, but this gives it a chance to reset and clear away old, outdated conversations it’s gathered as it whipped around the zodiac during the last 29 and a half days. Since the moon has gotten itself into some pretty intense situations recently (i.e. two eclipses: one solar, one lunar), this upcoming lunation will be a breath of fresh air. The moon will be turning over a new leaf in the mutable air sign of Gemini on May 30, bringing a far more lighthearted, playful energy to the sky that’s all about where you’re feeling called to direct your mental energy. As the final new moon of the spring season, the spiritual meaning behind the May 2022 new moon in Gemini is all about getting curious and asking questions, even if the answers aren’t immediately available.

As the sun and moon come together in Gemini on this day, there will be a collective desire to gather information and share it with others — but because Mercury, the ruler of this lunation, is still retrograde in Taurus, it’ll be important to do some fact checking. Since Gemini isn’t necessarily a sign concerned with accuracy like Virgo, its fellow Mercurial sign, there will be a desire to engage in mentally stimulating pursuits that may or may not be entirely accurate. Either way, this lunation is sure to get everyone’s mental wheels turning, even if nothing long-lasting comes out of it. Now is the time to embrace a shifting in ideas, opinions, and perspectives. (And no, it doesn’t make you flaky.)

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When Is The May 2022 New Moon In Gemini?

At 7:31 a.m. ET on May 30, the sun and moon will come together to offer a new beginning in the birth charts of every zodiac sign, sparking an inclined desire to learn something new and exciting based on where Gemini falls in your astrological houses. With Mercury, the planet that rules Gemini, still retrograde, however, the process of gaining information may be difficult, but this time is still certain to pique your interest and have you asking questions. Since this is a mutable air sign, the energy around this new moon is fleeting and may not be incredibly long-lasting, but this energy can still launch you into studying something new or having an important conversation with someone. Keeping track of your thoughts and ideas is a good way to harness the energy of this new moon, so be sure to keep a notebook or voice memos handy so you don’t lose track. Though it’s not the best lunation to launch a new endeavor, since it’s ruled by a retrograde planet, you can definitely gather the information necessary to embark on something new and exciting once Mercury stations direct on June 3.

This new moon is a reminder that no questions should be off limits; if you want answers, you can find them. If you’re feeling called to go down a Wikipedia rabbit hole, do it now. There’s no such thing as useless information, no matter how random it is. Remaining curious is how you prevent yourself from becoming stagnant, so allow yourself to explore as many different topics now as you want — and abandon them tomorrow if you feel like it.

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