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The 1 Thing You Can Always Expect From A Friendship Between A Libra And A Sagittarius

Answer: What is adventure?

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What do you get when you mix air with fire? A bigger fire. These two elements tend to complement each other pretty well, and this rings especially true for Libra (air sign) and Sagittarius (fire sign) individuals. This duo is a pretty unstoppable one, and when they’re together, they’re easily the life of the party. Libra-Sagittarius friendship compatibility is nothing short of fun, good conversation, combined with a little bit of trouble. (Would it really be fun without it?) These two zodiac signs get along well because they can easily feed off of each other — but can their lighthearted approach to relationships prevent them from establishing a genuine connection?

Libra individuals are the relationship-oriented, social signs of the zodiac. They’re liked by everyone, and can hold a conversation with every person they come in contact with. Sagittarians are similar in this regard, since they’re all about sharing wisdom with a collective, and mental connection is one of their favorite ways to establish intimacy with others. Together, this duo never runs out of things to talk about, and upon meeting can click instantly. While this creates an incredibly fun and exciting relationship, it may be difficult for them to maintain this relationship for a long time. Here’s what this pair is up against, in terms of some of their biggest similarities and adversities:

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1. Libra And Sagittarius Have Different Ruling Planets

One of the biggest reasons these two signs get along is because of how similar their planetary rulers are. Venus and Jupiter are both warm planets that signify growth, togetherness, and abundance. Libra and Sagittarius individuals embody these traits effortlessly and work really well together because of this similarity. Sagittarius is constantly seeking ways to continuously grow and adapt, and Libra is all about initiating new connections and relationships. In a friendship, they can encourage each other’s desire for unity and personal growth, without getting in each other’s way.

2. They Have Different Modalities, Too

While these two signs have a lot in common, their modality is where things start to differ. Sagittarius individuals are of the mutable modality and need a lot of freedom to grow and experience life, which can make it challenging for them to hold on to relationships for an extended period of time. They’re the friend that will go off the grid and backpack through a foreign country at the drop of a hat, whereas Libra individuals are cardinal, prioritizing their relationships almost a little too much. Libra souls always put their loved ones first, which can definitely cause a disconnect within their friendship with a Sagittarius. This fire sign needs freedom to roam, and partnership can oftentimes leave them feeling restricted. It’s important that Libra doesn’t take it personally if Sagittarius goes off on an adventure all on their own.

3. Libras Crave Companionship, Which Sagittarians May Not Always Be Able To Fulfill

Since Libra is the Venus-ruled sign of this dynamic, they tend to put a lot of emphasis on the people in their life. With their Sagittarius friend being a little unreliable at times, they may feel a bit neglected in this friendship. If these two signs can find a way to meet in the middle, they can easily work through these differences. Libra must keep in mind that Sagittarians aren’t a fan of co-dependency, and Sagittarius must understand that friendship is worth sticking around for.

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