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An Honest Review Of Kendall Jenner’s Peaches & Cream Smoothie

Hailey Bieber's bestie is coming for her Erewhon crown.

Things are peachy keen at Erewhon. Kendall Jenner is joining her sister Kourtney Kardashian as the latest celebrity to have a smoothie at the popular market.

The Peaches and Cream Smoothie, which Jenner created with the California grocery chain, is made with gut-friendly ingredients like kombucha and yogurt, along with, of course, peaches and cream. Here’s the full breakdown:

Kendall Jenner’s Erewhon Smoothie Is Expensive — But There’s A Good Reason

The $23 price tag of the runway star’s peaches and cream-flavored smoothie definitely aligns with every other spurge-worthy drink at Erewhon (ex. Olivia Rodrigo’s smoothie is $18; Hailey Bieber’s is $20).

This time around, though, a portion of the proceeds will be going to Good Shepherd Shelter in Los Angeles, which aids those affected by domestic conflict.


While the supermodel is most known in the F&B space for her 818 Tequila brand, this Erewhon smoothie is a chance for the 28-year-old to prove she’s got taste in more than just alcoholic drinks.

As good as the new beverage may be for your gut, what really matters is how delicious it is going down, so here’s what Jenner’s Erewhon smoothie tastes like:

Kendall Jenner’s Erewhon Smoothie Is A Sweet Treat You Deserve

Most celebrity Erewhon smoothies can be hit or miss, depending on whether they are more healthy than they are delicious. While it’s nice to get a drink jam-packed with good-for-you ingredients, I prefer to enjoy a smoothie rather than a liquid vitamin.

That’s why Bieber’s strawberry smoothie has consistently reigned supreme as the best, but the mother-to-be may have some competition with her bestie. This Erewhon smoothie is so good, and the perfect combo of tart peach with creamy coconut.

Rachel Chapman

One issue I had is that the maple syrup settled on the bottom of the cup, so it required a bit of stirring; if you don’t give it a good mix, the syrup will make your final sips really sweet. This kind of ruins the Insta-worthiness of the orange smoothie with white cream swirls — but after you snap your foodie pics, it doesn’t matter how pretty it is.

The drink also has chunks of peaches, which can get caught up in the straw and make it harder to drink, but that’s another minor inconvenience when you’re treating yourself.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5.

If you prefer peaches over strawberries, you should get this over Bieber’s. You will need to get it soon, though. Kendall’s Peaches and Cream Smoothie is only available now through June 14.