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Mercury Retrograde May Be Over, But The Cosmos Aren't Done Shaking Things Up

I’m putting your zodiac sign on notice.

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June is here, and it’s already feeling a lot different than May — but in the best possible way. With Mercury retrograde finally in the rearview and the summer solstice nearby, things are finally starting to move forward for every zodiac sign, making your June 6, 2022 horoscope all about embracing the new and exciting changes to come. Before you get there, however, you may find yourself having some important conversations when it comes to how you connect and form bonds with other people.

On June 10, Mercury — the planet of communication — will form a trine with Pluto in Capricorn, inviting powerful new ideas and perspectives into your frame of mind. As Mercury prepares to leave the fixed earth sign of Taurus, this final conversation between Pluto taking place now is all about deepening your intellect and sharpening your understanding, allowing important conversations to take center stage. If you’ve been holding off on having any important discussions, especially while Mercury was retrograde, now is your chance to get some things off your chance without the potential of being misunderstood. With Mercury in an earth sign, you can trust that you’ll be communicating calmly and deliberately.

One June 11, Venus and Uranus will conjoin in Taurus at 16 degrees. This transit is notorious for causing sudden and unexpected shakeups in relationships, and since it’s taking place in the stable sign of Taurus, these changes are certain to feel uncomfortable. Since Venus is at home in Taurus, it’s striving to create long-lasting, sustainable connections and has the ability to do so with ease — but with Uranus in the mix, there are sure to be some disruptions. While change isn’t always a bad thing, you may find yourself pretty hesitant to embrace the unpredictability of this energy when it comes to your relationships now, but it ultimately may be for the best.

Here’s what every sign can expect from this week’s astrology:

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Aries June 6, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

After an action-packed May, you’ll be pleased to know that things are finally beginning to mellow out for you, Aries. While the Venus-Uranus conjunction in your second house of money and resources may bring some unexpected shifts to your money and resources, it’s giving you the opportunity to embrace change in an exhilarating new way when it comes to your finances. How have you been allowing yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labor, if at all? This area of your chart tends to be where you tend to resist change, so be sure to allow yourself to lean into the adjustments taking place now.

Taurus June 6, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

This is a pretty significant week for you, Taurus. Your chart ruler, Venus, will be conjoining Uranus in your first house of self on June 11, bringing in some major shifts into how you express your need for comfort, security, and connection. As the fixed, earth sign of the zodiac, you’re not the biggest fan of unexpected changes, but you’re being called to consider the new ways you can experience security within yourself. You have a tendency to become pretty set in your ways, which can oftentimes lead to stagnation, and this Venus-Uranus conjunction is igniting some unpredictable change when it comes to your identity. You’re changing, but that only means that you’re doing the work to learn more about who you are.

Gemini June 6, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

With your chart ruler, Mercury, no longer retrograde, this is likely the first week in quite some time that you’ve felt back to your normal, chatty self — but with Mercury still hanging out in your 12th house of isolation and seclusion, you may not be ready to speak up just yet. You are, however, going through a period of deep inner reflection as Mercury forms a trine with Pluto on June 10. This is the perfect time to consider what your boundaries with others look like, particularly when it comes to giving advice. It’s okay to not want to add in your two cents all the time — some things are better left unsaid.

Cancer June 6, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

On June 11, Venus and Uranus will link up in your 11th house of friends and social groups, igniting sudden shifts and upheavals amongst your social circles. While these shifts have probably been a long time coming, that doesn’t make them any easier to embrace, does it, Cancer? You tend to rely heavily on consistent bonds and connections, but there are some people you have simply outgrown, and holding onto them will only keep you stagnant. Your friendships should encourage growth and vice versa, and if they’re not, it may be time to cut some people loose.

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Leo June 6, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

As Venus and Uranus join forces in your 10th house of career and public image on June 11, you’ll be called to embrace some unexpected twists and turns when it comes to your profession. The way you’ve been approaching connection has likely shifted, but as a fixed sign, it can be difficult to step into these changes. The good thing is, the conjunction between Venus and Uranus today will invite you to try things you normally wouldn’t, so be sure to embrace this energy. Who knows? You may come up with a brilliant idea for your career now, so be sure to keep an open mind.

Virgo June 6, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

Your chart ruler, Mercury, is no longer retrograde (yay!) meaning that you can finally move forward with the ideas and endeavors you’ve been sitting on over the last few weeks. As Mercury forms a trine with Pluto on June 10, you can expect for your thoughts, opinions and ideas to deepen, particularly in the area of philosophy, wisdom, and travel. With Mercury hanging out in Taurus, a fellow earth sign, you’re able to implement a sense of security into any of your plans now. You also may notice that more people are coming to you for advice than usual this week, but as always, you’re prepared for it.

Libra June 6, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

On June 11, Venus, your chart ruler, and Uranus will be conjoining in your eighth house of shared resources, boundaries, and secrets. As a Venusian who prioritizes connection and harmony, this energy may feel much heavier than you’re used to, but it’s offering you an opportunity to assess the boundaries you have in place within your relationships with others. With Uranus in the mix, some of the changes that take place here may be somewhat sudden, but they were likely a long time coming. Connecting and forming relationships with others shouldn’t mean you have to compromise your own needs, so if you find yourself doing that, it may be time to let those unhealthy attachments go.

Scorpio June 6, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

As Venus and Uranus join forces in your seventh house of relationships and partnerships on June 11, you may notice some sudden disruptions and upheavals in your love life — but don’t worry, it’s for the better. The shifts you experience in your love life now are encouraging you to step into newfound desires and expressions of intimacy, so be sure to lean into this energy. While change can be scary, you’ve likely felt some stagnation here for quite some time, and this transit is sure to shake things up within your dynamics with others in the best way.

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Sagittarius June 6, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

This is a productivity-oriented week for you, Sagittarius, as Venus and Uranus link up in your sixth house of work, routines, and health on June 11. During this period, you’ll be called to consider how you find pleasure in your mundane daily tasks and rituals, and may find that now is the time to switch up your typical habits. Since this conjunction is taking place in a fixed, earth sign, the changes may not be incredibly easy to implement at first, but once you allow yourself to lean into them, you may find that they suit you better than your previous practices.

Capricorn June 6, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

This week is centered around intimacy, creativity, and pleasure, Capricorn — and while this may feel a little different than what you normally prioritize, it’s sure to bring some newfound joy into your world. Venus and Uranus will be joining forces in your fifth house on June 11, offering some sudden changes and upheavals to how you prioritize fun in your life. You tend to be very goal-oriented, but this transit is encouraging you to lean into your playful side, and to approach creative self-expression in a different way. Lean into your spontaneous side now — you may find that it’s much better than staying within your comfort zone.

Aquarius June 6, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

On June 11, Venus and Uranus will conjoin in your fourth house of home and family, bringing sudden disruptions and upheavals to how you form connections and relate to others within your private world. This week is the perfect time to embrace newfound ways to find pleasure and comfort here, but it may not be easy to adjust to at first. If your home life has become somewhat mundane, you’ll definitely notice some change ignited here now.

Pisces June 6, 2022 Weekly Horoscope

As the second week of June kicks off, Venus and Uranus will join forces in your third house of communication and learning, inviting new and exciting ways for you to absorb and transmute information. Since your third house falls in the fixed, earth sign of Taurus, there can be challenges when it comes to embracing changes here, but as Venus and Uranus come together on June 11, you’ll definitely notice some upheavals pertaining to the thoughts and opinions you’ve typically found comfort in.