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July’s Full Moon Will Be Relaxing For These 3 Zodiac Signs

The biggest full moon of 2022 will be surprisingly low-key for some.

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I think it’s safe to say that Cancer season’s been an emotional time for everyone. Cancer sun Lana Del Rey even wrote the perfect song to describe this season called “Summertime Sadness.” While Cancer season’s marked the perfect time to become realigned with your emotional needs, logic and reasoning have definitely been on the backburner — but not for much longer, as the 2022 Super Buck Moon prepares to illuminate the sky on July 13 in the goal-driven, disciplined sign of Capricorn. As the biggest full moon of the year , there are a few zodiac signs that can expect to feel the effects of this lunation pretty strongly. But for three signs, the 2022 Super Buck Moon is certain to feel a bit more low-key.

On July 13, the full moon in Capricorn aims to ground and stabilize the ebbs and flows we’ve all been subject to during Cancer season, but for Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius, the effects may not be as noticeable. Taking place in the cadent houses of their birth charts, these three signs can expect the Super Buck Moon to be more active behind the scenes in their lives, prompting them to roll up their sleeves and get to work on things internally. Since Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign ruled by Saturn, the moon isn’t incredibly cozy here since she’s all about the feels, making this a period that allows you to see past your emotions and get a clearer vision on your long-term goals and ambitions.

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What Is A Supermoon?

The upcoming full moon in Capricorn taking place on July 13 at 2:38 p.m. ET is considered to be a supermoon, which occurs when the moon is at its closest point in its orbit around earth. Supermoons take place around three to five times per year, but this one’s special: It’s the biggest full moon of the year, appearing to be about 7% larger than average. Since humans are roughly 70% water, the moon has a pretty significant effect on our bodies, especially when it’s closer than usual. This is your gentle reminder to stay hydrated this week, and get plenty of rest.

What Is A Buck Moon?

Buck Moons take place annually every July, as the very first full moon of the summer season. The name “Buck Moon” comes from the male deer who shed their old antlers around this time, so that stronger, more resilient ones can grow in their place.

Here’s what Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius can expect during the July 2022 Super Buck Moon:

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Gemini (May 21-June 22)

On July 13, the full moon in Capricorn will illuminate your eighth house of boundaries, shared resources, and secrets, bringing things that have potentially been buried here to light. Now is the perfect time for you to reflect on where you draw the line in your intimate relationships with others: how much of their responsibilities and workloads are you comfortable taking on, and is your energy being reciprocated? Your needs shouldn’t have to be neglected for the sake of others, and the full moon taking place in this logical earth sign is serving as the perfect reminder.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 22)

As the full moon in Capricorn takes place on July 13 in your sixth house, you’ll be prompted to reflect on your relationship with your work, health, and routines. You tend to take this part of your life very seriously, and on this day, you’ll be feeling eager to roll up your sleeves and tackle some of the obligations you’ve possibly been neglecting here. Cancer season’s allowed you the opportunity to rest and recharge, but the full moon taking place in the discipline-oriented sign of Capricorn is inspiring you to find balance between productivity and solitude.

Aquarius (Jan. 19-Feb. 18)

On July 13, the full moon in Capricorn will highlight your 12th house of isolation and seclusion, shedding light on your mental health and self-care rituals. Taking place in a cardinal, earth sign, you may notice that you’re inspired to get serious about some of your behind the scenes routines now, whether it be committing to a meditation practice or limiting your cell phone screen time. Whatever you choose to focus your energy on this day will be incredibly beneficial for your internal wellbeing, but try not to take yourself too seriously. In order to care for yourself properly, discipline is required, but it should also feel good.

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