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What Is A Supermoon? Here's What You Should Know About This Spectacular Sight

The sky and space, in general, have awarded us with some amazing gems this year. From the eclipse frenzy in August to the new moons, there have been a ton of things to look up at — literally. On Dec. 3, we'll be anticipating a supermoon. But what is a supermoon? Does it have anything to do with a cape or the release of the Avengers: Infinity War trailer this week? Sorry, Marvel fans, but the supermoon has a slightly different take on the term "super."

The very name supermoon is seriously intriguing, which is why anyone would be curious about this specific moon and how it differs from the other qualities of the moon we have experienced — many of them, in this year alone. And as much as we'd like to define this very anticipated event based on what we see, it all circles back to the science behind it. In fact, according to, the moon doesn't orbit Earth in a pure circular motion. This means that there are instances when the moon is actually closer to Earth than normal. The specific term for this is "perigee." Now, we all know what a full moon is. Well, when a perigee and a full moon occur at the same time, the result is a supermoon. In other words, think of the supermoon as an amplified full moon because the visuals are far more apparent.

What's so impressive about it? In this case, it's the size that matters.

Giphy notes that a supermoon can come into view at a whopping 30 percent brighter than a full moon and appear almost 14 percent bigger. I'm no numbers guru, but it seems like those numbers are sure to be super relevant. That's right — bigger and brighter.

Maybe that's where the "super" in supermoon comes from. Full moons are already majorly apparent when they're beautifully shining in the sky. I mean, let's be honest, it's the reason why you're excitedly pointing to the moon and demanding that your friends around you look as well.

Don't let the massiveness intimidate you, though. You'll even be able to see this exquisite sight the night before and the night after the official Dec. 3 starting time. This will also be the last supermoon of 2017, so gaze intently.

And like most mesmerizing matters that occur in the sky, your mood may be steered by the stars.


OK, maybe not the stars exactly, but the moon may take a toll, as expected, on your emotions. The moon is going to be in Gemini, which means there may be some extra sensitive times to be had. Let's just say, if you didn't think you could ever find the words to describe how you felt about something or someone, they may just magically appear in your mouth, which isn't completely a bad thing.

Although, don't use the moon as an excuse to let unattended feelings finally make their debut. Say what you want, when you want, but if you need a scapegoat, the moon's taking the fall. Until of course, you have enough time to explain yourself.

Honestly though, we live for the possibility that something so far away can actually govern the way we feel down here. We haven't even formally met the moon, and all of a sudden it can navigate our sensitivity.

Even if you don't majorly follow astrology, it's interesting to see how the stars align in your favor. Don't miss out on this celestial event because again, it is the last supermoon of 2017. We sure had a lot going on up there this year, and I'm excited to see what 2018 has in store.