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Only 4 Zodiac Signs Can Breathe A Sigh Of Relief During This Week’s Red Moon

After the last two Red Moons, they’re going to need it.

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Eclipses can definitely be a bit intimidating. The textbook definition of an eclipse is the obscuring of light from one celestial body to another, which doesn’t help relieve some of the stigma around this rare lunation. But I’m here to offer a friendly reminder: Eclipses are nothing to be afraid of. You’ve lived through dozens of them so far, and will continue to do so. Additionally, the sign the eclipse falls in determines how much each zodiac sign will be affected by this powerful lunation, and the good thing is that some signs won’t feel its effects as much as others. So if you’re a mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces), congratulations, because the May 2022 Red Moon total lunar eclipse will affect you least. (Considering these were the zodiac signs most affected by the eclipses in 2020 and 2021, things are really looking up.)

Taking place in a fixed water sign, the Red Moon total lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 15 — which starts at 11:29 p.m. EDT on May 15 and ends at 12:53 a.m. EDT on May 16 — will prompt major shifts and changes for every zodiac sign pertaining to releasing control and obsessions, but will likely be the most uncomfortable for those who have Scorpio in the angular, more noticeable astrological houses in their birth charts, such as the fixed signs. Mutable signs, however, have Scorpio in the cadent houses, making the effects of this lunation a bit less noticeable. This eclipse is primarily about releasing something that’s been holding you back for quite sometime but has provided you with stability; as mutable signs, you don’t tend to struggle with this as much. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces individuals tend to embrace change far more than the other signs, meaning that this Red Moon is bound to pack a smaller punch.


What Is A Red Moon?

Red Moons — like the moon featured in Pixar’s latest film, Turning Red — are another term for lunar eclipses or Blood Moons. According to NASA, “During a total lunar eclipse, Earth lines up between the Moon and the Sun. This hides the Moon from the sunlight.” The lunar eclipse gets its colorful nicknames because of its red glow amid the event.

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If you’re a mutable sign, here’s why May 2022’s Red Moon total lunar eclipse won’t be as big of a deal for you:


On May 15, the lunar eclipse in Scorpio will illuminate your sixth house of isolation and withdrawal, prompting you to do some releasing when it comes to your daily habits and routines. You tend to seek a lot of stability and control here, but now is the time to consider how you can switch up your rituals. Whether it pertains to your job or how you take care of your physical body, you’ll be asked to loosen your grip here, once the lunar eclipse sets in. Now is a great time to rest and recharge your batteries — try not to take on too many new projects or tasks now.


Your third house of communication and ideas will be subject to some major releasing on May 15, once the eclipse energy unfolds here. Now is the time to consider what ideas or mindsets have been holding you back: is there a hobby you’ve outgrown, or a way of thinking that no longer suits you? This is the perfect time to leave it behind. You tend to exercise plenty of control over what you know to be true, but the eclipse is asking you to consider opening yourself up to new ideas, ways of thinking, and possibilities. This eclipse is the perfect time for you to journal, and consider how you can let go of any mindset habits that have kept you from leaning more into open-mindedness.


On May 15, the lunar eclipse in Scorpio will highlight your 12th house of withdrawal and isolation, prompting you to consider what mental habits you may need to let go of during this time. You tend to aim to exercise a lot of control around your mental health, but now is the time to loosen your grip here. This tends to be the area of your life where you’re more prone to obsession which is never good, so now is the perfect time to release the urge to hyper-focus on your mental. Lean more into how you’re feeling in your physical body now. What daily practices can you incorporate in your life to offer more peace of mind? Now is a great time to consider this.


As the lunar eclipse in Scorpio illuminates your ninth house of belief systems and travels on May 15, you’ll be prompted to consider certain ideologies you may need to let go of that you’ve potentially outgrown. Your spiritual beliefs are incredibly important to you, as a fellow water sign, and because of this, the eclipse will likely offer you more positive changes than anything else. This is a great time to consider how you can release the need for control around what you believe, and lean more into finding pleasure in learning new things. Now is the time to go after that new study or holistic practice you’ve been eyeing, you’re sure to have a pleasant experience with this now.

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