Young woman in front of the moon after reading her July 2022 monthly horoscope.

Your July Horoscope Is Full Of Momentous Changes

Nothing wrong with a little shake-up.

by Valerie Mesa
Elite Daily

You’d think things would start to calm down now that eclipse season has come to a close, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Your July 2022 horoscope is not for the faint-hearted, because it’s bound to bring a few tower moments. The great thing is, Cancer season is giving us all the more reason to retreat, go inward, and nurture our hearts. Nothing wrong with a little shake-up, as it’s simply bringing you closer to what’s meant for you.

July kicks off on an emotionally charged note, as go-getter Mars goes head to head with powerhouse Pluto, creating power struggles and a clash of egos. If you experience conflict, take a step back and reassess the situation, as opposed to fueling the toxicity and fire. On a brighter note, a sweet trine between Mercury and Saturn retrograde on July 2 will bring significant insight and much-needed clarity. Keep in mind, Mercury will also be at odds with Neptune, but this allows us to tap into both our logical and intuitive mind. Speaking of intuitive hits, Mercury joins the sun in sensitive Cancer on July 5, harmonizing with Mars upon its shift into sensually driven Taurus that same day. This automatically alleviates some of the tension we experienced earlier in the month, so wait for it.

On July 10, the sun will form a riveting sextile to change-maker Uranus, which presents you with an opportunity to break free from emotional patterns that no longer align with your highest self. Otherwise, this energy is all about embodying your authenticity and individual freedom. Creating a healthy balance between your personal and professional life becomes top of mind during this month’s full moon in Capricorn, so be sure to check where 21 degrees of this cardinal earth sign is located on your birth chart. Before Venus slips into sentimental Cancer on July 17, the sun will conjunct Mercury (also known as Mercury cazimi), which is equivalent to a cosmic seeding of thought and wisdom, inspiring us to connect with others. Once Venus enters Cancer, there is an innate sense of compassion and intuition with regards to our relationships, finances, and value systems. To say we’re more empathic than ever at this time would be an understatement, especially since the sun will be in harmony with Neptune. All in all, our intuition and emotional fluidity will be at an all-time high.

The sass kicks into gear on July 19 upon Mercury’s shift into cinematic Leo, where our minds, communication style, and immediate exchanges go from emotionally receptive to *lights, camera, action!* Mercury in Leo revels in a little bit of drama, which is why this transit is equivalent to having a microphone for a throat chakra. By all means, say what you need to say, but be sure to hold space for those around you. Ironically enough, the sun (Leo’s ruler) will make an opposition to Pluto retrograde on July 19, bringing hidden emotions to the surface, which can be incredibly transformative. The sun returns home on July 22, where we are called to embody our most authentic selves and tend to our inner child. What are you passionate about? How can you cultivate more happiness in your personal life? Enthusiastic and energizing, Mercury will trine Jupiter on July 22, so this is an excellent day to speak your truth and/or present a creative proposal.

This year’s sparkling new moon in Leo will vanish into the sky on July 28 at 1:55 p.m. EST, followed by Jupiter stationing retrograde a few hours later. It’s kind of strange that these transits are taking place without much time to process in between, but not to worry. Jupiter retrograde brings forth an opportunity to reflect on your faith, opportunities, and past growth.

With all of that being said, here’s what your July 2022 horoscope has in store for your sun and rising sign below:

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Aries July 2022 Horoscope

Listen to your body, and follow your heart. July is presenting you with an opportunity to discover untapped parts of yourself, especially when it comes to your innate curiosities and overall sense of security. Granted, you could be feeling a bit feisty at first, so it’s important to find an outlet to release stress and pent-up energies. Also, despite whether you look at it from an emotional and/or logical perspective, one thing’s for sure and it’s that your values are in the midst of a significant transformation. This, of course, continues to reflect on to your personal and professional life, so don’t hesitate to continue making yourself a priority. You’re making big moves in July.

Taurus July 2022 Horoscope

You’re transforming your outlook, and expanding your sense of awareness. Although, if things feel suspicious and/or stagnant at the start of the month, don’t be discouraged. On the contrary, Mars’ tumultuous square to Pluto retrograde is here to shed light on everything from your unconscious programming to your unique philosophy. Do you genuinely believe feel that you are living life to the fullest? Is there something you’d like to experience, but are reluctant to taking the necessary risk? Ask questions; lean on your peers, friends, and family members for support. Follow your intuition, and don’t be afraid to indulge in your happiness. Emotional vulnerability is your super power this July.

Gemini July 2022 Horoscope

Your visions of the future are a reflection of your sense of security... so, if things feel like they’re in a flux, it’s only because you’re in the midst of a significant transformation. Sounds silly, but many of you are becoming more and more comfortable when it comes to expressing your emotions and desires... and well, that’s progress. Expansion is a a foot, and perhaps in more way than you’d think. New connections can lead to life-long friendships, some of which may inspire your decision to explore other professional avenues and horizons. You’re taking the lead in your social life, and it’s equally as fulfilling as it is nourishing. And though there may be some back-and-forth with regards to your long-term goals, it’s important to let the chips fall where they may. Just keep going.

Cancer July 2022 Horoscope

Cheers to another blessed journey around the sun; your celestial season is in full effect. Naturally, there is no such thing as perfect, so if the beginning of July starts off a bit rocky, don’t let it derail your plans. This is especially true when it comes to your professional partnerships, while others of you support a significant other during their own career challenges. Remember, you’re preparing spread your wings, and expand on everything from your public persona to your sense of authority. And with that, comes a great deal of resilience and responsibility. You’re incredibly tenacious, so keep your eyes on the prize. Some of you may benefit from a new career move, especially with regards to your finances, so don’t be afraid to take the necessary risks. The cosmos are urging you to have faith this month but, by that same token, there will be questions you need to ask so you can get clear on next steps. Speak up, and take charge.

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Leo July 2022 Horoscope

Take a load off, and recharge your energy. Don’t get it twisted—the beginning of July is bound to trigger quite a bit of restlessness, but just enough to the ball rolling. Where are you off to next? Whether personally or professionally, there are important decisions you need to make, which is why I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for you to remain grounded, and clear-headed. On a brighter note, opportunities for travel, meditation, and supercharging encounters are likely, so don’t close yourself off to the world completely. Besides, your birthday season kicks off in the middle of the month, and the sun will be back in your good graces. In the meantime, however, consider this an opportunity to plan ahead, and consider your options. Lots of forward momentum is on the horizon, so chin up.

Virgo July 2022 Horoscope

You’re looking over the horizon with a new-found perspective, and that’s encouraging. Whether it be a desire to travel abroad or a new spiritual practice you’ve been dabbling in, your muse of inspo is catapulting you into a whole new dimension. Perhaps it’s something as simple as gathering with your best pals, or spending time with different groups of people. Your inner flame, symbolic of your authenticity, creativity, and fertility, is burning brighter than ever, and it’s getting more difficult to tame. Why bother holding back how you truly feel? Sounds almost blasphemous for your zodiac archetype, but you’re finally leaning in to your unique eccentricities and quirks, despite whether it adds to your productivity levels. Your desire to merge and transform is strong this month, so listen to your body.

Libra July 2022 Horoscope

Feeling torn between your personal and professional life is almost inevitable when you’re in the midst of creating stability, so don’t be so hard on yourself. Although, even when dealing with the uncontrollable circumstances, it’s important for you to to be assertive, confident, and risk-taking, despite whether this new version of you sits well with others. The relationship you share with your superiors and authority figures, despite whether it be a prominent parent or a mentor in the workplace, will also be top of mind at this time. The good thing is, if you make it a point to set the record straight, you’ll be ready to schmooze and socialize once Leo season rolls around. So, be sure to cross your t’s and dot your i’s; don’t make assumptions and do your research if necessary. The logistics aren’t always going to make sense right away, and that’s OK.

Scorpio July 2022 Horoscope

Your journey to self-discovery is a long and winding road, but you bask in these experiences more than anyone. Perhaps it’s time to leave something in the past, and let go of that tight grip. Whether it be personally or professionally, one thing’s for sure, Scorpio: there’s no use in holding onto something for dear life when you know it’s time to walk away. Be mindful of your conversations, agreements, and contracts, as you are more likely to work excessively with Jupiter igniting your sixth house of responsibility. That means you shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew, but this is something you’ll likely learn at the beginning of the month. Besides, isn’t it about time you took a break? A nice getaway wouldn’t hurt, especially while the sun energizes your exotic ninth house of adventure. Trust me, you’re going to need it once Leo season rolls around, so don’t sleep on your goals.

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Sagittarius July 2022 Horoscope

Satiating your desires and staying grounded in your commitments may seem easier said than done towards the beginning of the month, but this Mars-Pluto wake-up all is for the best. Whether it be personally or in terms of career, July will highlight emotional themes surrounding the foundation of your exchanges, collaborations, and one-on-one partnerships. Should you stay, or should you go? It is making sense in the long run? Logistical questions are almost inevitable, so do what you do best and get the answers you need. You, after all, the zodiac’s truth-seeker, and rest assured, it will feel like a weight lifted once you get through this hurdle. On a brighter note, Leo season will bring swirling enthusiasm, adventure, creativity, and romance. Maybe you fall in love with a new hobby, or passion project. Others of you may decide to take a leap of faith in the name of L-O-V-E. The choice is yours.

Capricorn July 2022 Horoscope

Everything from your contractual agreements to the relationship you share with significant others is being brought to the forefront this month, but it doesn’t end there. Despite feeling the intuitive nudge to compromise and meet others half-way, July could start off on a rocky note, but not if you can help it. Either way, try to steer away from power struggles, and competitive one-uppers, as it could turn toxic quicker than you imagine. More importantly, however, this dynamic synergy is here to help you purge emotional layers that no longer resonate with your sense of self, which ultimately reflects onto your commitments. Being discerning with your exchanges, mindfulness, and daily duties is also suggested during this time. As for Leo season, some of you may decide to take a relationship to the next level, while others of you expand your family with a furry friend. New beginnings are afoot, but there will be some much-needed transformation in the process.

Aquarius July 2022 Horoscope

There’s nothing more gratifying than being productive in both your personal and professional life, and that’s what you’re striving for under July’s emotionally charged skies. Whether it be the desire to change things up in your routine, or simply take advantage of your personal days, there is a need to create more room in your world at this time. Some of you may even brainstorm on your personal branding, unless you decide to pick-up a new hobby. Also, with lucky Jupiter bringing abundance and expansion to your third house of curiosities, the cosmos is presenting you with opportunities to travel, collaborate, and master a new skill. This, of course, goes hand-in-hand with your well being, as you our nourishing your mind, body, and soul. That means: once Leo season rolls around, you’ll have the confidence, courage, and energy needed to tend to your relationships, and significant others.

Pisces July 2022 Horoscope

You’re reuniting with your inner child, and it never felt this good. Although, before we skip to the good part, July’s Mars-Pluto square could trigger everything from power struggles to feelings of restriction, both with regards to your sense of security and individual freedom. Having said that, there’s always a light in the dark, and taking a moment to reflect on what you truly desire (no matter how forbidden or taboo-like) goes a long way. Maybe it’s your place of work, or the way you’ve attached yourself to the “paycheck” as opposed to the craft itself. Others of you are likely to experience some confusion with regards to friendship groups, especially if you’re romantically involved with someone in your extended network. Either way, this gives you all the more reason to tend to your inner world, and heal your heart chakra. Leo season will help bring energy to your daily rituals, health habits, and due diligence, so consider this an opportunity to make more room for joy in your day-to-day. You deserve it.

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