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Your Weekly Horoscope Is All About Aquarius Season, So Let Your Freak Flag Fly

✌out, Mercury retrograde.️

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The sun is in Aquarius, which is tapping into your ability to set a new trend, strengthen your social circle, and start a revolutionary movement. This community-oriented zodiac sign is not about the “I” but the “we”, because Aquarius knows there’s no tomorrow without togetherness. Your January 31, 2022 weekly horoscope is all about embracing everything this fixed air sign wants to show you.

After all, the month of February begins with a powerful opportunity for innovation, networking, and humanitarian growth. On Feb. 1, the new moon in Aquarius will rise at 12:46 a.m. ET, kickstarting a chapter that is all about bringing your vision to life. Aquarius has a tendency to believe in something that may be challenging for others to accept. This can make Aquarius feel like an outsider, but it’s on the fringes of society where they’ll find other eccentrics who appreciate their trailblazing ideas. If you’re a wild horse, this new moon will guide you away from the stables and through the backwoods, where you might just meet other wild horses to run with.

The brain fog of Mercury retrograde is also coming to an end this week, clearing away the confusion like the wind clears the sky on cloudy days. Stationing direct on Feb. 3, Mercury — planet of communication and connection — will begin moving forward through Capricorn. As Mercury begins to gain a renewed sense of direction, you’ll have an easier time utilizing Capricorn’s discipline and determination, helping you plan ahead, make a strong effort, and project authority to those who cross your path.

As Mars — planet of courage — forms a sextile with optimistic and open-minded Jupiter on Feb. 4, you’ll get a boost of positive reinforcement, driving forth your desire to squeeze every last drop out of life. This can guide you toward so much success if you’re willing to embrace Jupiter’s hunger for something new. Set sail, because adventure awaits.

However, by Feb. 4, the energy of this week will become a lot more sober and serious. This is when the sun will join forces with Saturn — planet of karma, restriction, and hard work — in Aquarius. This could make you feel like you’ve run into a wall, but sometimes obstacles that land in your path are there for a reason. Ask yourself why this challenge has arrived and whether it could have been prevented. Ask yourself what this challenge has the power to teach you.

Remember to be kind, because on Feb. 6, combative Mars will square off with wounded Chiron, which could lead to hurt feelings. Try not to take anything too personally during this time, because it’s often that brash and hurtful behavior is stemming from an even deeper source of hurt. Your vulnerability is what makes you human, and as Kurt Vonnegut once said: “Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard.”

Here’s what to expect from this week, according to your sun and ascendant signs:

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This week, you’re gaining some clarity on some of the big ideas you’ve been cooking up. You may feel inspired by a team effort, feeling open to cooperating more meaningfully. Professional opportunities may start arriving with more ease, so begin redefining your services and laying down fresh blueprints. However, just because you’re feeling more ambitious doesn’t mean you’re impervious to self-doubt. Let your concerns motivate you rather than deter you.


You’re coming to terms with what you’ll do next in your career this week. You’ve been acknowledging what you can do better and thinking more deeply about what you’re truly ready to achieve. This next stage requires some growing up, because overnight discovery’s are rare. You need to be doing the work that makes you noticeable and hirable. However, don’t feel compelled to bite off more than you can chew, because you’re moving at your own pace.


This week, you’re thinking more deeply about what you believe and how you see the world. Committing to a rigid viewpoint may be preventing you from seeing all sorts of possibilities that lie outside your realm of comfort. Pressure in a relationship could reach a tipping point. The level of constraint could ripple throughout your social life, so pay attention to whether your partner supports your harmony with others or isolates you even further.


You may feel a renewed sense of power and control this week. You’re rethinking where your boundaries lie. Now, it’s time to redefine what you’re willing to give and what you’re not willing to receive. When it comes to your emotional attachments, you’re learning how to swim without sinking. And as you get acclimated to the water, you may feel nervous about going too deep too fast. Move gently with yourself, because trust takes time.

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Your relationships could take a turn this week, bringing your awareness to how you can improve your one-on-one dynamics going forward. You’re learning how to resist the temptation to slip back into old relationship patterns. If you’re going to commit to someone for the longterm, make you’re both putting in the effort. But don’t put more on your plate than you can handle, because you don’t need to measure up to a standard that will never define your worth.


This week, you’re learning a lot about the stamina you’re working with. You may be stretching yourself too thin, forcing you to cope with a tank that’s always near empty. However, might be choosing the wrong things to focus your energy on. Check in with yourself and start working toward a routine that leaves you feeling productive as well as nourished. Although you may feel pressured to keep the party going, respecting your limits is always essential.


You’ve been waiting for “sparks” and yet, nothing has been holding your interest for long. However, something may be holding you back from true inspiration, overwhelming you with everything that could go wrong. Embrace the idea you might need to make the same mistake over and over again before something eventually clicks. And if you’re getting tangled in the web of your personal life, it’s time to clear away space for you to create and connect without complications.


This week, you may feel overwhelmed by the demands of your family and your responsibilities at home. If dysfunction is running rampant in your home environment, it may be time to change how you navigate this energetic dynamic. Work on healing and rebuilding the beams that support your heart. Frenetic conversations and a chaotic headspace could be depleting your self-worth. Luckily, you’re learning that you can shift your reality by shifting your thoughts.

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You’re learning a lot about the ideas you put forward and the way you respond to information you’re given. With too much clutter and negativity clouding your mental space, it may feel harder to separate what’s important from what’s not. Work on communicating with purpose and replenishing the methods by which you learn and communicate. Even though the facts may bore you to tears, there’s a big difference between escaping reality through lies and escaping through creativity.


This week could add pressure to your sense of security and stability. You may feel like you’re farther behind on building your nest egg than you’d like, but the urgency will motivate you to start laying down the groundwork for something sturdy. However, there may be resentments that need releasing, because without forgiveness, how can you truly start fresh? While you can’t change the cards you were dealt in life, you can always learn how to make the best move.


This week, you’re learning how to have strength in yourself without tearing yourself down. You might feel self-critical lately, but the universe is encouraging you to step up to the plate, giving you several reasons feel proud of how resilient you are. Don’t let your inner demons prevent you from speaking up. And when you do decide to speak up, don’t let them convince you that you shouldn’t have. You’re healing through communication, especially if you’re communicating with intention.


You’re learning a lot about how to be alone this week. You may feel drawn toward solitude, because there may be thoughts, feelings, and inner knowing that you need to process. However, processing these emotions may also mean embracing that something in your life is ending. Let go of energy that has grown stale, because fresh energy is arriving. By focusing on the opinions of others, you’re taking away control from yourself. Don’t let their scrutiny weaken your resolve.