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Venus Retrograde Is *Finally* Over, And 3 Signs Are Celebrating

The planet of love is back in business.

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The first month of 2022 hasn’t exactly been a smooth ride. The current astrology has been challenging you left and right, pulling you backward when all you’re trying to do is move forward. You’ve been experiencing both Venus and Mercury retrograde at the same time, so pat yourself on the back for staying strong. You’re probably chomping at the bit for some good juju, so let me be the first to tell you that January 24, 2022 will be the best week for these lucky zodiac signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. If your sun or ascendant happens to fall under the element of air, it’s time to celebrate what your horoscope has in store.

Ever since Aquarius season began last week, air signs have been rejoicing in all this eccentric and extraverted energy. In astrology, Aquarius is known for its alternative, edgy, and intellectual vibe, making this season the perfect time to entertain your wildest theories, experiment with your fashion sense, and widen your social circle. Aquarius wants you to be yourself, because that’s the fastest way to find the people who appreciate you and opportunities that jive with you.

So far, Aquarius season has been weighed down by all the retroshade, but that’s starting to shift as of Jan. 25. This is when Mercury will retrograde out of Aquarius and back into Capricorn, which will take some of the pressure off air signs as they enjoy what this season has to offer. By Jan. 29, Venus retrograde will also come to an end, making it so much easier to resuscitate the romance.

Things are improving in the retrograde department, but on Jan. 30, you might feel more confused than ever. This is when the sun will square off with rebellious and unpredictable Uranus, which could lead to sudden changes that throw you for a loop.

Here’s why air signs are loving this energy anyway:

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Gemini: You’re Going On Adventures That Take Your Breath Away

This week, you may feel jolted out of your comfort zone. As the sun squares off with Uranus, a dormant instinct within you may become reawakened, encouraging you to push your limits and discover something new. Even though this may feel shocking, as though your heart is dropping to your stomach, you’re ready for some excitement. However, it could also challenge you to change in a way you never have before, because Mercury — your ruling planet — is currently retrograding through your transformative eighth house.

Libra: You’re Feeling Alive In Your Skin And Ready To Fall In Love

There’s light at the end of the tunnel, and this week, it’s so bright that you might need a pair of sunglasses. This week, Venus — your ruling planet — will bring its retrograde to an end, which marks the beginning of your inner realignment. Pick up the pieces and put them back together, because fissures and cracks can always be glued back together with gold. However, as Mercury retrogrades back into your sensitive and sacred fourth house, it could bring attention to what’s bringing you discomfort. It may be time to nurture what needs nurturing.

Aquarius: You Might Feel Like A Weight Has Been Lifted Off Your Chest

You’re getting a break from some of the intense confusion that has made you feel like everything around you is short-circuiting. Because Mercury retrograde is moving out of Aquarius and back into Capricorn, it’s bringing the focus of its bewildering impact away from you. This shift will make it easier to embrace the energy and power of your solar return, because Aquarius season has only just begun. However, as the sun in Aquarius squares off with Uranus, you may find that chaos on the home front is challenging your resilience. Remaining true to yourself will leave you feeling proud, so keep your boundaries in place.