The First Month Of 2022 Is Here, And Things Already Look So Different

Kick off the new year with your zodiac sign’s monthly horoscope.

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It’s a brand new year and there are so many things guiding you toward a journey that is both shocking and beautiful. On New Year’s Day, the sun in Capricorn will form a trine with innovative Uranus, helping you tap into your visionary side and latch onto goals that modernize your reality. Nothing is impossible, not if you believe it it wholeheartedly. Expansive Jupiter is officially in dreamy Pisces, bringing you so much love and imaginative thinking, and you may already feel like things are starting to look up. Even though romantic Venus will be retrograde for the remainder of the month, it’s also helping you let go of toxic relationship dynamics and embrace a stronger, more reliable form of love. But don’t let that discourage you, because your January 2022 monthly horoscope is full of peaks and valleys.

On Jan. 2, you’ll have an opportunity to see things in a new light. As messenger Mercury enters eccentric and charismatic Aquarius, you may feel like rounding up your friends and pouring your thoughts into projects that benefit your community (and maybe even the rest of the world). A new moon in Capricorn will also replenish the cosmos that same day, helping you build something long lasting, explore new career goals, and tap into your entrepreneurial skills.

However, Mercury will station retrograde on Jan. 14, which could set you back on some of your plans. You may have to take a few steps back before you’re ready to move forward. Fortunately, Mercury retrograde can also be a good time to reassess the situation and pay attention to something important that you may have missed.

On Jan. 17, an emotional full moon in Cancer will shine a light on the things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The moon rules over Cancer, which makes a full moon in this compassionate and caring sign that much more special. You may feel extra sensitive, but a full moon in Cancer wants you to feel your feelings and get the most out of the sweet release arrives once you’ve let the tears flow.

The energy will begin to shift on Jan. 19. This is when the sun will enter dynamic, quirky, and individualistic Aquarius, which will encourage you to embrace your inner weirdo. Aquarius season is a beautiful time to talk about the strange things that bring you joy, explore the offbeat ideas you have, and do your part to improve your community. Once competitive Mars enters ambitious Capricorn, you’ll also get a powerful boost of energy and ambition, because Mars — planet of courage and ambition — does some of its best work while it’s moving through Capricorn.

Venus wraps up its retrograde on Jan. 29, which will ease some of the romantic complications you may have been experiencing since it began last month. You may feel like you’re finally able to get some answers about your relationships and where they stand. Embrace all the lessons learned about love, loss, and forgiveness. However, as the sun squares off with unpredictable Uranus on Jan. 30, it’s clear there may still be a few surprises left. Expect the unexpected, because there’s a strong likelihood that a few abrupt shifts will force you to regroup.

2022 has only just begun and it’s already bringing you so many new things. Here’s what each of the 12 zodiac signs should know about the month ahead:

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This month, you may experience setbacks in your career, or possibility even feel uninspired by the goals that you’ve been committed to. Ask yourself what it is that you’d truly like to accomplish. As pressure mounts, you may even feel like the communities and networks you’ve been working with are helping you tap into the passion you’ve been craving. Sometimes, a break is necessary, so give yourself time to reassess what you’ve been pouring your professional and personal energy into.


You may feel a burning desire for a different kind of world this month. You may feel tired of your usual activities and ready to expand your mind and create new memories. However, getting more hung up on perfection than you are interested in the imperfections may encourage you to ignore promising opportunities. Look in the unexpected places and search deeper into things that may not seem interesting at first, because something may just suddenly click.


You have a tendency to keep things light-hearted, but this month, you may feel pulled into darker depths and deeper emotional currents. You may crave a certain emotional understanding from someone or something that forces you to open your heart and acknowledge your innermost needs. Having faith in yourself will make all the difference. The process of sharing your heart is a transformational process that creates a new beginning as well as another ending.


Your relationships are being reworked this month. You may be forced to identify certain patterns, habits, and dynamics that may not be bringing out the best in your commitment to each other. This is the perfect time to discuss these dilemmas, making sure you’re both on the same page. Even though there may be unexpected speed bumps, that doesn’t mean the situation is dire, only that it needs a little more TLC. The outcome will lie your ability to change together rather than separately.

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Your overall health and well-being is coming into question this month. You may start to notice that the way you’re feeling and the amount of work you’re producing directly correlates to your entire routine. Small improvements have the power to make a difference this month, but don’t expect a drastic change overnight. People may drop in from your past and relationship issues may come up, giving you an opportunity to finally settle the score and speak your truth. Don’t forget what you deserve.


Your desire to have fun, fall in love, and engage your creative sensors may be pulling you down strange yet beautiful paths this month. You may reconnect with a former flame or partake in an activity that you haven’t experienced in a while. However, don’t let your search for that glitter-exploding-in-your-stomach type of feeling trump your ability to know what’s good for you in the long run. High highs can give way to lower lows, and sometimes, a more measured approach is needed.


This month, you may be finding your way back to your own heart. Deeply personal and significant issues may arise, forcing you to acknowledge a new understanding of where you belong. If it feels like you’re far from home, it may be time to create a new home from where you stand. Nothing is forever, because everything changes eventually. Creating a sacred space and reconnecting with your passions may be exactly what you need in order to feel rooted in the earth.


Interacting with others socially may feel like more of a struggle than something that brings you joy this month. It’s not that you’re incapable of connection though, but the people around you may not understand the communication approach you’re using. However, someone else just might, and communicating with them may just change your entire understanding of something about you. Don’t feel compelled to perform just like everyone else, not when you have something to say that no one else does.

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You may feel somewhat possessive of what’s yours this month, but constricting yourself and placing too many budgets on yourself may lead to moments where you’ve had enough. If you’re abstaining from something you love, you may reach your limit, and go to levels of excess instead. Find an even balance between spending your money and saving your money. Pay extra attention to the finer details and take note of things you may forget. This month is about taking care of your future self.


This month, you may spend a long time questioning yourself. You may be wondering who you are, asking yourself whether the identity you’ve come to know and accept still fits the person you’re becoming now. Instead of criticizing yourself or putting yourself down, give yourself a moment to adjust to growing pains. You have all the pieces you need, but you’re simply not reading the manual right. Eventually, things will start to make sense after you experiment with yourself and see what sticks.


Some of the pain you’ve accumulated throughout your time of loving others may come up this month. Just because it’s been a long time since something happened to you does not necessarily mean it’s healed. It may be time to look inward and actually give yourself a chance to feel whatever you’re feeling. Sometimes, all you need to do is dig back into those wounds, even if they still sting. By the end of the month, you may feel much lighter, having unpacked everything you’ve been carrying.


You may feel like a fish out of their watery element this month, especially if you’re swimming through seas filled with predators. This month, you may become more aware of the ways that your friends, colleagues, and social networks make you feel. If being around others is making you feel lonelier than when you’re by yourself, that’s not something to ignore. There’s nothing wrong with you, because you may just be outgrowing something that once worked for you. It’s time to figure out what you need next.