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Your January 16, 2023 Weekly Horoscope Brings Clarity

Get ready for a *big* a-ha moment.

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A celebration is in order, because Mercury will finally be ending its retrograde and stationing direct in Capricorn this week, which means the mishaps, delays, and miscommunication you’ve been experiencing will come to an end. Not only that, but the sun will be shifting out of the disciplined, goal-oriented sign of Capricorn and into the innovative, eclectic sign of Aquarius, bringing authenticity and embracing your inner genius to the forefront. The sun and moon will then conjoin in Aquarius shortly after, bringing inspired, abstract new beginnings to the front. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to go against the grain, your January 16, 2023 weekly horoscope is bringing up some brilliant ideas — so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

On Jan. 18, Mercury will station direct in the cardinal, earth sign of Capricorn, bringing clarity to your thoughts and ideas regarding long-term plans and goals. As Mercury begins to gradually increase its speed once again, the slowdowns you’ve experienced will begin to subside, but it’ll be a gradual process. Pay close attention to what’s revealed to you this week — every detail is important right now.

As Jan. 20 rolls around, the sun will shift into the fixed, air sign of Aquarius, emphasizing originality, renovation, and nonconformity. The sun and moon will then conjoin on Jan. 21 to form a new moon in this sign, actively encouraging everyone to embrace refreshing new ways of thinking. Now is the time to stand on your unpopular opinions, even if it means standing alone. Being your most authentic self is what matters now.

Here’s what each sign can expect from this week’s astrology:

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Aries January 16, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

Clarity in your career is on the horizon this week, Aries, as Mercury stations direct in your 10th house. If you’ve been re-considering different pursuits in your professional life, get ready to for things to become more simplified in this area. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to initiate a new project, expect to get the green light this week — just remember that Mercury retrograde mishaps don’t disappear overnight, and delays may still occur.

Taurus January 16, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

On Jan. 21, the sun and moon will conjoin in your 10th house, bringing innovation and newness to your career and public image. You’re someone who’s never afraid to advocate for what you believe in, and this week, you’ll be feeling the desire to take up more space in the public eye than usual. Don’t be afraid to be the odd one out, Taurus. Your views and perspectives are what make you genuine. Use your voice, even if it shakes.

Gemini January 16, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

Here we go, Gemini — your chart ruler, Mercury, is officially stationing direct this week, after retrograding through Capricorn since Dec. 30. Now that the retrograde is ending, you’ll experience a much-needed surge in clarity when it comes to your shared resources, money, and boundaries. If you’ve been trying to find ways to communicate your personal limits, this week is a good time to do so.

Cancer January 16, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

This week, Mercury stations direct in your seventh house of romantic relationships and partnerships, bringing clarity to your intimate connections. If you’ve been intending to have important conversations with a significant other about your goals and intentions for the relationship, now is a good time to initiate that discussion. As a water sign, you’re all about comfort and security in love, and it’s important that your partners are on the same page.

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Leo January 16, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

Your romantic relationships will become a priority this week, Leo, as the sun (aka your chart ruler) shifts into Aquarius on Jan. 20. This season is all about considering how your relationships provide you with freedom and liberation, even if it’s in a way that society deems unconventional. Embrace what love and intimacy looks like for you — as long as it allows you to feel seen, that’s all that matters.

Virgo January 16, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

This week, Mercury, your chart ruler, will station direct in Capricorn, bringing the enhanced clarity you’ve been looking for when it comes to your passions and creative pursuits. If you’ve been brainstorming different ways to prioritize pleasure in your life, now is the perfect time to put some of these ideas in action. Just be sure to pace yourself, Virgo — the clarity is bound to be gradual as Mercury slowly begins to pick up speed in the cosmos.

Libra January 16, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

The confusion and uncertainty within your home and family life is clearing up this week, as Mercury ends its retrograde and stations direct on Jan. 18. If you’ve been trying to engage in productive conversations with a roommate or relative, now is a good time to proceed with those discussions. You’re someone who likes plenty of structure in your home life, and this retrograde likely caused some chaos — but as the dust finally begins to settle, you’ll be feeling clear-headed when it comes to a path forward.

Scorpio January 16, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

This week, the sun will shift into Aquarius, bringing innovation and awareness to your home and family life. It’s a good time to consider how your private world allows you to live your truth authentically, and if the people you’re surrounded by in this are give you the space to be yourself. You’re someone who may not prefer a traditional home life, and this season is the perfect time to explore what that looks like.

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Sagittarius January 16, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

This week, Mercury will station direct, bringing coherence to your money and resources after a period of review and revision. If you’ve been thinking about what your long-term financial goals look like, now is a time where you’ll receive the clarity you’ve been looking for. It’s a good time to implement a new budget or review your current spending habits. You now have a newfound sense of clarity on your side, so be sure to put it to good use.

Capricorn January 16, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

On Jan. 18, Mercury will officially station direct in your first house of self, bringing clarity to the forefront when it comes to your thoughts, perspectives, and ideas. If you’ve been struggling to be productive or efficient recently, you’ll now be able to handle tasks and duties with more ease. Just try not to put too much pressure on yourself, Capricorn — take everything one step at a time.

Aquarius January 16, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

This week, the sun will shift into your first house of personal identity, bringing awareness to how you express yourself authentically. You’re someone who likes to dance to the beat of your own drum, and this week, you’ll be encouraged to honor this part of yourself more than usual. As the new moon takes place on Jan. 21, you’ll be called to embark on a new personal journey centered around rebelling against the status quo. Don’t be afraid to shake things up, Aquarius. You’re the main character this week.

Pisces January 16, 2023 Weekly Horoscope

As the sun moves into Aquarius this week, you’ll be called to reflect, withdraw, and spend time in contemplation. Aquarius season is a time for you to focus on your mental health, and while this may not look like reading a self-help book or doing face masks, you’ll be called to partake in activities that refuel you no matter how unconventional they may seem. If prioritizing yourself means that you have to delete all social media and disappear for awhile, don’t feel guilty — taking care of yourself doesn’t have to look a particular way.