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Elite Daily Newsletter: September 15, 2022

Experts decode Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's recent body language, Kim talks about her love life after Pete, and more.

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Experts Analyze Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Body Language

All eyes have been on Harry and Meghan amid the queen’s death in a way that is pretty intense. The couple has been trying to avoid press scrutiny in general, and I can only imagine that grieving in public is incredibly difficult. Ever since we saw the “Fab Four” do a mourning walkabout at Windsor Castle, people have been unpacking their body language. So, we spoke to an expert to help us suss(ex) out what’s going on. READ MORE


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Kim Says Her Love Life “Isn’t Working” After Splitting With Pete

If there is anything universal in this world, it’s that dating sucks. Yes, even if you’re Kim Kardashian. While everyone quickly got to work making memes speculating who Pete would date after their split, Kim just went back to making the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn. But she recently opened up on The Late Late Show with James Cordon about her romantic struggles, and it’s highly relatable. READ MORE

Anne Hathaway Just Gave Us An Incredible Devil Wears Prada Callback

We may not know where Andy Sachs is in 2022 (I just hope she isn’t still with Nate!), but we do know where the actor who brought her to life is: sitting next to Anna Wintour at NYFW, of course. Anne Hathaway gave us an updated version of one of her most iconic movie costumes (let’s just watch the scene again real quick) and it was sheer perfection. Although if you listen closely you can hear Miranda Priestly whispering, “Turtlenecks? For Fall? Groundbreaking.” READ MORE

An Honest Review Of Halsey’s Mascara and Eye Gloss

Yes, every single celebrity seems to have a beauty or perfume or skin care line all of the sudden. But how do you sort out the buzzy products from the ones that are actually bringing something new and exciting to the table? Well, you read our beauty editor’s honest and detailed reviews, of course! This month, she took Halsey’s About-Face mascara for a spin and, spoiler alert: she may have done an about-face on her go-to mascara. READ MORE


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