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Hailey Baldwin's Rhode Skin Care Brand Is Dropping So, So Soon

Dunkin’ is going to have to take notes.

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At this point, a debut celebrity skin care or beauty brand is announced seemingly every other week. While A-listers used to show off their wealth with Birkin bags, the latest way to say “I’m famous” is a serum with your name on it. The latest big name to join in the fun is Hailey Baldwin, with her skin care brand, Rhode. If you want to perfect your take on glazed-doughnut skin, well, get ready to take notes.

Baldwin has carved out a space for herself as a skin care guru on her YouTube channel. She’s shared Get Ready With Me videos, her night care routine, and she’s also been open about her acne struggles in the past. “I’d never been on birth control before, so my hormones were a little out of balance,” Baldwin said in a video posted to Facebook Watch. “But for me, my spot was my forehead … I’d never experienced acne like that.” It took years for her to figure out what her skin needed, and now that she has, she’s packaged it all up for you.

In case you’re worried that Baldwin just put her name on any old brand and called it a day, she’s taken a very hands-on approach to Rhode. “My role in the brand is the Creative of Everything, putting together the packaging and the colors and the aesthetic,” she told the Wall Street Journal. The only thing out of Baldwin’s immediate control is creating the formulas. Those, she leaves to the experts. However, she has a plan for everything else.

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“I know what I want to give to people,” the 25-year-old said in an interviee with the Wall Street Journal. “The whole ethos of my brand is access to really good quality products that are really affordable. I just don’t see why a $200 cream has to be the answer to good skin.” Everybody loves a bargain, so hopefully, when Baldwin says affordable, she means it and is in touch with what her followers and admirers can truly afford.

Beyond pricing and her commitment to Rhodes, Baldwin has been painfully tight-lipped about nearly all the details. However, she announced on her Instagram that the first drop is coming this June, and you can sign up on Rhodes’ website now to be among the first shoppers. The only other hint she’s leaving for fans is an Instagram post of her with the caption, “Glazed 🍩🍩 skin all 2022. Tell a friend.” Her skin is dewy to the max, so maybe even expect a face or body oil in the Rhode’s mix, too. As for the rest of Baldwin’s skin care secrets, you’ll just have to wait.

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