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Here's Exactly How Hailey Bieber Winds Down At Night — And The Friends She's Chilling With

Plus, the product she and Justin keep stocked in their nightstand.

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In Elite Daily’s series Chill Sesh, your favorite celebrities and influencers dish on their ultimate nighttime wind-down routine. Below, Rhode skin care founder Hailey Bieber shares the nighttime ritual she will not go to sleep without doing.

When it comes to her beauty routine, think of Hailey Bieber like the responsible friend on a night out — the one who rounds you all up, gets you home, helps you take your makeup off, and sets some water and Advil on your nightstand. In other words, she’s efficient and she cares. She’s not going to slap just any beauty product on her face, and she’s not finished until she leaves her bathroom moisturized and shining like a glazed doughnut. And Bieber’s skin care routine, carefully considered and thorough, is an extension of that approach to beauty. It also explains why her relationship with clean beauty brand bareMinerals is so enduring.

“I love [bareMinerals’] products because I think they’re really tried and true. There's a reason bareMinerals has been around for such a long time and why it has such a humongous, loyal fan base,” she tells me over the phone recently. “[With bareMinerals], it’s not just about making amazing products, it's about giving back. It's about doing good. It's about recycling. It's about being cruelty-free. There are so many aspects of [the brand] that I feel really spoke to and continue to speak to me.”

If you’re wondering which products speak to Bieber the most, rest assured, she’s not above picking favorites if she has to. Right now, those are bareMinerals’ MINERALIST Lip-Gloss Balm ($20, bareMinerals) and the Strength & Length Serum-Infused Clear Brow Gel ($22, bareMinerals). “For me, those are the two I will have in every pocket, every purse, every bag I travel with no matter what.” Even if she has 30 seconds to leave her house, she’s making time for those products. “I'm definitely going to put SPF on. I'm definitely going to brush up my eyebrows. And I'm definitely going to put on some [lip balm] or Aquaphor.”

During her nighttime routine, though, Bieber takes her time in pulling out all the stops. Ahead, she shares with Elite Daily the lengthy skin care routine she won’t go to bed without doing, the product she and Justin always keep next to their bed, and the friends she’s inviting over for a nighttime chill sesh.

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Elite Daily: Over the past year, so many people have realized the importance of self-care. What does your ideal self-care session look like?

Hailey Bieber: Honestly, it comes in different ways to me. Sometimes, you just have to do a self-audit and see what it is you're feeling. It can be as simple as taking a bath or lying on the couch to watch a movie — just something that makes you happy and laugh. Or [it’s] that first cup of coffee in the morning and having quiet time to sit and think about the day, or going for a walk or a hike or getting acupuncture.

ED: What does your current nighttime routine look like? What do you do that really relaxes you and helps you wind down?

HB: Well, I never go to sleep without doing my skin care routine. I can't go to sleep without doing it top to bottom.

ED: Take me through what that looks like.

HB: For me, that is a double cleanse — an oil cleanse and a regular cleanser — then a serum, maybe two. I keep joking about this, but I'm actually being dead serious when I say I don't want to go to bed without looking like a glazed doughnut. I just have to have this full-glazed [look]. I have to. So, a serum, a moisturizer, and, if I'm a little dry, maybe some oil. I get patches of my skin that get a little drier than others, especially if I've been working a lot. My eyes get really irritated from getting makeup put on them so much.

ED: Totally, that’s the worst.

HB: I'll sometimes put Aquaphor on the areas where [my skin is] just really irritated. That works like a charm every time. And I can't go to bed without something on my lips — either the bareMinerals Ageless Photo Retinol Lip Mask ($30, bareMinerals) or Aquaphor ($4, Ulta Beauty) or just a great lip balm.

ED: You are not the first person to tell me that you love Aquaphor. I love it, too. I feel like everybody is just like, “That's what I'm using all the time.”

HB: It really is. I also just love something I feel does more than one thing. You can use it for chapped lips, you can use it for a burn, you can put it on a cut. You can really do multiple things with it, and it's just a good barrier layer.

ED: What part of that skin care routine to you do you think is the most relaxing? What part do you take the most time on?

HB: Probably applying my moisturizer at night. I might do a little facial massage. I might gua sha while putting that on ... and massage out a little tension in my jaw.

ED: Is there a nighttime ritual that you found that helps you fall asleep?

HB: I really like those OLLY gummies. We have a drawer full of OLLY gummies next to our bed. Also, sometimes I feel like I can notice if I'm having a bit more anxiety, which peaks sometimes at night. My brain starts to think about everything. And if I can't get my brain to relax and shut off, I like the body scans on the Calm app ... I've never done the body scan and not fallen asleep from it.

ED: If you were going to invite three friends over to your nighttime chill session, who would you invite and why?

HB: Two of my best girlfriends that live in L.A.: Kendall [Jenner] and my best friend Justine [Skye]. Those are my girls and we've been friends for a long time, so if I was going to have a chill girls night [we’d] wind down with some wine and just chill. We’d probably be at someone's house, just having dinner, watching a movie, and catching up. We're all really busy, so when we get the chance to kind of just relax and chill, it's always really nice.

ED: What is one skin care practice, treatment, or routine that you feel like everybody's sleeping on right now?

HB: Well, you don't have to listen to anything I say, but I think that there's been a lot of stripping of the skin. I think people put these treatments and acids on incorrectly and [have started] stripping their skin and irritating it. I think that opposite of that — protecting your skin and barrier repair — is something that is still a bit slept on.

ED: That's such a good one. So many people to dry out acne, and then, they dry out their skin, and sometimes, the skin over-produces oil because it's dried out.

HB: Right. Even if you have really oily skin, just make sure you're still moisturizing. You may not need some thick, insane moisturizer, but finding one that works for you is definitely important so you don’t dry your skin out.

ED: Let’s end it on this: What's the biggest piece of beauty advice that you would give your younger self?

HB: Don't pluck your eyebrows off.

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