This One Ingredient In Hailey Baldwin's Skincare Routine Will Probably Make You Cringe

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If I could be a fly on the wall for just one day, I'd undoubtedly spend it flying from one celebrity's house to another, spying on their massive closets and extensive toiletry cabinets. I can't imagine having access to so many beauty and fashion items, and I'd love to know how the rich and famous choose what stays, and of course, what works. Since my whole "fly on the wall" dream won't ever become a reality, I rely on celebrity interviews to provide a peek into closets and cabinets, and at the moment, Hailey Baldwin's skincare routine has me particularly intrigued. Baldwin recently dished to Marie Claire about her beauty routine, and I've been lapping up all the details, from one wild skincare ingredient to the shampoo she and hubby, Justin, both swear by. Spoiler alert, it's my fave, too, so I'm basically a Bieber.

Baldwin has been into skincare for quite some time, and actually credits the women of her family for inspiring her dedication to healthy skin. "As a kid, I looked to my mom as a beauty muse, and she and my grandma would give me skincare tips," she told Marie Claire, "They both look younger than they are and have really nice skin." Baldwin is only 22, but it's never too early to protect your skin (It's yours for life, after all!), which is why I'm not surprised she seeks out the best. What did surprise me, though, was the highly unexpected ingredient that made its way into her skincare routine.

What's the secret to Baldwin's plump, radiant complexion, you ask?

Blood. Her own blood. I'm not joking! I kinda wish I was, but it's actually a favorite amongst tons of celebs — have we forgotten all about Kim Kardashian's vampire facial? Baldwin tells Marie Claire that, while she shares a lot of products with her man, her blood-infused skincare is specifically for her own sensitive skin. "I moisturize with a cream by Dr. Barbara Sturm that’s formulated with my blood, so I don’t think he wants to put something that was made from my body on himself," she points out.

Fair enough, Hailey:

Baldwin mentioned the Dr. Barbara Sturm MC1 Cream back in September 2018 during an interview with Elle, too, so it's safe to say it's been a part of her skincare routine for a while. "She creates these blood creams where she’ll pull the blood out and put your plasma in the cream," Baldwin told to Elle, the "she" in question being aesthetics doc Barbara Sturm. "It’s not red, but they split it so it's the plasma from your blood. She takes my blood and stores it, so I’ll do it once and then go back to restock every couple of months," said Baldwin. The pricey, personalized cream can cost around $1400 a jar, per Into The Gloss, so it's no surprise the rest of us haven't impulse-purchased it during a Target run or a Sephora splurge. Obtaining the cream requires getting your blood taken, so it's definitely a bit of a process.

BTW, Dr. Barbara Sturm does make other, non-blood-infused skincare products, and the rest of her line ranges between $55-$300 a pop:

Assuming Baldwin is like most female celebs, she has access to practically everything on the skincare market, so the fact that she's stuck with this blood-infused cream for so long means she must really love the results. Like I said earlier, Baldwin, Bieber and I all use the same shampoo brand — we love UNITE Hair, and all their shampoos rock, FYI — but I doubt we'll be using the same moisturizer anytime soon. There's a few reasons why; the first being that I don't have a casual $1400 to drop on a skincare product, and the second being that I don't like to have my blood drawn. Guess I'll have to immitate Baldwin's glowy complexion with something else.