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Elite Daily Newsletter: July 15, 2022

Kylie Jenner drags Travis Scott for his photography skills, a man named "Meatball" is bringing drama to The Bachelorette, and more.

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Kylie Jenner Drags Travis Scott For Slacking On His IG Boyfriend Duties

Listen, what is love if not a commitment to help each other grow into stronger, better photographers? Kylie posted some photos on IG that weren’t quite up to her standard, and playfully dragged her boyfriend (and amateur photographer) Travis Scott in the caption. IDK, Kylie, maybe it’s just an artistic difference of opinion bc I think the photos are 🔥 (literally, tho) READ MORE

Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Welcome Their Second Baby

The growing family shared the happy news on Thursday. Everyone is excited, especially new big sister Willa, who was born in 2020. Sophie Turner said that watching her daughter grow and learn new things has given her so much joy, and she is excited to “raise the next generation.” So, is the new baby a little JoBro or a mini Queen of the North? READ MORE


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Talia Ryder Unpacks The Story Of Her Met Gala Selfie With Olivia Rodrigo

Talia Ryder knows how to make the most out of a fleeting moment. It’s something she has in common with her character Clare in the new Netflix rom-com Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between. While Clare goes all in on squeezing a full romance into one perfect day, Ryder isn’t afraid to throw on a pair of six-inch heels to try out a new dance class, or burst out singing Justin Bieber at the Met Gala. READ MORE

Here’s What Falling Out Of Love Really Feels Like

Even though it’s very annoying to hear in the moment, it is true that each breakup is another step toward finding something that fits you better. Sometimes it means your relationship will end in an epic, explosive fashion, but more often that not it’s more of a slow decline as you or your partner go through the various (and brutal) phases of falling out of love. READ MORE


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