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Elite Daily Newsletter: July 12, 2022

Britney Spears is upset about those documentaries about her, a push for a fat inclusive 'Bachelor' franchise, and more.

Gary Gershoff/Archive Photos/Getty Images

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Oops We Did It Again…

Remember those Britney Spears documentaries that seemingly everyone devoured during the peak of #FreeBritney last year? Well, it turns out that Britney herself is not a fan, to say the least. It’s honestly not the first time that she’s expressed her disappointment with these portrayals, but this time the gloves are off and her anger is palpable (and justifiable). Here’s what she had to say on her (now deleted) Instagram post. READ MORE

A New Campaign Is Calling For Fat Inclusion On The Bachelor

The Bachelor franchise has started making baby steps towards representing a diverse array of people, but it still has a long way to go. A new group, Roses For Every Body, has put together a list of ways that the long-running franchise can become more inclusive of fat bodies. Until then, I *highly* recommend an excellent novel called “One To Watch” that follows the first plus-size lead of a faux-Bachelorette show. READ MORE


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