Britney Spears revealed she was insulted by all the documentaries made about her life.

Britney Slammed All Those Documentaries About Her As Insulting And Humiliating

Then she deleted the whole IG post.


It’s been a minute since our Instagram feeds have seen a Britney Spears tell-all note, but on Saturday, July 9, Brit had a lot to say. Her target this time: all those buzzy movies about her life. The number of documentaries made about Spears’ tumultuous career have been seemingly never-ending in recent years, with some of the most attention-grabbing being Framing Britney Spears, streaming on Hulu, and Britney vs. Spears, which dropped on Netflix. Both documentaries released at the height of the #FreeBritney movement in 2021 and received mixed reviews, the most critical of all being Spears herself. There is a lot of ground to cover in the tale of the princess of pop’s life and she’s had enough of everyone falsely telling her story without her blessing. Britney Spears’ Instagram note trashing the documentaries made about her didn’t hold back at all.

Spears subtly addressed the documentaries back in 2021, revealing she only watched little bits of them but was unimpressed by their portrayal of her arduous years in the spotlight. She really opened the floodgates on July 9, though, posting a lengthy note that ripped the docs apart. The Instagram has since been deleted, but not before fans grabbed the screenshots.

The statement began by calling out America for the “humiliation” she has faced, recalling a recent event in which a car was brought to the airplane she was on to escort her from the airport. She said that throughout the 20 years of her career as the modern popstar blueprint, she had not once been escorted by a car upon her immediate exit from a plane. Her happiness in that moment was quickly dashed when she realized the car was a ploy to capture paparazzi pics of her. “I’ve walked 30 yards every time in America when I landed to my car... It’s all I’ve known... but look why they actually did their job for the first time — they knew they [paparazzi] were gonna take my pic so they so lovingly brought it for the first time in 20 years.”

She wrote that she has been humiliated and bullied by America: “I’ve never felt more bullied in my life than [in] this country.” What seems to infuriate her the most is the way every documentary was seemingly created with the aim to help her, even though Spears never gave her blessing to any of them. “So people not only get away with what they did to me, but they can expose me [in] such an embarrassing tone claiming its to ‘help me’.” She went on to say that something like this would never happen to other famous stars like Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez, and wondered about the legality of all these docs centering on her despite her not being OK with them.

Britney Spears has endured a lifetime of undue hardship, but with the end of her conservatorship and happy marriage to Sam Asghari, I hope she’s able to find peace and live her best life without filmmakers drudging up her past trauma against her wishes.